20 Wonderful Hairstyles With Bangs You Must Try At Least Once

hairstyles with bangs

Having hairstyles with bangs is not an easy decision for many people because they are afraid of an unexpected look which might decrease their confidence when going out. However, there will surely be certain wonderful hairstyles with bangs that suit every different shape of face and hair textures. Let’s learn about them through this article.

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1. Choosing to have hairstyles with bangs 

If you’re seeking for a radical change after such a long time of doing just nothing to appearance, this may be the best time to make over yourself, especially your hair. Besides dyeing your hair or having a new haircut, try to consider the idea of getting bangs.

1.1. What can hairstyles with bangs bring you?

Hairstyles with bangs actually can do a lot of wonders for your new look. It helps frame your face, brings out your cuteness, complements your personality and adds a sense of edge to the new look. Hairstyles with bangs look great on almost everyone, however, make sure to consider your face shape before making a decision. 

1.2.  Choosing right hairstyles with bangs

Choosing the suitable hairstyles with bangs is the very first and the most important step for a perfect new look later. Here are some suggestions for how to select a right bangs hairstyle based on your own facial and hair features.

For people who have an oval or heart-shaped face, any type of hairstyles with bangs can be a good choice and should be tried at least once in a lifetime. 

hairstyles with bangs 1

Choosing right hairstyles with bangs

Women with a square face shape should go for softer hairstyles with bangs, for example, a style with rounded edges. 

With the face shape of a pear or a diamond, let’s consider straight hairstyles with bangs for putting more balance on the face. 

A small note for reference: 

  • Medium-length locks go really well with blunt bangs.
  • Long and middle-parted hairstyles with bangs are suitable with your curls as they help complement them. 
  • Short and choppy hairstyles with bangs are just perfect for people having fine hair.

2. 20 fantastic hairstyle with bangs you should try

There are a great deal of hairstyles with bangs, from curtains-like , to side-swept, to short, long, straight and so on. Below are the 23 most popular and highly-recommended hairstyles with bangs for reference. 

  • Classic hairstyles with bangs

Long, straight hairstyles with bangs (also known as classic bangs) help make your face fuller, therefore, they are likely to be well suitable with people having longer or oval faces. 

hairstyle with bangs 2

Classic hairstyles with bangs

Classic bangs will forever-like be one of the most iconic hairstyles since they’re so varied in styles. Having classic bangs means you can modify it into other styles such as blunt, center-parted, swept to the side, etc. 

Note: Do not forget to trim your classic bangs frequently to maintain it in the best look because they tend to fall straight which makes them grow faster than other types. 

  • Curtain-like bangs

When it comes to the best hairstyles with bangs, you can not miss out on curtain bangs. This hairstyle of bangs is considered a perfect face-framing choice. Besides the great advantage of framing the shape of the face, curtain bangs also need very little daily care because when the bangs get longer, they just easily blend into your current haircut which looks so natural. Hairstyles with bangs like this are for generous-like girls showing effortlessly attractive vibes.

hairstyle with bangs 3

Curtain-like bangs

  • Wispy bangs with the rest shaggy hair

Wispy bangs are considered one of the hairstyles with bangs which perfectly go well with thin and wavy strands.

What’s more, these hairstyles with bangs are suitable for women who are not really ready to have a fringe. Because this fringe is quite long, it can easily grow out with fast speed if you regret having it. 

hairstyle with bangs 4

Wispy bangs with the rest shaggy hair

Here is a tip helping you keep your long and wispy bangs in the position that you want: after shampooing, do not forget to blow them out to avoid frizzy bangs which literally will ruin your previously expected look. 

  • Faux bangs

The name perfectly suggested the idea of this fringe. These hairstyles with bangs are amazingly fantastic ideas for women who want to contemporarily change their hair with bangs and for people who try to make a test with a bangs look before getting the real cutting.  

hairstyle with bangs 5

Faux bangs

It looks great with a topknot or hair locks with a modern twist. 

You can either style a sleek wave, covering your forehead and cheekbone diagonally or shape a smooth loop-like lock.

  • Curly hairstyles with bangs

For people having straight boring hair for such a long time and are searching for a completely brand new look, consider curly hair with cute curly bangs. 

hairstyle with bangs 7

Curly hairstyles with bangs

On the other hand, if you were born with natural curly hair, then just let your natural curls shine in their best way by adding a curly fringe. Curly hairstyles with bangs look great when being long.

Tip for a perfect curly hairstyles with bangs with curly fringe: Have the bangs cut when the hair is dry and try to blend them into your rest of naturally curly hair and into your face-framing layers.

  • Textured side-swept bangs

Side-swept bangs are the greatest hairstyles with bangs used as a clever solution for having such heavy, thick bangs. All you have to do is just wait for the thick bangs to grow out longer and sweep them to the sides that you want. 

hairstyle with bangs 8

Textured side-swept bangs

A tip to be more confident with textured side-swept bangs: Try applying glossing  serum on your hair to make the look more natural.

  • Top knot with fringe

There are in fact a whole lot of long, short to medium-length hairstyles with bangs mentioned. However, have you ever thought of having a fringe with buns or top knots in the back. Very often, women have updo when they are bothered by the messy flying strands or when they are ready to do something. That makes their looks being too simple or sometimes boring. Consider adding a shaggy fringe to bring out some cute features or your face or simply just to draw more attention to your eyes.

  • Neat and full bangs

Bangs that are neat and full are the greatest hairstyles with bangs that perfectly suit round faces. These bangs turn round faces into narrower, slimmer, and cuter versions.

hairstyle with bangs 9

Neat and full bangs

  • Center-parted bangs

Parting your bangs down the center makes more room to your forehead and slims down your round face. 

You can have these hairstyles with bangs with either letting your hair down or tie it all up. Before deciding to style the rest of your hair to go with the bangs, make sure to blow the bangs nice into the sides.

hairstyle with bangs 10

Center-parted bangs

With the hair being down: blow the bangs into feathers to 2 sides and blend them with the rest of your hair. 

In case there are long layers at the front of your hair (along the face), part them down in the middle and blow them a little bend or wavy toward the bottom. For the rest of your hair, you can have them in a sleek ponytail.

  • Bangs with braids

A standard crown braid on the woman’s hair creates the sense of femininity and cute at the same time. And it even looks cuter and softer by adding straight bangs that are eyebrow-length. 

hairstyle with bangs 11

Bangs with braids

hairstyle with bangs 12

Bangs with braids

On the other hand, if you have  messy waves and sloppy types of braids, consider adding arched bangs.

These wonderful hairstyles with bangs go perfectly with feminine clothes or dresses, even maxi dresses to attend a wedding ceremony. 

  • Short and blonde hair with baby cute bangs

Baby hairstyles of bangs look unique and highly fashionable. The fringe can go with short and medium-length hair. With these types of bangs, you actually do not need a lot of daily care or get bothered by them for a long time. Trim the bangs frequently to maintain the length you would like to have. 

hairstyle with bangs 14

Short and blonde hair with baby cute bangs

  • Cute textured baby bangs

Very short and textured hairstyles with bangs are often chosen by people who are willing to take risks. These bangs look quite unique, a bit edgy, and so fun and can perfectly suit layered haircuts.

hairstyle with bangs 15

Cute textured baby bangs

Sleeping with a silk headband over this fashionable fringe helps keep it in form, which avoids other unexpected crazy looks afterwards.

  • Thick and thin side-parted bangs

Side parted hairstyles with bangs are suitable for both thick and thin hair. 

    • Thick Side-parted bangs

A thick bangs added to a typical blunt bob is just cool and suits a whole lot of outfits types. Watch the below picture for more reference.

hairstyle with bangs 20

Thick Side-parted bangs

    • Wispy and Side-Parted Bangs

Brow-grazing side bangs combining with large curls of the rest of the hair makes the look much sexier and more generous.

  • Sleek side-parted bangs

Side-parted hairstyles with bangs are cool and pretty, however, you can easily get bothered when they touch your eyes. 

hairstyle with bangs 21

Sleek side-parted bangs

In case side-parted hairstyles with bangs are so annoying which always fall out of place, consider using a hairspray to spritz on your regular comb in order to keep it in an expectedly fixed form to the side. 

  • Thick and blunt bangs with wisps in the sides

If you have fine hair yet want to have thick bangs, the easiest solution is asking the hairdresser to take your front hair way higher up than normal for the voluminous-bangs look and start the cut. In addition, you should consider softening the look by adding some wisps on 2 sides. 

hairstyle with bangs 23

Thick and blunt bangs with wisps in the sides

  • Long and shaggy bangs

Long, shaggy strands hairstyles with bangs bring out an effortless vibe and a cool, generous and care-free style, which look great on casual outfits.

hairstyle with bangs 25

Long and shaggy bangs

  • Long bangs

Although lengthy hairstyles with bangs require a lot of check to keep it in the expected form, they actually complement a sophisticated look. Take a look at the following picture for a clearer reference.

  • Wavy bangs

Though people often choose to have straight or all-out curly hairstyles with bangs, wavy bangs are on a different level. Wavy hairstyles with bangs are aesthetically unstructured and perfectly messy. 

In short, bangs have no fixed form, styles and should be cut creatively as long as they suit the shape of your face as well as your outfits. 

hairstyle with bangs 30

Wavy bangs

  • Long and wispy bangs with ombré

These hairstyles with bangs add a lot of personality to the look with the strands of the bangs left in a dark color and the rest of the hair is dyed in an ombre style with a bright blond color featuring wavy locks. 

hairstyle with bangs 31

Long and wispy bangs with ombré

  • Deep-set bangs

Apart from simple sleek side-parted hairstyles with bangs, deep-set fringe requires more hair to be swept to the farther side, which can be beautifully paired with an updo. For people with thinner hair, deep-set hairstyles with bangs are also great for creating the sense of thick volume when you let your hair down.

hairstyle with bangs 100

Deep-set bangs

These side-parted hairstyles with bangs are so versatile since they can flatter from round, square, oval to even heart-shaped face.

3. Tips for taking care of hairstyles with bangs 

  • Tip 1: Trim your bangs frequently

Every two to three weeks, remember to get your hairstyles with bangs trimmed at home or in a salon (in case you can not do it by yourself properly). To explain, our hair grows for about a quarter of an inch each month. Thus, the bangs seem to grow faster than you can think. 

  • Tip 2: Pay attention to the drying technique

Different hairstyles with bangs and textures of hair require different styling techniques. When you blow the bangs out, you better start to do it when your hair is still wet and blow them into your expected directions.

Some other suggested tools helping you to shape your desired hairstyles with bangs are a round brush, a regular flat comb and so on.

  • Tip 3: Using dry shampoo

Greasiness can easily be caused by oils from your hair scalp or by you applying sunscreen or moisturizer. Therefore, people often having hairstyles with bangs should use dry shampoo to get your hair look fresher in urgent situations.

  • Tip 4: Wash your bangs only

Normally, your hair sticks together a bit without washing in 2-3 days, which can be simply solved by tie it up, make it into top knots, buns or just cover them with a hat. With those solutions, very few people notice that. However, that’s not the case for your bangs. It looks more annoying than the rest of the hair when you do not wash it for like 3 days. Therefore, you just have to shampoo your bangs only.




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