A worth-reading general review of bone straight hair

Bone Straight Hair

If you’re searching for hair that won’t cause you any stress but will draw attention and make a fashion statement, go no further than bone straight hair. Because of its similarity in straightness, this hair looks a lot like natural straight hair. There are, however, distinctions amongst them, which is why this article is here to inform you about them. This way, you won’t be perplexed and mistakenly label any hair you see as bone straight.

1. What is bone straight hair?

Bone straight hair is a form of straight hair that’s thin, smooth, and sparse. The strands of this type of hair are strong and neatly knotted from the top to the bottom.

This isn’t the hair for bending rollers, hair curlers, or tonging machines, either. When you try to curl it, it falls flat and stays that way. It is flat from the top down, which adds to the features of straight hair. Unlike wavy hair, which can appear thick in some areas, bone straight hair is smooth and even.

What is bone straight hair?

What is bone straight hair?

2. Features of bone straight hair

Bone straight hair is features by the following points:

  •  Bone straight hair does not necessitate much in the way of styling:

This hair, unlike naturally straight hair, requires little to no styling, making it stress-free. That is, brushing and combing takes less time. The strands are also free and strong, so it doesn’t tangle. This feature, on the other hand, has a few minor drawbacks. With this sort of hair, you won’t be able to change your look at any time. Only natural straight hair may be used for this.

  •  Bone straight hair is not suitable for curly hairstyles:

That was mentioned in the first point. Maybe one day you’ll tire of this hair’s straightness and want to add some curls to it. Curls do not work on this type of hair, so keep that in mind. The curls aren’t even held in place. So, for the love of God, don’t even consider curling it.

  •  Bone straight hair has a very sleek look:

Apart from the fact that it’s straight, how can you identify this sort of hair? This hair, on the other hand, is often smooth and flat. It is thinner and less voluminous than natural straight hair.

Features of bone straight hair

Features of bone straight hair

  •  It is not a good idea to dye bone straight hair:

Coloring straight hair is not recommended. If you want to modify the color, keep in mind that it can’t be colored to a brilliant blonde.

3. Classification of bone straight hair

There are three main types of bone straight hair, including:    

3.1. Type 1- Single drawn bone straight hair

Features of Single drawn bone straight hair include: 

  • Characteristic: The extensions in this one are made up of a variety of lengths of hair. This one has around 30-40% hair strands at the similar length, with the rest being mixed in with shorter ones. As a consequence, the hair seems thick at the top, tapering down in the center, and becoming thin at the ends. It’s also less expensive than other bone straight hair kinds. 
  • Price: When compared to double drawn or even super double drawn bundles, a single drawn bundle is the least expensive. Single-drawn-bundle wigs are typically manufactured for clients on a tight price.
Type 1- Single Drawn Hair 

Type 1- Single drawn bone straight hair 

3.2. Type 2- Double drawn bone straight hair

Features of double drawn hair include: 

  • Characteristic: The length of this hair is typically uniform. 60-70 percent of the hair strands are generally the similar length in this kind. As a result, the top and center are full, and thick, whereas the below is a little bit thinner.
  • Price: It is also more costly than the single-drawn type. 
Type 2- Double Drawn Hair 

Type 2- Double drawn bone straight hair

3.3. Type 3- Super double drawn bone straight hair

Features of super double drawn bone straight hair include: 

  • Characteristic: Super Double Drawn Hair is the thickest. It has about 85-90 percent of hair at the similar length. Because of its density, double drawn hair provides the appearance of real hair. 
  • Price: This is the luxury bone straight hair, which is more luxurious than the other varieties. As a result, it is the most costly.
Type 3- Super Double Drawn Hair

Type 3- Super Double drawn bone straight hair

Furthermore, single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn have inches/lengths ranging from 10 to 30” and weights ranging from 200 to 300 grams.

3.4.Tip for you to distinguish these types of bone straight hair

Holding a hank of hair and stroking it from the top to tip to identify single, double, and super double drawn. 

  • If you think the bottom has a lot of hair, only 30 to 40% of the hair is single drawn.
  • A double is defined as having a lower portion that is half as thick as the upper half.
  • As a last note, a super double may be described as having a thickness that is almost the same all the way from the tip to the body.

4. Is bone straight hair expensive?

The cost of having bone straight hair vs having natural straight hair. It’s reasonable, as bone straight hair necessitates more effort. The cost of bleaching and dyeing increases if you want to buy bone straight in a range of colors. Here are the results of our search for a pricing list for bone straight hair in several markets:

  • This sort of hair costs anywhere from N60,000 to N300,000 in Nigeria, depending on the type, length, and gram desired.
  • The cost rises steadily in the United Kingdom market, depending on the length and color desired, especially in the £85 to £165 range.

5. How to maintain bone straight hair?

Here are some tips you can follow to maintain your bone straight hair.

  • It is not tough to care for this hair since it is extremely easy to keep. This is due to the fact that the hair is stress-free given the characteristics stated above. However, avoid curling your hair or changing up your hairstyles. These aren’t appropriate for this hair type.
How to maintain bone straight hair?

How to maintain bone straight hair?

  • Remember to check with your hairstylist if you’re seeking to attain a fresh appearance with hair weave or extensions. If you’re doubtful, seek their counsel. Make an effort not to harm your hair or the weave. Combine with accessories or flawless makeup for a more natural and feminine look. We are confident that you will not be disappointed if you choose to wear these hairs.
  • It takes little to no styling, making it a stress-free hairstyle. Brushing and combing it through is a breeze, and you won’t have to worry about it falling out. Just make sure you get the initial straight, which is ultra-slim.

6. Why should retailers and vendors buy bone straight hair?

If you are planning to join hair industry, you must consider bone straight hair because of the following reasons:

6.1. There is a high demand on bone straight hair in the current market

Modern women have a proclivity for altering their hairstyles or haircuts. However, there are a slew of possible drawbacks, including damage to their natural hair. That is why they are looking for a different option. And, because of the high demand throughout the world, some estimates put the worth of the dry hair industry at billions of dollars each year, with the market increasing at a rapid pace.

When you scroll through your Instagram/Facebook newsfeed, you’ll see a lot of vendors, models, singers, and hair salons posting photos and videos of their bone straight hair.

There is a high demand on bone straight hair in the current market

There is a high demand on bone straight hair in the current market

It demonstrates that bone straight hair has a considerable level of appeal in the hair industry. As a result, if you’re just starting out in a company, bone straight hair should be one of the first products on your shopping list because it may help you make a lot of money.

6.2. It’s simpler to create, manage, and market bone straight hair

There’s no denying that women’s curly or wavy hair is more popular than ever. If you bleach and colour your wavy or curly hair with bright hues such as Blonde 60 or Blonde 613, you run the risk of it drying out, shedding, or becoming knotted up fast. If you take excellent care of your hair, you may have silky, smooth hair that is still bone straight.

Bone straight hair requires less time and effort to process than wavy or curly hair because of its resemblance to natural straight hair, particularly in terms of its sleek and straight texture.

Moreover, the smooth and attractive outlook  helps bone straight hair receive more attention from buyers because of the fact that it is easier to make permed hair from straight hair than make straight hair from curled hair.   

7. Where can you buy the best bone straight hair?

Currently, there are many addresses for you to buy bone straight hair, but if you are careless, you can lose money in a second. That’s why Best hair list conducted a search to give you the top list supplier where you can buy guaranteed bone straight hair.

7.3. Raw Hair Vietnam-Top 3 bone straight hair supplier

With over twenty years of expertise in the industry, Raw Hair Vietnam becomes one of the leading Vietnamese human hair suppliers. Vietnamese bone straight hair is one of your options if you’re seeking for a supplier that can offer bone straight hair that’s of high quality and easy to keep.

Their strengths include Variety of types and hues, The ability to provide a big sum of money, Workers with prior experience and Catalog of products.

Raw Hair Vietnam-Top 3 Bone Straight Hair supplier

Raw Hair Vietnam-Top 3 bone straight hair supplier

7.4. Queen Hair Inc-Top 4 bone straight hair supplier

Queen Hair Inc has over 10 years of expertise in both manufacturing and distributing of hair extensions. They take pride in the premium quality of their bone straight hair. It has kept its promise to consumers and themselves since the beginning.

This company is well-known for these features: Client packaging customization, quality control research, thorough packaging for high-quality human hair extensions and Catalog of products.

This manufacturer sells retail hair items in order to establish a relationship with Anka for consistent retail hair supply. Hair weaves come in a variety of styles, including Remy hair and wholesale hair weaves.

Queen Hair Inc-Top 4 Bone Straight Hair supplier

Queen Hair Inc-Top 4 bone straight hair supplier

7.5. Ivirgo-Top 5 bone straight hair supplier

Ivirgo is a leading Vietnamese company that distributes natural bone straight hair from Vietnamese women  and Cambodian women to a variety of nations worldwide.

With experiences in the hair industry, they have a deep understanding of the varied needs of clients in each nation. Ivirgo provides high-quality raw hair and hair extensions cut straight from ladies without any processing or chemical additives. Their effort is looking for and interacting with a growing number of consumers all around the world.

Ivirgo-Top 5 Bone Straight Hair supplier

Ivirgo-Top 5 bone straight hair supplier


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