Anything you need to know about wholesale hair distributors  

Wholesale Hair Distributors

Newcomers to the hair industry would be smart to do extensive research on top wholesale hair distributors in order to identify the greatest sellers. A reasonable hair maker can greatly assist you in your request to become the best hair vendors in the world. Top wholesale hair distributors’ value is dependent on a variety of factors, including the kind of hair, the market’s inclusion, and the value, criticism, and customer support. If you’re looking for the best partner to assist, look for someone who can meet all of the requirements listed above.

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Facts about hair suppliers you need to know

1. An outlook of wholesale hair distributors

As the need for hair grows rapidly, wholesale hair distributors have sprouted up all over the world. In order to become an expert in the field of hair extensions, wholesalers must gain a wide range of information about wholesale hair distributors.

1.1 A Look at the current situations of wholesale hair distributors

When customers look at the information provided below, they will be able to acquire a better understanding of the wholesale hair distributors straight away. This information includes factors such as popularity, market, items, pricing, and so on.

  • The market for wholesale hair distributors has seen a major uptick in recent years: It is estimated that the overall revenue from hair extension sales will reach $10 billion by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 9 percent, according to Esticast Research & Consulting. As a result of these statistics, it appears that wholesale hair distributors have significant potential.
he market for wholesale hair wholesalers has seen a major uptick in recent years

he market for wholesale hair distributors has seen a major uptick in recent years

  • Wholesale hair distributors have a large market share in a competitive industry: Over time, as human living standards continue to grow, the demand for beauty continues to develop at a rapid pace. To meet the growing demands of clients while also reaping substantial financial rewards, wholesale hair distributors have advocated for rapid growth. It is highly competitive in the sale of hair extensions, with the three largest wholesale hair distributors in the world being China, Vietnam, and India.

1.2. Wholesale hair distributors have accomplished the production of exceptional quality hair extensions

Wholesale hair distributors may have to make minor changes to their products in order to compete in such a competitive climate as the hair extension industry. With a diverse selection of hair extensions, including a variety of hair types and colors, as well as a variety of styling options. Reduced prices should be implemented, and prompt and caring customer service should be offered.

Diverse selection of hair extensions supplied by wholesale hair distributors

Diverse selection of hair extensions supplied by wholesale hair distributors

2. Advantages and disadvantages obtained from wholesale hair distributors.

In contrast to what the majority of inexperienced individuals believe, purchasing hair extensions from wholesale hair distributors is not a straightforward procedure. It has a number of pros as well as downsides. Wholesalers should keep these considerations in mind so that they can successfully import hair without encountering any difficulties.

2.1. The advantages of purchasing hair from wholesale hair distributors

Working with wholesale hair distributors can brings you a lot of benefits, including: 

  • First and foremost, the pricing of products would be extremely low, making it possible for wholesalers and hairstylists to save money on their purchases. The fact that the wholesale hair distributors are the ones that manufacture the hair means that they have complete control over the production process and can thus offer the most competitive prices to their customers.
  • Second, high-quality wholesale hair distributors would offer their customers a diverse selection of products that were available in a variety of styles, colors, and types. Furthermore, wholesale hair suppliers are able to tailor bespoke products and meet the needs of specific personas.
  • Third, the majority of wholesale hair distributors provide excellent customer service to their clients. The consultants would be able to communicate effectively and would be available at all times if you required their assistance. The shipping and payment process has only recently been established and takes a short amount of time to complete.
The advantages of purchasing hair from wholesale hair vendors and distributors

The advantages of purchasing hair from wholesale hair vendors and distributors

2.2. The disadvantages of importing hair from wholesale hair distributors 

Clients may have to overcome some specific difficulties, such as dealing with fake hair vendors and receiving unexpectedly high-quality hair. This may be resolved by arming themselves with comprehensive and accurate information about hair extensions, which will enable them to pursue a career as a business owner in the wholesale hair distributors industry.

3. Biggest wholesale hair distributors in the world

In this part, biggest hair wholesale distributors are mentioned below, including ones in Asia, EU, and Latin America. 

3.1. Largest wholesale hair distributors in Asia

In Asia, hair wholesale distributors mostly come from China, India, and Vietnam.

3.1.1. Chinese wholesale hair distributors

Production scale: Due to a scarcity of domestic hair sources, Chinese wholesale hair distributors frequently travel to other countries to gather raw hair, including Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma), and Cambodia, among other places. This sort of distributor operates on a large scale, frequently employing more than 100 people in a factory setting.

Chinese wholesale hair distributors

Chinese wholesale hair distributors

The primary source of hair: Previously, wholesale hair distributors from China collect hair from domestic hair source, but now it is imported from other countries to be used in the creation of cosmetics. The reason for this is that the number of Chinese women who sell hair has decreased as a result of the country’s urbanization. As a result, Chinese hair is now primarily sourced from countries such as Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma), and Cambodia.

In terms of price, Chinese wholesale hair distributors offer a very competitive range ranging from $150 to $650 per kilogram of raw hair, depending on the quality of the hair.

3.2.2. Indian Wholesale hair distributors

Production scale: It is a known truth that, despite the fact that India wholesale hair distributors supply a large volume of hair annually, the majority of the proprietors are Chinese. There are two main causes for this. The first reason is because of low-quality natural hair, which requires more time and labor to process than the other types of hair. The second reason is because the technological gear for the hair industry is still fairly primitive and primarily handcrafted, it is not able for wholesale hair distributors in India to produce a sufficient supply of hair that is attractive to consumers.

Indian Wholesale hair distributors

Indian Wholesale hair distributors

Main hair source: Indian temple hair and non-remy Indian hair are the two most common sources of Indian hair, with the former being the most expensive.

– Historically, temples would shave their visitors’ heads and toss their hair into the river to send it to their gods, but now that they are aware of the benefits of these hairs, the temple abbots have begun to collect them and sell them at auction to Indian or Chinese wholesale hair distributors, as shown in the photo above. Temple hair is concentrated in southern India, where there are a large number of important Hindu shrines.

– A non-remy hair type is the next hairline, and Indian wholesale hair distributors derived from the hairballs of Indian women. Non-Remy hair from hairballs is sourced from East India (particularly West Bengal, which borders Bangladesh) because it is the poorest region of the country and labor is inexpensive (almost the cheapest in Asia). These hairballs are made up of tangled hair that has been curled up from hair that has fallen out when combing or bathing the person. After being washed and treated, these hair pellets will be transformed into non-remy hair.

Price: Indian wholesale hair distributors claim that their prices are the lowest in the world and that they cannot be beaten.

3.3.3. Vietnamese Wholesale hair distributors

Scale of production: wholesale hair distributors in Vietnam have a large production scale and a highly specialized line for each step of hair processing due to the strength of high quality natural hair that requires less improvement and processing time.

The primary source of hair is: The hair used by Vietnamese wholesale hair distributors is from two major sources, each of which provides two different types of hairlines:

– Because of the high quality of the natural hair, Vietnamese raw hair is also known as Vietnamese virgin hair. Vietnamese raw hair supplied by wholesale hair distributors in Vietnam originates primarily from the Thai ethnic people, who have a habit of growing their hair very long and tucking it into a large patch on the head (called Tang Cau) in the mountainous regions of Dien Bien, Lai Chau, and Son La (in Vietnam’s northwest and northeastern mountainous regions), as well as from other ethnic groups.

Hair source of Vietnamese Wholesale hair distributors

Hair source of Vietnamese Wholesale hair distributors

– Another form of hair is remy hair, which is acquired from individuals or hair salons. Remy hair is not very popular in Vietnam, and it is frequently blended with virgin hair to give it more fullness or to cater to the very low-priced segment of the African market.

Price: The prices charged by Vietnamese wholesale hair distributors are extremely competitive. This is due to the fact that the cost of production in Vietnam is currently significantly lower than in other countries, owing to the fact that natural hair requires little or no processing throughout the processing stage. A further advantage when dealing with Vietnamese wholesale hair distributors is that the raw materials are obtained from sources that are close to the production area, resulting in the elimination or reduction of transportation costs.

3.2. The largest wholesale hair distributors in Eastern Europe 

Scale of production: wholesale hair distributors can be found throughout Eastern Europe, with Russia and Ukraine being the most popular destinations.

Main hair source: Blonde hair is the most popular hair color in the Eastern European region. The hair for this hair type is derived from two main sources:

– Natural blonde hair originating in Eastern European countries or countries bordering Central Asia, such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and so on, is used in this process. These are locations where the economy is significantly poorer than the rest of Europe. Because people tend to sell their hair to wholesale hair distributors in EU for money when the economy is bad, bleaching, style, and playing with hair will be less likely when the economy is bad, and the quality of the hair will remain highly original when the economy is bad, as will the quantity of hair sold.

Hair source of wholesale hair distributors in Eastern Europe 

Hair source of wholesale hair distributors in Eastern Europe

– Black hair, particularly imported from wholesale hair distributors in Asia, should be protected from bleach and dye. It used to be that gray hair (old people’s gray hair) was highly sought after because there was little black Melanin pigment, which allowed bleaching and dyeing to be the right color and standard with nature; however, due to the increasingly advanced dyeing techniques, combined with the disadvantage of gray / gray hair is weak (due to old people’s hair), this is no longer the case.

Price: Because there is a limited quantity of natural blonde hair, the price of natural blonde hair is extremely expensive. If you want your hair to be bleached from black to blonde, the cost of hair is not cheap because the color treatment is fairly expensive and requires a great deal of effort on your part.

3.3. Largest wholesale hair distributors in Latin America

In Latin America, hair wholesale distributors mostly come from Brazil and Peru.

3.3.1. Brazilian wholesale hair distributors

Production scale: Brazilian hair vendors in Brazil actually are owned mainly by Chinese. Chinese wholesale hair distributors introduced their hair into the Latin American market so that consumers here believe this is a product from their region, giving them peace of mind about quality and price because it is Made in China, which is not a popular phrase in Latin America.

Brazilian wholesale hair distributors

Brazilian wholesale hair distributors

Main hair source: Natural Brazilian hair may be found in limited quantities, although it is not the primary source of hair. The majority of the hair is sourced from different foreign wholesale hair distributors such as China, India, Cambodia, and so on and so forth.

Price: When it comes to pricing, the price of hair in this country is fairly competitive when it comes to customers in the Latin American market.

3.3.2. Peruvian wholesale hair distributors

Production scale: wholesale hair distributors in Peru are often small and medium-sized businesses, with the majority of their stock held by foreign dealers, particularly Chinese. Most of the hair that is imported by these wholesalers comes from foreign nations, where it is processed before being resold.

Peruvian wholesale hair distributors

Peruvian wholesale hair distributors

Main hair source: Peruvian hair is primarily made up of Indian or Chinese non-Remy hair that has been acid-washed, silicone-coated, and labeled as Peruvian Hair due to the lack of a hair-collecting culture in Peru. Furthermore, the majority of Peruvian wholesale hair distributors in South Africa are derived from Vietnamese imports, which accounts for a portion of the total.

Price: Because of the restricted technological capabilities of the hair industry, the price is often normal, not very expensive.

4. How to import hair extension from wholesale hair distributors?

Here is the instruction for you to consult before working with a wholesale hair distributors. 

4.1. Locate dependable a wholesale hair distributor to import hair extensions 

Before dealing with a wholesale hair distributors,  you must conduct extensive study and carefully analyze their profile. There is a wealth of reliable information available on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, so take your time and make informed decisions.

Wholesale hair distributors should benefit from the following suggestions to identify abnormalities in these untrustworthy producers:

  • There is no website, no selling page, and no way to get in touch.
  • Always make an effort to obtain your deposits.
  • If wholesale hair distributors send you photographs, make sure to check them through the Google checking tools to ensure that they are indeed from these factories.
  • No need to make an effort to arrange a video conference call in order to see the factory and hair product in person. If wholesale hair distributors have a good reputation, this should not be a problem for them.
Locate dependable providers to import hair extensions 

Locate dependable providers to import hair extensions

4.2. Preparing a detailed plan with wholesale hair distributors before getting started is essential

Wholesale hair distributors preparation is an essential element of any successful business venture. The plan must include clear and explicit information on key aspects of the business.

  • Market: What is the size of your market? What location are you referring to? Is there a market opportunity? How much of a percentage do you want? 
  • Consumer: What is the source of income when dealing with wholesale hair distributors? What is their capacity for consumption? 
  • Pricing: What is the cost of maintenance? Is there a cost associated with this?

4.3. Develop a well-organized and effective strategy for dealing with wholesale hair distributors

Recently, there have been two common channels for wholesale hair distributors to sell and trade their products: (1) the online and (2) the offline

  • Offline: In the offline world, hair wholesale distributors may choose resellers or other hair-related businesses such as salons and day spas to collaborate with.
  • Online: social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, websites, and ecommerce platforms.

The options are numerous, but the most important thing to remember is that you must choose the most profitable path in order to maximize your income.

5. Searching for reliable wholesale hair distributors

If you are unsure of how to locate respectable wholesale hair distributors in China, Besthairlist’s professionals will help you through three key channels:

  • Google is the best search engine available. If you don’t utilize Google, you’ll be missing out on a lot of useful information. If you type “wholesale hair distributors from China” into the search box, you will receive thousands and thousands of results, including lists of Chinese suppliers. Choose one of the options. Before you contact or work with this hair provider, take the time to research them and learn everything you can about them.
Google is the best search engine available

Google is the best search engine available

  • Website for online shopping: While you may get lost in Google due to the large number of advertisements and inaccurate information, you may literally use B2B e-commerce exchanges such as Alibaba, DHGate, and Aliexpress to find wholesale hair distributors. Several wholesale hair merchants from China can be found on these websites, as can be expected. To make your final decision, you can also rely on past customers’ comments and rating stars provided by these hair providers.
Searching through online shopping websites

Searching through online shopping websites

  • Outer agency (sometimes known as “outside agency”): In fact, you might hire a consulting firm to assist you in identifying the most appropriate wholesale hair distributors for your needs. Despite the fact that it will cost you some money, the end product will be far superior.

6. References of trustworthy wholesale hair distributors

There are some reliable wholesale hair distributors you can contact to get quality hair at reasonable price. 

  • Wholesale hair distributors in Eastern Europe: Russia Hair, Kaluga Hair, I Love Slavic Hair, etc.
  •  Wholesale hair distributors in Latin America: MEGA BEAUTY LTD, Brazilian Human Hair, Brazil Hair Exporter, Hair City, Volure Hair Boutique, Virgin Human hair, etc.
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