Beautyforever Hair: Detailed Reviews About This Hair Supplier

beautyforever hair

Besthairlist’s in-depth Beautyforever hair reviews evaluations will provide you with an unbiased assessment of one of the world’s largest hair suppliers.

1. Beautyforever hair: Business profile

Business profile of Beautyforever hair reviews includes overall business introduction and its major markets. You can also know about business profile of Ted Hair – one of the biggest hair suppliers from China.

1.1. Introduction of Beautyforever hair

Having 15 years of expertise, Beautyforever hair was established in 1999 by founders in Xuchang, Henan, China. We started out as a modest local textile processing business and have grown into a worldwide human hair company as a result of that growth. As a result, Beautyforever hair became experts in professional set design, manufacturing, and sales. Since launching our website in 2016, Beautyforever hair has grown to be a leading provider of virgin hair.

beautyforever hair 1

Beautyforever hair: Business profile

As a result, buying virgin hair from Beautyforever hair means getting a better grasp of fashion, a more positive outlook on life, and a firm belief in our mission to —bring beauty to the world. We make the female our guiding client and use a specific design to express to you the warm, passionate, free, and delicate vibes that she exudes to us. This name represents a company that is dedicated to the quest of perfection. Beautiful hair, for your everlasting glam

beautyforever hair 2

Virgin hair from Beautyforever hair

1.2. Major markets of Beautyforever hair

According to the report from Beautyforever hair reviews, its annual output of hair reaches the figure of above 100 million USD, with the number of human hair wigs units ranging largely from 250000 to 300000 per year.

beautyforever hair 3

Beautyforever hair

  • As stated above, Beautyforever hair is the world’s largest hair merchant, producing hundreds of tons of hair each year. In the Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America, they build long-term ties with important partners. In addition to large hair manufacturers, hair retailers, and wholesalers, their clientele include individuals and professional hair salons.
  • In terms of their main markets, North America has a market share of around 57% for Beautyforever hair’s hair products in general. Western Europe comes in second with a 18% market share, followed by Africa with an 10% market share. You can see this pie chart to get a better overview of main markets of Beautyforever hair
beautyforever hair 5

Major markets of Beautyforever hair

2. Beautyforever hair reviews: Hair products

Now, it’s time we discussed hair products from Beautyforever hair reviews in terms of 3 main points: hair origin, hair quality and hair price. You can also know more about hair products of ISEE Hair – a competitor of Beautyforever hair.

2.1. Beautyforever hair reviews:Hair origin of Beautyforever hair

Beautyforever hair makes a point of just using real human hair and not blending it with any synthetic fibers. Following our research (which includes reading a lot of Beautyforever hair product reviews) we’ve discovered the following facts about them:

  • Hair from various areas is utilized to make wigs of the highest quality. Shaved and twisted natural hair is popular among women. Long and thin hair is packed in different sizes and sold at a different price.
beautyforever hair 7

Hair origin of Beautyforever hair

  • The bulk of Beautyforever hair’s hair is sourced from India (from temples and churches), China’s countryside, and Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam.
beautyforever hair 8

The bulk of Beautyforever hair’s hair is sourced from India

2.2. Beautyforever hair reviews: Hair quality of Beautyforever hair

When using Beautyforever hair extensions, I never had an issue with tangling. It’s hard to see the difference between your natural hair and Beautyforever hair extensions when they’re side by side. If you look at the big picture, that’s a blip on the radar.

  • Because of this, all of the company’s items were manufactured using top-notch hair. Due to the fact that these hair extensions are created entirely from real Remy human hair, they are 100 percent natural-looking. It is thus reasonable to assume that the lifespan of human hair is between one and two years, depending on how it is used and maintained.
beautyforever hair 9

Hair quality of Beautyforever hair

  • When it comes to Beautyforever hair reviews, the way the hair looks is critical. Advertisements often depict hair models with thick, lustrous hair and natural-looking highlights. They seek to attract new customers by using vibrant visuals. For the first five minutes, the graphics captivated us. They won’t be the color, style, or anything else you expected when you get them.
  • However, Beautyforever hair reviews allow their consumers to view the finest with genuine hair on the websites of other firms. As a result, you’ll be in a position to act quickly. I love your new hairstyle. You asked for something specific, and you got it. Regarding Beauty forever hair reviews, On display were tresses that were silky, lustrous, and soft to the touch. It’s also full of life and vigor, and doesn’t seem to be getting any older.

As a whole, Beautyforever hair’s hair products live up to their claims of silkiness and smoothness.

beautyforever hair 11

Beautyforever hair’s hair products live up to their claims of silkiness and smoothness.

2.3. Beautyforever hair reviews: Hair price of Beautyforever hair

Here are some outstanding features of hair price supplied by reviews on Beauty forever hair when it comes to Beauty forever hair reviews:

  • The hair products sold by Beautyforever hair are moderately priced, with most being in the mid-range category. Brazilian body wave hair starts at $21.5 for 13×6 lace and goes up to $136.78 for a 5×5 HD Lace.
beautyforever hair 12

Hair price of Beautyforever hair

  • It’s also worth noting that Beauty forever wholesale hair review offers bundle discounts that allow clients to save money. The best deal may also be found on Amazon as Beauty forever amazon hair review (the official Beautyforever website has substantially higher costs).
beautyforever hair 15

Hair price of Beautyforever hair on Amazon

  • Those who have been Beauty forever hair company reviews customers for a long time will also get access to wholesale pricing, which is normally 10% off on all orders, as well as additional bonuses.

3. Beautyforever hair reviews: Policies on shipping and payment

When working with Beauty forever hair shipping reviews, you may want to know about its policies on shipping and payment. Depending on customers’ location, Beautyforever hair offers different shipping fees.

  • For orders in the US: hair will be shipped from its warehouse in California, US. The company will offer free shipping for every order shipped in the US with the shipping time varying from 3 to 5 working days. It also resorts to USPS and UPS as a method of shipping. Moreover, if customers want a faster delivery, BH also has express shipping, which is charged at $20 for 1-3 days shipment. It is also noted that you may have your item delivered the same day if you order before 10:30 in the morning. If there is a delay, the order will be processed on the next business day.
beautyforever hair 17

Beautyforever hair: Policies on shipping

  • For orders from overseas (other than the US): hair will be shipped from Chinese hair warehouses of BH. It is also free shipping with major shipping methods being UPS, DHL, TNT. It takes approximately 5 to 7 working days for the orders to arrive at the customers’ locations with regular shipping methods.

Time for each location will be revealed in this picture:

beautyforever hair 18

Shippingg time for each location

You can pay for your order by a variety of methods like paying via Paypal, Mastercard, Visa… A point worth noting is that BH allows customers to pay after receiving their orders instead of depositing a certain percentage of money like other hair companies.

beautyforever hair 19

Payment methods of Beautyforeverhair

4. Beautyforever hair reviews: Customer service of Beautyforever hair

As a company, Beautyforever hair prides itself on having a strong sales force that treats every client with respect and provides excellent service. Prior to, during, and after the sale, Beautyforever hair’s customer care representatives will be worried about your purchase, allowing you to acquire high-quality items with confidence 

beautyforever hair 20

Customer service of Beautyforever hair

  • Beautyforever mall’s personnel have a responsibility to make sure clients completely grasp the product model, technical indicators, performance, usage occasions, and security issues during the quote in order to guarantee that customers make the correct decision before signing the contract. The client orders will be tracked till they are delivered and the usage procedure will be followed after that.
  • For delivery, all items offered by Beautyforever mall will be entrusted to third-party expert logistics organizations or to Courier Company. This hair supplier also has a customer support department and an engineer on-site if clients aren’t happy with their product or service delivery.
beautyforever hair 21

All items offered by Beautyforever mall will be entrusted to third-party expert logistics

  • Beautyforever hair reviews and its logistics partners will assume the risk of product damage throughout the course of providing logistical services, and we will make every effort to prevent it. When it comes to Beautyforever hair reviews, Beautyforever hair highly advises customers to inspect their purchases when they get them to ensure they are in excellent condition. A logistic delivery problem, such as damaged items, shall be avoided to the best of Beautyforever hair’s abilities. As usual, Beautyforever hair’s emphasis will be on providing a positive customer experience and handling any concerns that arise while using the facility.
  • Regard Beauty forever reviews, non-disposable product quality issues arise throughout the guarantee term for items, which are caused by incorrect usage, non-human factor damage, and other non-third-party reasons.
  • When the mall receives a phone call or a written notification, the staff at Beautyforever hair will promptly coordinate a response. Return and exchange services, as well as a refund system, are all part of our after-sale service philosophy of perfectionism and provide you with the finest possible after-sale support.
beautyforever hair 22

When the mall receives a phone call or a written notification, the staff at Beautyforever hair will promptly coordinate a response

5. Beautyforever hair reviews: Top selling hair products from Beautyforever hair

Below are top 5 best selling hair products from Beautyforever hair that Besthairlist highly recommends if you want to buy hair from this hair supplier:

  • Beautyforever 5×5 HD Lace Wigs Pre Plucked Body Wave Hair Clear Lace Wig Human Hair 180% Density

Sold more than 25000 pieces with rating of 5/5 scores

Price: $179.86 (for 16 inches) to  $1020.28 (for 40 inches hair)

  • Beautyforever Hand Tied Lace Wig Body Wave Hair Pre-Plucked Lace Part Wig 150% Density Natural Color Virgin Human Hair

Sold more than 8800 pieces with rating of 5/5 scores

Price:  $100.03 (for 14 inches) to $234.46 (for 24 inches)

  • Beautyforever Burnt Orange Body Wave T Part Lace Human Hair Wigs Ginger Wig 150% Density

Sold more than 8400 pieces with rating of 5/5 scores

Price: $95.42 (for 14 inches) to  $226.10 (for 24 inches)

  • Beautyforever Highlight Wig TL412 Color T Part Wig Jerry Curly Hair Lace Wig With Baby Hair 150% Density

Sold nearly 6000 pieces with rating of 5/5 scores:

Price: $113.52 (for 14 inches hair) to $251.31 (for 24 inches)

  • Beautyforever Highlight Colored Wigs 13×4 Lace Front Wigs 412# Color Jerry Curly Human Wigs With Baby Hair 150% Density

Sold more than 16000 pieces with rating of 4.9/5 scores

Price: $175.00 (for 14 inches) to  $333.62 (for 24 inches)

6. Beautyforever hair reviews from Besthairlist

Overall, after reading all reviews about BH, we as hair experts from Besthairlist think that while the hair is quite nice and of high quality, the price offered by BH is quite high compared to other hair manufacturers. We think that this higher price is due to its excellent customer service and promotion.

This  hair company is suitable for those with large budget, want quality hair and prefer being cared carefully by salesmen.

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Rating score:

  • Hair quality: 9/10
  • Hair price: 7/10
  • Customer service: 10/10
  • Overall score: 8.6/10


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