Brazilian Hair: Merely A Marketing Term For Better Profit

brazilian hair

Starting a business with Brazilian hair will bring tons of cash for hair wholesalers because this special hair accounts for a really big market. But do you know secret behind it? Read this article now!

1. Overview about Brazilian hair market

Latin America itself is a huge market for hair extensions consumption

  • The largest is Brazil: Brazilian people love hair extensions. It can be clearly clarified by the fact that the country’s hair import value is worth more than 40 thousand US$ annually. The trend is about to exponentially increase with the growing popularity of hair
  • Then the runners-up are Mexico, Chile, Argentina with preference for this commodity.
  • Moreover, in the past there was Venezuelan market (a really potential market for hair exporting) because there was a huge demand for hair wigs and hair extensions for the Venezuelan women to compete in the beauty contests. Although in recent years, Venezuela had to confront an economic crisis, its hair volume import doesn’t decrease significantly.

    brazilian hair 1

    Venezuela women use hair extensions to participate in Beauty Contests

  • In addition to that, Brazilian hair is also a favorite commodity in the EU and Asian markets with one of the biggest Asian importers of Brazilian hair products being China (the exporting value of Brazilian hair to China is nearly 30 thousand US$)

In general, Brazilian hair is an economically profitable product. If you  are to start a business with Brazilian hair and do comprehensive market research before starting as well as choose a good hair supplier for your company, you will surely make tons of money from it.

2. The truth behind the origin of Brazilian hair

Besthairlist will reveal a sad story about Brazilian hair that you may be absolutely shocked as a newbie in the hair industry. Not only Brazilian hair but also other South American names such as Peruvian hair, Bolivian hair… are just a name of marketing. In fact, there is no Brazilian hair products that initially comes from a Brazilian woman.

brazilian hair 2

Peruvian hair, Bolivian hair… are just a name of marketing.

So there is no production source, but why is it named Brazilian hair?

There are 2 reasons:

  • China hair vendors named their product for this market Brazilian hair and cleverly introduced it into the Latin American market so that consumers here thought it was products of the area they produce, so they will be assured of quality and price. “Made in China” is an unpopular phrase in Latin America
  • The second reason is that in the minds of the majority of people in the world, women in Latam (Latin America area) are fertile, energetic, and very healthy, so the women’s hair here is definitely healthy and good. Exploiting this factor, the name Brazilian hair or Peruvian hair will be a plus when selling to markets such as Africa or Europe

    brazilian hair 3

    Sexy outlook of women in Latam

3. Main features of Brazilian hair

Main features of Brazilian hair products will be largely discovered in this part. We include hair source, strengths and weaknesses as well as price of this good.

3.1. Hair source of Brazilian hair

You have learned in the previous part that there is literally no Brazilian hair that originates from Brazilian markets. So the point is, where does Brazilian hair come from or what is the input for making Brazilian extensions?

Hair factories import raw hair from India, China and Vietnam at a cheap price. According to the EconomicTrend, the components of Brazilian hair products is:

  • Indian raw hair with a share of 52% (26 thousand US$)
  • Chinese raw hair with a share of 27% (15.8 thousand US$)
  • Vietnamese raw hair with a share of 20.4% (14.7 thousand US$)

    brazilian hair 4

    Sources of Brazilian hair

In fact, Brazilian hair is hair that is derived from Vietnamese, Indian and Chinese hair but is processed more sophisticatedly by hair factories. The quality of the hair is higher thanks to the selected ingredients

Because the strength of Brazilian hair is high quality, the big hair vendors’ factories have to choose the input materials very carefully before processing them. For example, the input source of raw Vietnamese hair will make Brazilian hair extensions when exported, they will be colorfast, have a relative length and thickness, and have a long life.

Actually, there is still Brazilian hair from Brazilian donors but the supply of sophisticated hair source is of limited amount. If there is, the supply is not stable and you have to withstand a high price for that.

brazilian hair 5

Brazilian raw hair

3.2. Strengths and weaknesses of Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair is famous for its unique strengths:

  • It has a smooth texture and is of a medium thickness.
  • It goes well with a wide range of hair textures.
  • Long-term performance in a wide range of temperatures and situations
  • Can be styled to any hair styles, colored to any hair colors even the #613 (because the hair is of very high quality, selected from the finest virgin hair)

    brazilian hair 6

    Strengths of Brazilian hair

But Brazilian extensions also come with some cons:

  • Due to the complicated process of selecting input materials and processing, the price of Brazilian hair is quite high in the market.
  • Limited amount of real Brazilian hair: it is not always possible for wholesalers to purchase a large quantity
  • You may come into difficulties when finding a reliable supplier.

3.3. Price of Brazilian hair products

Here is the average price of Brazilian hair products that Besthairlist has summarized from a lot of  Brazilian hair vendors in the world. You can depend on it to have some reference:

Brazilian Virgin Bulk Hair ($/kg)
Cm Inches Super Double Drawn Double Drawn  Single Drawn
20cm 8” 570 325 275
25cm 10” 621 375 320
30cm 12” 701 425 375
35cm 14” 780 475 401
40cm 16” 850 560 450
45cm 18” 900 620 490
50cm 20” 980 671 501
55cm 22” 1010 721 521
60cm 24” 1100 789 550
65cm 26” 1200 819 600
70cm 28” 1290 879 621
75cm 30” 1389 921 670

As you can see from the table, the price is for 1kg (10 bundles, 1 bundle =100g) of Brazilian hair (super double drawn hair, double drawn hair and single drawn hair)

brazilian hair 9

Brazilian hair

Compared to hair from other nations, other origins, it is quite a high price. Therefore, Brazilian hair is suitable for wholesalers who prioritize quality and don’t care much about price. But the quality (if you can find a reliable supplier) is really worth the money.

4. Effective channels to find supply for Brazilian hair

If you don’t know how to find the reliable supply for Brazilian products, you can refer to these 3 most effective channels: Google, e-commerce sites and consulting agencies

4.1. Google

  • Google has always been an optimal search engine to help you find all information about a specific issue. Simply type “Brazilian hair” into the search bar, a series of results about where to buy and product characteristics will be returned by Google through the results and links. Most of them are sales pages of wholesale hair vendors, the rest will be articles that provide product information (just like what Besthairlist is doing).
  • However, be very careful before making a bulk purchase decision as many of them are fraudulent merchants that Google cannot fully inspect

4.2. E-commerce sites

  • Nowadays, e-commerce sites have also become a handy and effective search engine for those who want to be B2B business. Some popular websites for wholesale products like Alibaba, Dhgate, Aliexpress keep their hair types and wholesalers up to date on a daily basis.
  • A strong point compared to Google is that on these platforms, products and suppliers will be evaluated directly by buyers. You can rely on those factors to consider whether it is a quality product or not. For example, by typing “Brazilian hair” in the search box, you will be shown a number of related products, all you have to do now is choose one that is ranked with high stars scores and positive reviews from previous customers. Put it into your shopping cart and wait for the delivery

4.3. Consulting agencies

  • If the information on the internet is too much, making you wonder which dealer to choose brazil hair from, don’t worry too much. This is the third option for you, which is to spend some money to hire a middleman. They will help you find the best source of products and suppliers. This money is really worth it. It’s better than spending money to buy low quality products, right?
  • But you should also pay attention when hiring a consultant, choose reputable agencies, have many years of experience in the hair field, have hair experts, have a lot of expertise.

    brazilian hair 10

    Channels to find Brazilian hair


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