Brazilian Hair Vendors: Top 5 Traders of High Quality Brazilian Hair

brazilian hair vendors

Do you know that working with Brazilian hair vendors will give you an edge in the competitive market for hair extensions. It is supposed to be due to the fact that Brazilian hair is one of the most unique hair in the world. However, it is the truth? Let’s find out more information in this article.

1. An overview about Brazilian hair vendors

Overview about Brazilian hair vendors is necessary before we dig with more in-depth information about them. In this part, we will provide you with knowledge about definition of hair vendors from Brazil as well as their location, classification and so on.

1.1. What are Brazilian hair vendors?

Brazilian hair vendor is actually a seller who does business with Brazilian hair. They sell Brazilian hair either in bulk to other hair wholesalers or in small quantities to hair retailers.

One thing worth noting is that Brazilian hair vendors do not only trade Brazilian hair. Instead, they can sell hair with different origins like Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair or Indian hair but Brazilian hair is still their main focus.

brazilian hair vendors 22

Brazilian hair vendors sell hair in bulk or in small quantities

1.2. Distinguishing 2 types of Brazilian hair vendors

As many people may misunderstand, there are 2 types of Brazilian hair vendors: one is distributing Brazilian hair vendors and the second type is manufacturing hair vendors in Brazil. So, what are the differences between them and how to differentiate these 2 types of vendors?

brazilian hair vendors 21

2 types of Brazilian hair vendors

  • Distributing Brazilian hair vendors: They are simply Brazilian hair resellers who buy hair in large quantities with a cheap price and then resell it to other hair sellers/vendors. In fact, they don’t have a real factory to produce hair but they still provide hair with a pretty fair price 
  • Brazilian hair vendors factory: They directly manufacture Brazilian hair and distribute it to hair suppliers (including distributing hair vendors in Brazil, hair retailers and even end-buyers). It is to say that this type of hair vendor engages in both hair producing and hair trading activities. Thanks to self-production of Brazilian hair, the factories export hair at a pretty low price compared to retailers.

1.3. Where do Brazilian hair vendors mainly sell their products?

It is a common question especially when a newbie in the hair wholesale industry starts a business. Because doing market research is a really important step. Now, Besthairlist will reveal the main market of Brazilian hair vendors.

As the name partly suggests, Brazilian hair products are mostly favored in South American countries including Brazil (of course), Peru, Argentina, Colombia… Brazilian hair is considered the sexiest and most popular hair texture among black women. With a gleaming look, a nice bounce and an unique texture, it can be styled to any hair patterns whether it is curly or body wave with any colors. South African markets have such a great demand for hair that they have to import large quantities of Brazilian hair from Brazilian hair vendors

1.4. Trading Brazilian hair brings Brazilian hair vendors tons of money

It is true that trading Brazilian hair brings Brazilian hair vendors tons of money thanks to:

brazilian hair vendors 20

Advantages of Brazilian hair

  • Huge demand: Brazilian hair is still one of the most popular goods. There are also a large number of international consumers that buy Brazilian hair in large quantities.
  • Profitable products: Brazilian hair is highly flexible and easy to manage due to its light structure. Naturally, it is lustrous and healthy by nature. In fact, because it is healthy, silky, and glossy, this hair has become quite popular.
  • Money-saving: Purchasing Brazilian hair in quantity is a cost-effective method to establish your own hair weaving company. If the extension you intend to purchase appears to be damaged, flat, or dry, it will not be worth the money you will spend.

2. Characteristics of Brazilian hair provided by Brazilian hair vendors

We have known about basic information about hair vendors in Brazil, now we are ready to see some main characteristics of their hair products including hair origin and strengths of it.

2.1. Origin of Brazilian hair

The point is: “Does Brazilian hair actually come from Brazilian women?” If “Yes”, why do they have to import such a great amount of Brazilian hair from foreign countries.

  • Desperately sad, Brazilian hair from Brazilian hair vendors is just a term for marketing hair extensions. Brazilian women are not so poor that they have to cut off their precious hair for money so there are no hair extensions that originate from Brazil. Instead, hair factories process raw hair from other origins and have such a name for that to sell them easily to South American markets. They cleverly put it into the Latin American market so that consumers here think this is a product of their region, so they will be assured of quality and price.

    brazilian hair vendors 11

    Process raw hair from Vietnam, China, India

  • Although there is still Brazilian hair from Brazilian women (who are considered to have super strong and sexy hair), the quantity is limited and is really hard to collect. If there is a source of real Brazilian hair for Brazilian hair vendors, I’m pretty sure that it will be prohibitively expensive.

    brazilian hair vendors 10

    Brazilian raw hair

2.2. Strengths of Brazilian hair

Although the hair does not come from Brazilian hair vendors, it holds nearly the same sexiness and strength as real Brazilian hair from Brazilian women. The raw hair to make Brazilian hair extensions are mainly Vietnam hair and Indian hair which are very famous in the hair industry for their beauty and silkiness. Let’s discuss more about the strengths of it

brazilian hair vendors 9

Strengths of Brazilian Hair

  • Healthy cuticles: Every lady wants the finest when it comes to hair extensions, and Brazilian Hair provides the highest quality available. Because of its robust cuticles, this hair is of exceptional quality. As a result, if you choose this sort of hair extension, you won’t have to be concerned about your hair being tangled. This hair is unprocessed, natural, and healthy.
  • Long lifetime: Brazilian hair extensions from Brazilian hair vendors are quite popular among ladies since they may last for such a long time. If you take proper care of it as well as maintain it in the right manner, it will last from 2 to 3 years.
  • Thickness and length: Brazilian hair extension has a natural sheen, a great thickness and some lovely waves. It is suitable for usage by ladies of many ethnic groups due to its texture. In addition, hair provided by Brazilian hair vendors come in various lengths so you can opt for any length that you want without worrying about the quality. Because when trading sensitive Brazilian hair, vendors have to prioritize quality over all.

3. Signs of fraudulent Brazilian hair vendors – Be Careful with them

Scammers are just interested in your money. How to avoid them? Read this precious information to know the common signs of scamming Brazilian hair vendors.

brazilian hair vendors 8

Be careful with scammers

  • No website, no social media or fan page containing their information
  • No photos and videos about brick-and-mortar factories

They just steal them on the internet and send them to you (opposite to best Brazilian hair vendors). So make sure to distinguish which one is real, which one is from Google

  • Unable to video call with you

To the best of my knowledge, scammers are afraid of calling video because they don’t have real products and real factories and production lines to show you

  • No company document or legitimate paper

As a matter of a fact, scammers have a ghost company instead of a real one so there is no reason government provides legal documents for them

  • Lack of profound knowledge about hair and related field

While reputable Brazilian hair vendors have hair experts who excel in the field, scammers don’t have so as a result, they have no knowledge and information about the hair industry.

  • Low rating score/Bad customer feedback

Why do scammers receive low rating scores and bad customer feedback? In fact, they deceive customers, their activities and services deserve 0 points

  • Bad customer service:

All they care about is your money, so instead of patiently accompanying you through every single step, scammers will rush you to payment. The sooner you pay them money, the sooner they achieve their goal

  • Don’t allow you to test the hair sample

Scammers don’t have real hair or all they just have is just low quality hair.Therefore, they will surely not let you inspect their hair sample. If you meet a vendor like this, stop trading with them.

4. 3 means of finding reliable Brazilian hair vendors

Here are 3 most effective channels to search for Brazilian hair vendors if you want to do business with this hair type. Don’t miss this information.

brazilian hair vendors 7

Google is an optimal searching engine

Google as the optimal search engine: Nowadays, there is nothing you can not find on Google. It means you can also find your Brazilian hair vendors online, using Google. There are tons of hair vendors that sell Brazilian hair so you can easily find one that is the most suitable for you and your hair business. 

However, everything has its two sides. Not all the information on Google is reliable so remember to invest a certain amount of time inspecting the information you get.

E-commerce websites: There are now a lot of websites facilitating the trading of B2B as well as wholesale and bulk trading. You can use Alibaba, DHGate, Aliexpress or Amazon, eBay to find Brazilian hair products and hair vendors in Brazil.

A tip for you is that when looking for wholesalers on e-commerce exchanges, look at their ranks and their rating stars as well as years of experience, company capacity and previous customers’ experience.

Consulting agency: If you are lost by all the enormous Brazilian hair vendors on Google and Alibaba or you are just simply afraid of scammers or frauds, don’t worry as the 3rd parties can help. You can invest a small amount of money to hire outer agency to help you find a trustable hair wholesaler. The money is really worthwhile

5. Importing hair from Brazilian hair vendors – Full instructions

If you want to import hair from hair vendors in Brazil, read the full instructions now!

Step 1: Find the right Brazilian hair vendors

When you are looking for a Brazilian hair vendor, make sure that you avoid scammers. Read the previous part and do a checklist for you.

Step 2: Contact them for more information

After finding the best hair vendors for you, you now get in touch with them to inquire for more information. For example, you can ask about their MOQ, shipping terms, shipping fees or even duties, taxes and exporting-importing procedure. For the sake of your business, you can require information about discounts, sales for large orders, guarantee policies or just simply re-cooperation opportunities…

Step 3: Test their hair samples

Here is a very important step as it may totally affect your final decision. You have to inspect the quality of hair samples provided by the Brazilian hair vendors. If it doesn’t meet your specifications, return to step 1

Step 4: Finalize your contracts

If you are satisfied with the hair sample from the wholesale vendor, you and your partner can complete the contract and all you have to do next is waiting for your order to arrive. 

However, don’t forget to record everything in a legitimate document and have signatures of the two parties to ensure all the rights for you.

Step 5: Open your package and recheck

Never forget to recheck your final order. It is the moment of happiness. Now you can start trading and selling Brazilian hair extensions.

6. Top 5 Biggest Brazilian hair vendors by Besthairlist

Look up this part and you will find top 5 biggest Brazilian hair vendors and reviews about them. You can also refer to the list to connect with them.

6.3. Ted Hair

TedHair is one the most premium Brazilian hair vendors that come from China, providing high quality hair products as well as services to distributors, wholesalers, salon and online stores all across the globe.

brazilian hair vendors 3

Ted Hair factory

Warehouses: Ted Hair has an enormous capacity with more than 10 warehouses from China, Miami to LA, Atlanta, New Jersey, Houston, New York, Chicago, New Orleans and Virginia.

Main products: Brazilian raw hair, Brazilian hair extensions, Brazilian hair wefts, wholesale Brazilian hair…

6.4. Haiyi Hair

Haiyi Hair supplies the best hair products of quality and the most excellent customer service to customers (whether they are wholesale or retail)

The Brazilian hair vendors always promise to provide clients with a competitive product at a reasonable price thanks to their stringent quality control methods and extensive experience. Having state-of-the-art testing equipment and a competent technical team, the virgin hair products they provide are made entirely of genuine human hair that has never been treated with chemicals

brazilian hair vendors 2

Haiyi Hair


  • Haiyi Brazilian Hair vendors have a factory of more than 1200 square meters with over 200 highly skilled workers and experts in the field.
  • Monthly output of hair extensions and wigs of Haiyi is now over 100,000 pieces and 60,000 pieces, respectively, and is mostly sold to North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Europe, Russia, Japan and other 20 countries.

Main products: Cuticle Aligned Brazilian Human Hair Extension, virgin Brazilian hair Weaves, Brazilian clip in hair extensions, hair extensions tools, lace wigs…

6.5. Extensiones De Cabello

Extensiones De Cabello has always been true to its initial mission statement, which is to empower women to be confident, bold, and authentic. Like the brand, it retains its real nature and develops a distinct brand image while continuously innovating and breaking the outdated, generating endless possibilities.

Since its inception, Extensiones De Cabello has always been adhering to the principles of natural durable and luxury, encouraging the women to be confident, bold and brave to themselves.

brazilian hair vendors 1

Brazilian hair vendors: Extensoes De Cabelo


  • The Brazilian hair vendors have hundreds of hair products in 12 categories, which meet the individual needs of different women.
  • It also expanded to more than 20 countries in the world

Main products: Brazilian hair wefts, hair extensions, Vietnamese raw  hair, best super double drawn hair, Brazilian raw hair, Brazilian  clip-in extensions, Brazilian tape in extensions…



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