Burmese hair and stories you may not know about it

Burmese hair

Burmese hair is now one of the most important sources of human hair for countries all over the world. Thousands of people are employed as a result of this specialist enterprise, which is well-suited to Burmese religious traditions.

1. The story behind Burmese hair brand

To begin, Burmese hair originates in Burma or Myanmar. The reasons why women desire to sell their hair vary, according to buyers at Insein (capital of Burma) market. It’s a much-needed infusion of cash for many people, whether they’re saving for a home, paying off debts, or just having some extra income.

However, it is customary for women here to cut their hair during Buddhist New Year festivities, when some girls and women become nuns for a brief period and chopping off their hair indicates a total dedication, a detachment from all distractions. Burmese hair is regarded sacrosanct in Myanmar: the golden Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the Buddhist country’s holiest monuments, is said to be constructed on strands of Buddha’s hair. Those in Burma, like women in India, give their hair to temples. This is one of their routines for giving the hair a better life.

The story behind Burmese hair brand

The story behind Burmese hair brand

2. Recent development of Burmese hair industry 

Burma is reaffirming its status as the global hair industry’s “dark horse.” Despite being a relatively young sector in Myanmar, the hair industry has provided a steady flow of money to people and traders in this growing country.

According to UN Comtrade (United Nations International Trade Statistics Database) data, Myanmar ranked third in the world in exporting Burmese hair in 2016. In which, Myanmar’s business was valued at little over $5 million in the total global value of $87.4 million.

Export value of Burmese hair in 2016

Export value of Burmese hair in 2016

In 2019, the number kept going up with the value in Burmese hair trade reaching $9.94 million, respectively 8.89% of the total value of $112 million, helping Myanmar stand behind only Hong Kong ($43.5M) and India ($19.4M). According to UN COMTRADE, which was quoted in TREND ECONOMY REPORT FEB 10, 2019, the output of goods at a Burmese hair factory has increased by 100 times in the last ten years and is expected to continue to increase. In particular, its total worth grows from $5460 in 2010 to $201,695 in the next ten years. 

Export value of Burmese hair in 2019

Export value of Burmese hair in 2019

However, from the end of 2019 till today, the flow of products has been hampered due to an unchecked coronavirus epidemic in the nation. But the latest figure by World’s Top Export showed that Myanmar still remained its third place with the hair export valued at $9.5 million, accounting for 12% of the total global sales valued at  $78.8 million in 2020.

3. Main markets importing Burmese hair

China is the most important importer of Burmese hair. Much of this hair ends up in China, where it is treated and resold to Western hairstylists.

Furthermore, much of the hair from Burma is shipped to Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, or India to be packed.

4. Our general findings about Burmese hair

Origin of Burmese hair and its featured are discussed as the following:

4.1. Where can we find Burmese hair?

Burmese hair is mostly found at two sources: In Myanmar and In China

  • In the Myanmar market: Every Buddhist New Year, pilgrims flock to Burma to pray for health, prosperity, and happiness. They will also cut their hair to symbolize the removal of bad luck and the start of a new year. This is the greatest source of Burmese raw hair on the market, however because of the COVID-19 epidemic, it is now limited.
Burmese hair donated in Myanmar pagoda

Burmese hair donated in Myanmar pagoda

  • In the China market: Mixed sources provide the most reliable supply of Burmese hair extensions. Every day, the producers would gather shredded hair from salons, shops, and even local garbage dumps in order to mix it and ship it to China. Then Chinese hair companies will employ unique procedures to give this low-quality hair a beautiful appearance and give it a new brand as Burmese raw hair. 

4.2. Characteristics of Burmese hair

Myanmar hair is characterized by some main points below:

  • Hair Color: Burmese hair is a combination of Chinese and Indian hair types. In comparison to other hair extensions, the hair is exceptionally healthy and robust, and it absorbs heat extremely well. The virgin hair is naturally straight with a little curl at the ends. The hair is dark in hue, ranging from jet black to dark brown.
  • Hair Volume: Because of its strong strands, this hair produces quick volume. It will, in reality, provide you with the perfect and natural bounce you require. It is not heavy, despite the fact that it provides the ideal volume; it has the ideal weight that creates a natural feeling for you. 
Burmese hair Outlook

Burmese hair Outlook

  • Hair Texture: Burmese hair has a texture that is akin to a cross between Indian and Chinese hair. It has a naturally gritty texture and a low to medium shine, making it suitable for blending with your natural hair. Burmese hair is a wonderful alternative for African-American hair textures or other hair textures that are related since it is incredibly silky and thick. Burmese hair comes in a wide range of natural curl and wave patterns.
  • Hair grade: Burmese hair comes in a variety of quality categories due to the polarization in the origin. The hair which is donated from pilgrims is clearly the finest grade of Burmese hair extensions.

 4.3. Cost of Burmese hair

In general, The majority of transactions range from MMK 15,000 (US$11) to over MMK 200,000 (US$150) in exchange for long strands over 10 inches. This is of great value to Myanmar, where the minimum wage stands at 4,800 kyat (US$3.50) a day, as of March 2018.

The price of the commodities in a Burmese hair factory is highly-diversified because of the difference in quality. Therefore, scammers can use it to trap customers to buy bad-quality hair at a high price. Especially at this period when the COVID-19 is still threatening, the source of good quality hair is extremely rare, which makes the price much higher than other same quality sources like Vietnamese hair, etc.

5. The secret of Burmese hair beauty

One of the secrets that contribute to the beauty of Burmese hair is the way people care for it, particularly the washing habit. In reality, the people of Burma exclusively use herbal hair products. Washing the hair with rice water is one of the most common techniques for keeping it long and healthy. There are other methods to the rice water detox, but we discovered a simple one that we love to tell.

The secret of Burmese hair beauty

The secret of Burmese hair beauty

Simply soak some organic rice for 30 minutes in a basin of water. Cooking the rice isn’t necessary. Toss the rice in the water and let it soak. Your hair should be washed and styled as usual. Instead of washing away the conditioner with water, utilize the rice water to lock in the nutrients. The rice water is claimed to help with gray hair removal and growth stimulation. It also prevents dandruff and dry scalp. Rice water also has the advantage of being able to get it on the face. It helps to reduce pore size, minimize wrinkles, and cure sunburn. To use as a toner, dip a cotton ball into the rice water and apply it to the surface of Burmese hair. Rice water may be used in your daily routine since it is natural.

6. Where to buy good Burmese hair?

Customers can consult the list of best Burmese hair vendors which are recommended below.

6.1. Efficient Hair Company-Top 1 Burmese hair supplier

Efficient Hair Company is a trading company based in Magwe, Myanmar’s Natmauk district. They gathered Myanmar hair from young girls, healthy girls, and donors in Myanmar, reprocessed it, and then sold it to the next purchaser. This firm exclusively sells Burmese hair that has been manufactured under strict quality control and by skilled personnel.

They primarily export hair extension wefts, particularly Remy hair, in a variety of sizes ranging from 6 inches to 32 inches to various nations.

Efficient Hair Company

Efficient Hair Company

6.2. TET NAY LIN CO LTD-Top 2 Burmese hair supplier

TET NAY LIN CO LTD has been in the hair business for over ten years and has been well-known for providing great customer service. They have never compromised on the quality or services they give to their customers. This firm believes in keeping consumers happy and supplying them with Burmese hair at a reasonable price. They also offer fantastic personnel that will advise you with their finest ideas while staying in regular contact with your company and informing you about industry developments.

They provide Burmese hair in a variety of colors and textures at a very affordable price for resellers and dealers.



6.3.  Sunny Hair Company-Top 3 Burmese hair supplier

Sunny Hair is one of the top wholesale Burmese hair suppliers in Vietnam and even the globe, with over ten years of expertise in the hair industry. The hair is obtained from temples in Burma, where many native women and girls donate their hair. They guarantee that purchasing Burmese from Sunny Hair Suppliers will provide you with complete transparency, allowing you to know precisely where your hair originates from at all times. Above all, every purchase is fair, therefore Sunny Hair can provide you with excellent hair at a reasonable price.

Main products from Burmese hair: Bulk hair, weft hair, dyed hair, wigs, and certain extensions such as taped-in hair, clip-in hair, and keratin hair extensions are all 100 percent natural virgin hair.

Sunny Hair Company

Sunny Hair Company

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