Burmese Hair Extensions: A Great Source For Your Hair Business

burmese hair extensions

Do you know that Burmese hair extensions now can bring to your business a lot of money? Either you do or do not know, secreted information about hair market and hair suppliers of these famous hair type is revealed in this article. Read this now!

1. A brief description of Burmese hair extensions market

Burma (or Myanmar) is confirming its place as the “dark horse” of the global hair business. Knowing about exporting capacity, development and major markets of Burmese hair extensions is very necessary.

1.1. Exporting capacity of Burmese hair extensions:

Although Burmese hair extensions trading is a relatively new business in Myanmar, it  has given a constant flow of cash to residents and dealers in Burma.

  • Burma was in the third position of top hair exporters in 2020, according to UN Comtrade (United Nations International Trade Statistics Database) statistics. The report implied that Burmese hair extensions company exports hair at the value of more than 8 millions dollars, taking up 5.72% of total global value (139.9 million dollars)

    burmese hair extensions 1

    Exporting capacity of Burmese hair extensions

1.2. Development of Burmese hair extensions industry:

It is not hard to realize that the hair industry in Burma is developing at an incredible increasing rate. It can be clearly seen with some figures below:

  • According to the United Nations, the amount of Burmese hair extensions exported annually has been four times higher since 2010, helping the country to achieve the fourth rank in table of biggest hair exporters in the world, after India, China and Vietnam.
  • Burma generated $10.2 million in 2020 from the export of Burmese hair extensions, which was equal to the value of 1900 cars of average size.

1.3. Major markets for Burmese hair extensions:

Burmese hair extensions are gaining in popularity as they are of high quality hair and suit the taste of the majority of the global population. Among all importers of Burmese hair extensions, China ranks the first as the biggest importer. The majority of Burmese hair extensions end up in Chinese hair factories, where they are processed under chemical treatments to become more shiny and charming to be sold to Western markets.

In addition, much of the hair from Burma is packaged to ship to Vietnam, Korea, Brazil:

  • Vietnam with a share of 20% (39 thousand US$)
  • Korea with a share of 13.3% (26 thousand US$)
  • Brazil with a share of 9.79% (19.7 thousand US$)
burmese hair extensions 2

Major markets for Burmese hair extensions

(Source: TrendEconomy)

In general, Burmese hair extensions are a type of hair with extremely high economic potential. That’s what in the past hair vendors from China have realized, therefore purchasing Burmese hair in large quantities at a cheap cost. But nowadays, this is also known by Burmese hair extensions factories so they are increasingly developing this industry in Burma. Seeing that potential, as a lucid trader, make your profit by trading this hair type.

2. Main features of Burmese hair extensions

General things drive us to know more about main features of this hair. Why are Burmese hair extensions are on the rise? It is thanks to unique origins and outstanding features of them.

2.1. Origin of Burmese hair extensions

As stated in many references we find out about Burmese hair extensions, they mainly come from 2 main sources: Burmese origin and Chinese origin

  • 1st one – Burmese origin: Whether you may or may not know, Burmese  hair extensions come from the youthful Burmese girls and women at the age of 18-28. The majority of hair donors are from religious people who come to temples and churches sacrificing hair to show their respect and worship to God. This is the largest quality hair source to make Burmese hair extensions but now, due to Covid 19 pandemic, this hair is getting more and more limited, resulting in higher prices.
    burmese hair extensions 3

    hair from Burmese people

    burmese hair extensions 4

    Burmese hair from temples

  • 2nd source – Chinese origin: The second source of Burmese raw hair collection is from salon floors or garbage dumps, where there is only raw hair of low quality. Normally, Chinese hair factories hire local workers to sort hair from that with a low wage (approximately 55 cent/ hour according to BBC).
    burmese hair extensions 6

    Burmese raw hair collection is from salon floors or garbage dumps

    Then, they process low quality hair in the factories equipped with advanced machines and techniques to give the Burmese hair extensions the best silk and shiny appearance. It seems to be nice at first, then gets tangled and shedded soon after use. Therefore, Burmese hair extensions that come from this hair source are cheaper compared to the first type.

burmese hair extensions 7

Hair is processed in the Chinese factories before shipping to Burma

2.2. Outstanding characteristics

Characteristics of Burmese hair extensions also depend on where it comes from:

  • If they are collected from Burmese people in temples and churches: then those hair bear nearly the same characteristics with Vietnam hair extensions because people in Burma live in nearly the same weather conditions as Vietnamese people. The only difference is that they don’t have a healthy diet and a hair care routine from natural extracts like Vietnamese women. Burmese hair extensions made from real raw Burmese hair are very durable, naturally black and firm. Therefore, a wig made from them can last for 2-3 years depending on preservation of users

    burmese hair extensions 8

    Burmese hair from domestic donors

  • On the other hand, if hair is imported from Chinese hair vendors then the extensions are not really highly qualified. The reason for this is that hair is collected from unqualified locations, making the cuticle of the hair not aligned in the same direction. This causes a negative effect for the lifespan of the extensions because unaligned hair is easier to shed and tangle.

    burmese hair extensions 9

    hair if imported from Chinese hair vendors

2.3. Classification of Burmese hair extensions

There are a lot of types of Burmese hair extensions in the hair market in general and Burmese hair market in particular. However, in this article, we will divide Burmese hair extensions into 3 types based on their thickness:

burmese hair extensions 10

Burmese hair extensions depend on thickness

  • Burmese super double drawn hair: it is equal to grade 11A and 12A for Chinese hair. Super double drawn Burmese hair extensions means 90-95% of all strands are equal in length, the remaining are a little bit short because they are a mixture of shorter strands. For example, 20 inch super double drawn Burmese hair extensions are hair extensions originating from Burma with 95% of the hair of 20 inch length, the rest is a mixture of 16 inch or 18 inch hair. Because its thickness is the greatest of all, its price is also the highest
  • Burmese double drawn hair: Similar to super double drawn hair in the way of explanation but the difference is that double drawn hair has only 80% of equal strands. The other  strands are shorter. It is also called 9A and 10A grade in Chinese market
  • The last is single drawn hair: This hair type is of least thickness compared to super double drawn hair type and double drawn hair type with about 60-65% of the extensions in the same length, the rest of 35-40% are shorter. It equals 7A and 8A grade hair in the Chinese market. The cost of single drawn Burmese hair extensions is lower than the other 2 types above

2.4. Average price range of Burmese hair extensions

Here is the average price range of Burmese hair extensions supplied by all top Burmese hair vendors in the world that Besthairlist can get in touch with and make a summary. You can rely on it as a reliable source of reference

burmese hair extensions 11

hair colors and hair lengths of Burmese hair

Wholesale price for Burmese hair extensions ($/kg)
Length (inches) Super Double Drawn Double Drawn hair Single Drawn hair
10 387 382 357
12 412 408 382
14 463 458 432
16 507 502 476
18 532 527 501
20 557 552 526
22 607 602 577
24 632 627 602
26 657 652 627
28 682 677 652
30 707 702 677

Above is the price of Burmese hair extensions from a hair supplier of Burmese hair. The price is calculated with 1 kg of hair (10 hair bundles, each weighs 100g). You can easily see that the thicker the hair, the longer the hair, the higher the price.

In general, Burmese hair extensions are suitable for hair vendors who have sufficient budget as this price is quite high in comparison to hair extensions with different origins.

3. Should I start trading Burmese hair extensions?

Before making the final decision on whether to start trading with Burmese hair extensions or not, you should take their pros and cons into consideration

3.1. Advantages of Burmese hair extensions

There are a lof of benefits when you decide you buy and sell Burmese hair extensions:

  • Sufficient source: Whether from Burmese people or from wholesalers from China. Burmese hair extensions are always in easy accessibility in the stock
  • High quality hair: if you can find a  source of real raw Burmese hair

    burmese hair extensions 12

    Advantages of Burmese hair extensions

3.2. Disadvantages of Burmese hair extensions

Besides stated advantages, trading Burmese hair extensions literally brings about disadvantages:

  • Inconvenient shipping: because due to unstable political conditions in Burma, shipping hair to other countries is still a challenge as according to BBC, there is not always enough cargo and ships to load hair at the port.
  • High price products: compared to other hair within the same quality, the price of Burmese hair extensions are a bit higher
  • High chance of confronting scammers: as you may know, the hair extensions market in Burma is thriving at an increasing rate. The number of hair vendors relatively increases along with the surging number of scammers. They can either trade low quality Burmese hair extensions or sell hair extensions with unclear origin but also claim it Burmese-originated. So you have to be really cautious when working with them

    burmese hair extensions 13

    Disadvantages of Burmese hair extensions

4. How can I find the finest quality Burmese hair extensions in the market?

Finding the finest sources that supply quality Burmese hair extensions may be the most challenging barrier hindering you from starting your own business. Let us help you solve this dilemma with 3 effective means to search for source of Burmese hair extensions

  • Google: Google has everything you need and BHE are not an exception. Just by a click of a mouse, within less than a second, you will receive millions of results for hair source. Look for more information and check whether this hair source is worth your money or not.

    burmese hair extensions 14

    Using Google to find hair source

  • Shopping online service: Alibaba, Dhgate, Aliexpress or Amazon are some representatives of e-commerce sites that you can use to purchase BHE. The number of hair sources you find on those websites can sometimes be greater than from Google. A tip for you when choosing hair products on Alibaba, opt for something that is highly ranked and rated by customers. You can also see the rating stars of this hair source (choosing for what has more than 4 over 5 points is recommended)
  • Hiring hair experts: It is not surprising that you spend a whole week searching for hair suppliers of BHE but still can not find ones that are suitable for your needs. It’s time you called for outside hair experts, who have sufficient knowledge in the field to help you out. It can cost you a little extra money, but your rights will be closely guaranteed.

5. Reliable addresses to import Burmese hair extensions.

Here are 5 reliable addresses that supply high quality Burmese hair extensions. You can consult to make your final decision about your partner.

5.3. Sunny hair Company

Introduction: Sunny hair is a commercial company in Myanmar’s Natmauk area, located in Magwe. In Burma, they collected hair from young girls who are at the age of 18 to 28, healthy girls, and donors before reprocessing it, and selling it to the next hair vendors. This Burmese hair extensions seller only sells Burmese hair extensions that have been produced under tight quality control and by skilled experts in the field

burmese hair extensions 17

Sunny hair Company

Main products: It mainly exports Burmese hair extensions of various lengths (ranging from 8 inches to 38 inches) and colors, textures. Customers can freely customize their order depending on their preference.

5.4. Changge Longxin hair

Introduction: Changge Longxin hair Factory was founded in 2006 as a major service company specializing in fashion hair products. About 100 people work for the firm. It also made the initiative to get ISO9001 certification which resulted in the creation of a “safe, healthy, and joyful” work environment.

burmese hair extensions 18

Changge Longxin hair

Main products: Halo hair extensions, Burmese hair extensions of all lengths and colors

5.5. Henan Kiss hair

Introduction: Hanan Kiss hair has been in the hair industry for 10 years and 7 years in Alibaba. The company gets a lot of positive feedback on this shopping online site with more than 1000 reviews in total. During 10 years of operation, Hanan always brings the best hair products to customers and gains reputation in the hair industry whether in Asian markets or European and South American countries. This hair vendor was awarded as “AA enterprises” in 2014 by Chinese Federation of Customs

burmese hair extensions 19

Henan Kiss hair

Main products: PU hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions, Burmese raw hair, bone straight hair….  

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