Burmese Hair Vendors: Top List 5 Biggest Hair Vendors In Burma

burmese hair vendors

Have you ever heard about “Burmese hair vendors”. They can supply you with hair of high quality and quite fair price. Accordingly, working with them can helps you gain a big sum of revenue. Read this now!

1. General ideas about Burmese hair vendors

Let’s take a look at general things about hair vendors in Burma before equipping more knowledge about them. We will guide you through a brief description, classification and major exporting destinations of Burmese hair vendors.

1.1. Briefly describe Burmese hair vendors

Burmese hair vendors are literally hair vendors that do business with Burmese/ Myanmar hair (both raw hair and Burmese hair extensions).

Burmese Hair Vendors 1

Who are Burmese hair vendors?

They either sell Burmese hair in small amounts to hair salons, hair retailers or end-buyers or in bulk to other hair vendors. One thing to bear in mind is that Burmese hair is not the only hair product provided by Burmese hair vendors. Instead, they can offer hair from other sources, such as Indian, Chinese or Vietnamese hair, but Burmese hair remains their primary emphasis.

1.2. Clearly categorize 2 types of Burmese hair vendors

Burmese Hair Vendors 2

2 types of Burmese hair vendors

When mentioning the market for Burmese hair, there are now 2 main groups of hair vendors that take up the majority of the market. They are Burmese hair vendors with a hair factory and Burmese hair vendors without a hair factory. From the name, you can partly guess the major difference between the 2 types. Let’s further discuss more features to clearer distinguish between them:

  • Type 1: Burmese hair vendors with a hair factory, also called “Burmese hair factory” Although they take up a smaller percentage of all hair vendors in Burma, they play such an important role in the development of the Burmese hair industry. The price of hair products are lowest compared to other hair vendors as they directly make the extensions from raw materials in their hair factories, which means they can avoid wasting money on shipping and intermediary fees.

    Burmese Hair Vendors 3

    Type 1: hair vendor with factories

  • Type 2: Burmese hair vendors without a hair factory. Compared to Burmese hair factories, they account for a larger proportion and there are numerous hair vendors of this type in the hair market. They mainly engage in trading hair, including buying hair from one hair supplier and selling it to other buyers (wholesalers, retailers, hair salons…) but excluding manufacturing (as they don’t own any hair factories). The price is a little bit higher than type 1 Burmese hair vendors but it is still within a fairly reasonable price range.

An advice for newbies in the hair industry who want to import the Burmese hair extensions is that working with type 1 Burmese hair vendors is preferable as you can check their quality right in their factories and can have a good price for wholesale. However, there are a lot of type 2 hair vendors that claim they are hair factories to attract more customers, so you have to invest time to check their validity before trading.

1.3. Where do Burmese hair vendors primarily export Burmese hair Extensions

Burmese hair is becoming increasingly popular since it is made of high-quality hair and appeals to the majority of the world’s population. 

China is the largest partner of hair vendors in Burma because hair vendors in China love Burmese raw hair for their quality and price. They import raw materials from Burma to their hair factories where they treat raw hair with chemicals and advanced machines to make the extensions more lustrous and appealing so that they may be marketed in Western markets.

Furthermore, Burmese hair vendors also export a large amount of their products to Vietnamese, Korean, and Brazilian markets: 

  • Vietnamese market: accounting for 20% (39 thousand US dollars)
  • Korean market: sharing 13.3% (26 thousand US dollars)
  • Brazilian market: taking up for 9.79% (19.7 thousand US dollars)

    Burmese Hair Vendors 4

    The main markets for Burmese hair

2. Characteristics of hair extensions products supplied by Burmese hair vendors

Let’s see why Burmese hair vendors are gaining popularity in the global hair markets by looking at outstanding characteristics of their hair extensions products.

2.1. Origin of Burmese hair

Burmese hair vendors mostly obtain their materials from two main sources: domestic source and overseas source as described in several references

  • The first source is from domestic donors: the Burmese hair originates from young Burmese women and girls aged 18 to 28 years old. In Burma, people worship God and their custom is to cut their hair to show respect and belief to their religion. That is the reason why there is a large volume of hair from Burmese temples and churches every year. However, due to the emergence of Covid 19 since 2019, the amount of this hair source has been decreasing, leading to increased prices.

    Burmese Hair Vendors 5

    Burmese women have nice hair

  • The second source is from overseas: mostly imported from China. The second most common source of Burmese raw hair collecting is from Chinese floors of hair salons or trash dumps, where only low-quality hair can be found.
    Burmese Hair Vendors 6

    hair is sometimes collected from salons floors

    In most cases, Chinese hair vendors use local people to separate hair from that product at a low pay (about 55 cents for 1 kg of hair, according to the BBC). Then they treat this collected hair in sophisticated factories using innovative equipment and methods to make the Burmese hair silky and smooth. It’s lovely initially, but quickly tangles and sheds. So hair of this source supplied by Burmese hair vendors is cheaper than the first kind.

Burmese Hair Vendors 7

Local people are paid low wages to seperate hair

2.2. Outstanding features of hair sold by Burmese hair vendors

Hair extensions sold by hair vendors in Burma have different characteristics depending on where they originate from:

  • If Burmese hair vendors collect raw hair from Burmese sources in temples or churches, the hair will have almost identical qualities to Vietnamese hair since people in Myanmar live in approximately the same weather circumstances as Vietnamese people. However, they do not follow a balanced diet or have a hair care regimen based on herbal products like Vietnamese ladies. Burmese hair produced from genuine Burmese raw hair is very long-lasting, naturally black, and strong. As a result, a wig produced from them may endure for up to 3 years, yet depending on user care.

    Burmese Hair Vendors 10

    Burmese hair

  • However, if hair is purchased from Chinese hair sellers, the extensions are not of good quality. The cause is hair is gathered from unqualified areas, causing the direction of the hair to be misaligned. This reduces the lifetime of the extensions since unaligned hair sheds and tangles more easily.

    Burmese Hair Vendors 11

    hair is imported from China

2.3. Hair sold by Burmese hair vendors – Average price

Burmese hair vendors supply mainly 3 types of hair depending on the thickness of the hair products: 

  • Super double drawn hair type: is equivalent to Chinese hair grades 11A and 12A. Super double drawn grade supplied by hair vendors in Burma implies that 90-95 percent of all hair strands are the same length, with the remaining strands being slightly shorter due to a mix of shorter hair. For example, 18” super double drawn hair is the hair with 95 percent of the hair being 18 inches long and the remainder being a combination of 16 and 14 inch hair. Because it has the greatest thickness, it also has the highest price. In average, this hair costs from 387-707 dollars for 1 kg of hair
  • Double drawn hair: In terms of description, it is similar to super double drawn grade, however it differs from the first type in that double drawn hair supplied by Burmese hair vendors has only 80% identical strands. The remaining strands are shorter. It is also called 9A and 10A grade. In terms of price, its price varies from 382 dollars for 10” to 702 dollars for 30”
  • Single drawn hair, which is the least thick, with about 60-65 percent of the extensions being equally long, while the remaining 35-40 percent are shorter. It is equivalent to 7A and 8A hair. Single drawn by Burmese hair vendors is less expensive than the other two kinds mentioned above, with the price ranging from 357 to 677 dollars for 10 bundles

    Burmese Hair Vendors 12

    3 types of hair supplied and their prices

To conclude, Burmese hair vendors with their products are best suited to be a partner with hair sellers with a large budget, since the price is very expensive in contrast to hair extensions from other sources.

3. Pros and Cons when creating partnership with Burmese hair vendors

Before deciding whether or not to begin starting a hair business with Burmese hair vendors, you should weigh the benefits and drawbacks.

3.1. Benefits of cooperating with top Burmese hair vendors

Working with top Burmese hair vendors brings about certain benefits:
  • Suitable source: you can always get access to the stock of hair vendors in Burma because there is large quantity of hair available 
  • High-quality hair: if you can locate a supply of genuine raw Burmese hair, this is ideal.

    Burmese Hair Vendors 15

    Benefits of cooperating with Burmese hair vendors

3.2. Drawbacks of cooperating with Burmese hair vendors

It is true that working with Burmese hair vendors brings about certain benefits but there are also a lot of drawbacks when cooperating with them:

  • Difficult to import: Because of Burma’s uncertain political situation, transporting hair to other nations remains a problem, as the BBC reports when it comes to loading hair at the port, there are not always enough shipping lines available.
  • High-priced products: When compared to different hair of comparable quality, the price offered by Burmese hair vendors is somewhat more.
  • High risk of encountering scammers: The hair extensions industry in Burma is expanding rapidly. With it comes an increase in the number of hair sellers growing in tandem with the number of fraudsters. They may either sell low-quality Burmese hair or sell hair of unknown origin while claiming to be Burmese. As a result, you must use extreme caution while dealing with them.

    Burmese Hair Vendors 16

    Drawbacks of cooperating with Burmese hair vendors

4. How can I tell the difference between fraudulent Burmese hair vendors and legitimate Burmese hair vendors?

The hair market is increasingly saturated, the number of sellers and traders is increasing. So your chances of getting scammed will also increase. Make sure you read this table before you choose Burmese hair vendors. 

Fraud Burmese hair vendors Trustable top Burmese hair vendors
Don’t want to receive a video call Willing to make a video call with customers
Not much information on the Internet, no social media, selling page or minisite They have comprehensive information including contact number, location and capacity on social media, webpage or minisite
No knowledge about trends or changes in the hair industry Skilled workers, salespeople and hair experts in the field, all have sufficient knowledge about hair
No legal document licensed by the government Subsidized by the government and have proof of legal operation
Bad customer service Good customer service
Lots of bad feedback on the Internet Good feedback on the Internet and often appears on top ranking chart for hair vendors in Burma
Just want you to pay money Make sure you are satisfied with the quality by providing a hair sample before paying the money.

5. Full instructions to import hair from Burmese hair vendors

Read the whole steps immediately if you wish to import hair from Burmese hair vendors

Burmese Hair Vendors 17

How to work with Burmese hair vendors

Step 1: Choose trustable top Burmese hair vendors.

When choosing hair vendors in Burma as a partner for your business, don’t forget to keep an eye out for con artists. They can take you in by offering an attractive price range. So, read the preceding section and make a checklist for yourself.

Step 2: Get in touch with top Burmese hair vendors to learn more.

After you’ve found the perfect hair vendor for you, you’ll need to contact them for additional information. What do you need to know? For example, you may inquire about their minimum order quantity (MOQ), delivery conditions, shipping rates, and even tariffs, taxes, and the export-import process. Furthermore, you can request information on discounts, specials for large purchases, refund policies or just re-cooperation chances for next time.

Step 3: Examine the samples of their hair.

This is a crucial stage since it will have a significant impact on your ultimate selection. You must check the hair samples given by Burmese hair vendors for quality. Plus, return to the first step in case it doesn’t match your requirements.

Step 4: Put the finishing touches on your contracts

Chances are the hair sample quality from the Burmese hair vendors meets your expectations, 2 parties may sign the contract

Step 5: Unbox your package and double-check everything.

Always double-check your final order. It is the recommendation for you because this step is at last order but very important. If you are not satisfied with the quality of your order, you can require a refund or something else.

6. Top list 5 biggest Burmese hair vendors

If you are still wondering who are the most reliable hair vendors in Burma, we are here to tell you about 5 best addresses that are very trustable in trading hair extensions.

5.3. Hanan Kiss hair

Hanan Kiss hair has ten years of experience in the hair business and seven years in Alibaba. When it comes to Alibaba, the firm receives a lot of favorable feedback, with a total of more than 1000 reviews from customers. Hanan has built a name in the hair business over the last ten years, bringing the greatest hair products to clients in every region in the world. Significantly, in 2014, the Chinese Customs Bureau designated this Burmese hair vendor as a “AA enterprise.”

Burmese Hair Vendors 20

Burmese hair vendors: Hanan Kiss hair

6.4. Tet Nay Lin hair

TET NAY LIN hair has been in the hair industry for over a decade and is recognized for its excellent customer service. The quality of their products or services from this top Burmese hair vendors never disappoint customers. This vendor is dedicated to making customers happy by providing them with high-quality products at a fair price. They also have great employees who will provide you with their best advice while remaining in touch with your business and keeping you informed about industry changes.


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