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Hair suppliers

Good hair suppliers may greatly assist you in your quest to become the best hair master on the market. As a result, you should conduct extensive research on top hair suppliers in order to choose which one is ideal for you. The worth of a top hair supplier is determined by a number of variables, including hair quality, market coverage, pricing, feedback, and customer service. If you want to work with a perfect partner, you should seek the one which can satisfy all of the above criteria. 

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1. An overview of hair suppliers and their main features

The market supplying hair is huge and potential. It spreads across all continents, but is the most concentrated and strongly developed in Asia. This is considered the cradle of the hair export industry. 

In Asia, typical hair suppliers include China, Vietnam, Cambodia and India. Each market will offer a hair type with different characteristics and quality due to its unique origin and manufacturing process.

Before going to learn more about each hair supplier, we should find out the operation platform of hair suppliers in general. In fact, a hair supplier can operate as a factory-supplier which both manufactures and distributes hair (TYPE 1), or as a supply unit which only distributes hair (TYPE 2). 

The operation platform of hair suppliers

The operation platform of hair suppliers

1.1. Chinese hair suppliers 

Hair source of Chinese hair suppliers: Previously, Chinese hair was the origin of Chinese women, now it is imported from other countries for production. The reason is that the number of Chinese women selling hair has plummeted due to China’s urbanization. So now Chinese hair is a mix-hair source which is actually mostly combined from Vietnamese hair, Indian hair, Pakistan hair, Bangladesh hair, Myanmar hair and Cambodian hair.

Characteristics: Due to the lack of domestic hair source, Chinese hair suppliers often go to other countries to collect raw hair such as Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma) and Cambodia. In China, hair suppliers of TYPE 1 account for the majority. Thereby, they will process hair and make hair extensions, then resell back to these markets. The scale of this supplier type is quite big, often with more than 100 employee-factory.  

Price: Chinese hair suppliers offer a very competitive price range, from $150 to $650 per kilogram of raw hair, depending on hair grade. 

Chinese hair suppliers 

Chinese hair suppliers

1.2. Vietnamese hair suppliers 

Hair source of Vietnamese hair suppliers: The hair source of hair suppliers from Vietnam comes from two major sources which provide two main hairlines: 

Vietnamese raw hair or commonly known as Vietnamese virgin hair  supplied by Vietnamese hair suppliers (thanks to the high quality of natural hair) originates especially from the Thai ethnic people – who have a habit of growing their hair very long and tucking it into a large patch on the head (called Tang Cau) in Dien Bien, Lai Chau, Son La, (Northwest and Northeastern mountainous regions) of Vietnam. 

Another hair type is remy hair which is collected in households or hair salons. Remy hair in Vietnam is not very popular and is often mixed into virgin to create fullness or to serve the very cheap segment of the African market.

  • Characteristics: With the strength of high quality natural hair which requires less improvements and time for processing, hair suppliers in Vietnam mainly belong to TYPE 1. Similar to Chinese TYPE 1 hair suppliers, each Vietnamese hair factories also have a highly specialized line for hair processing stages. 
  • Price: The price offered by Vietnamese hair suppliers is very reasonable. This is because of the fact that the cost of production in Vietnam is now much cheaper than in other countries as the natural hair needs no or little treatment in the processing stage. Additional to this is that the source of raw materials is close to the production area, so there is no or very low transportation cost. 
Vietnamese hair suppliers 

Vietnamese hair suppliers

1.3. Cambodia hair suppliers 

Hair source of  Cambodian hair suppliers: The hair source of Cambodian hair suppliers mainly from poor villages in Western Cambodia which are an hour away from the capital Phnom Penh. women in these places often sell their hair to earn some money for living. Collectors from the city will move down here to gather raw hair and resell to hair suppliers for processing.  

Characteristics: In fact in Cambodia there are no hair suppliers which own factories or workshops with specialized production lines or the number of workers over 100. The country only has collector stores/warehouses operated by local people or Chinese representatives to collect them. and moved to China for processing, some local hair suppliers also imported some types of machines such as weft sewing machines, styling machines for production, but due to the poor level and ecosystem of the supplier, the quality is often very poor. inferior to other countries.

Price: Hair price from Cambodian hair suppliers is relatively easy to sell, not too competitive and suitable for customers who love low prices.

Cambodia hair suppliers 

Cambodia hair suppliers

1.4. Indian hair suppliers

Hair source of Indian hair suppliers : There are two main Indian hair sources, including Indian temple hair and non-remy Indian hair:

As for the first type, in the past, the hair shaved at the temples would be dropped into the river as a way to send to the gods, but now, being aware of the benefits from these hairs, the temple abbots have collected and auctioned off to Indian or Chinese hair suppliers. Temple hair is concentrated in South India where there are many major Hindu temples

The next hair type supplied by Indian hair suppliers is non-remy hair which originated from hairballs of Indian women. Non Remy hair from hair balls comes from East India (especially West Bengal and borders Bangladesh) because this is the poorest area in India, labor is cheap (almost the cheapest in Asia). These hairballs are made of tangled hair that is curled up from hair that falls out during brushing or bathing. These hair pellets after being cleaned and processed will become non-remy hair.

  • Characteristics: Indian hair suppliers prefer acting as TYPE 1 supplier than TYPE 2 and there are very few of which are Indian hair  factories-suppliers because of the two following reasons. The first one is the low-quality natural hair which requires more time and labor to process. Alos, technological machinery for the hair industry is still quite rudimental and mostly handmade, so it is not possible to create an attractive supply of hair.
  • Price: Summing up these features mentioned above, the price from Indian hair suppliers is said to be the cheapest and can not be greater.
Indian hair suppliers

Indian hair suppliers

2. Additional points about hair suppliers 

Not only hair quality and price, but also the productivity and shipping method of hair suppliers are also issues that the company should focus on before dealing.

2.1. Production and Productivity of hair suppliers 

When looking for a hair supplier to collaborate with, productivity is a major consideration. It is quite difficult to locate suppliers who have a quick manufacturing time but yet fulfill quality standards when dealing in B2B form. Actually, you frequently have to pick between a rapid but untrained hair supplier and a slow but competent one. 

2.1.1. Hair suppliers with rapid productivity but untrained production 

Chinese hair suppliers: it is no wonder that large-scale suppliers like the Chinese are the first candidate for this option. They always have hair products on stock at all times. They can almost always supply any models you want at any time. These hair goods, however, are of very low quality because they have been in stock for a long time and are manufactured from untrained hair sources.

Indian & Cambodian hair suppliers: as well as those from China, they can provide you with a large quantity of hair products in a rapid time.  This is because of the fact that the time it takes to manufacture hair is short due to poor quality hair and simple processing. But everything has two sides. Hair product quality cannot be good without meticulous processing. 

2.1.2. Hair suppliers with slow productivity but competent production 

Vietnamese hair suppliers, unbiasedly, may be stated to satisfy the need for quality while still producing in a fair amount of time. Hair sources in Vietnam come from young women in hilly locations, as previously discussed, and are only gathered and processed when there are orders. As a consequence, the hair is constantly fresh and maintains its excellent natural state. All of the hair is handled with care by skilled professionals, which might take a long time but results in high-quality goods.

2.2. Shipment issue and import procedures of hair suppliers

Shipment issue and import procedures of hair suppliers are discussed as the following:

2.2.1. Shipment issue of hair suppliers

Another aspect of hair suppliers is the issue of shipment. Consider this scenario: you locate a highly competent provider, but there is no method to ship hair extensions from their nation to yours. Alternatively, due to numerous customs restrictions, shipping is extremely complicated and expensive. So, what’s the best way to deal with the issue? To save time and effort, the only solution is that hair suppliers have to conduct preliminary research on the cargo and then focus only on locating suitable suppliers in potential shipping locations. 

The majority of cargo in the Africa area is imported by air and by sea. As a result, you should pick Asian hair suppliers. The distance is significantly less, and the shipping process is much more straightforward. When importing hair extensions from Vietnam, for example, Nigerian hair suppliers have the option of using either slow or fast shipping companies that are specifically designed for them. Other resellers can have their items delivered by UPS or DHL.

Shipment issue of hair suppliers

Shipment issue of hair suppliers

In the Europe region, hair extensions are often obtained from Indian hair suppliers. However, this is a narrative from many years ago, when people believed that Indian hair quality was the closest to that of Western people, and that genuine blond hair from Russia was too uncommon and expensive. Now that the quality of hair is more fully understood, they have more options, but importing must now be based on the convenience of each country’s shipment.

2.2.2. Import procedures of some hair suppliers

 Let’s check our finding below about import procedure of some Asian hair suppliers:

  • Shipping policy of Chinese hair suppliers: Normally, importing from China is considered to be the easiest compared to other Asian countries. Delays have been more common over the years, with some Chinese hair suppliers experiencing delays of up to 2-3 months. The cost of container transportation in China will have grown fivefold by 2021. This is a result of Covid-19’s effect in 2019. The epidemic began in the Middle of China and spread throughout the countries, killing a large number of people. Due to the threat of a pandemic, all borders were blocked, causing products to become trapped at the Chinese border and unable to pass through customers.
  • Shipping policy of Vietnamese hair suppliers: With the advantage of a long coastline and a national location at the confluence of Indochina, Vietnam has a lot of potential in the field of export by many types, especially by sea and by air. However in 2016, unbalanced fleet proportions were reported in Vietnam until 5 years later, numerous laws were adopted to address this issue, allowing hair suppliers in Vietnam to obtain more possibilities to conduct business in the global market.
Import procedures of some hair suppliers

Import procedures of some hair suppliers

  • Shipping policy of Indian hair suppliers: Hair export is not a major industry in India since many people believe that selling hair is a means to make a living. Furthermore, due to the country’s unstable political environment, shipping regulations for international consumers wishing to do business with Indian hair suppliers are extremely tight. You’ll also have to wait a long time for delivery. As a result, completing import processes in this nation is tough for you.
  • Shipping policy of Cambodian hair suppliers: Because the hair industry does not attract much attention from the government, it is thought that importing hair from Cambodian hair suppliers is very simple. However, you must be wary of fraudsters as a result of this ignorance.

3. Where to find reliable hair suppliers

With the growth of the hair business, there is a surge in fraudsters. Someone is attempting to dupe you into giving them your credit card information in order to steal your money. You will lose if you are not paying attention. As a result, you should spend some time looking for the best hair suppliers before making a buy. Here are a few channels to think about:

  • The first channel: Google

Google is a fantastic resource for finding reputable hair providers. It is an excellent resource for learning anything. Using the same search engine, you may find a lot of hair suppliers. However, not all of them are legitimate.

Google is a fantastic resource for finding reputable hair providers

Google is a fantastic resource for finding reputable hair providers

  • The second channel: E-commerce websites

 A number of large hair suppliers may be found on Alibaba, Aliexpress, and Amazon. You can search for Golden Suppliers which are ranked by customers and read the feedback of previous customers on those websites. These are the proof that may help you make a better educated decision about a hair supplier.

Finding hair suppliers on large E-commerce websites

Finding hair suppliers on large E-commerce websites

  • The third channel: Consulting service

If you’re still confused about which hair source to go with, a consulting firm or third-party services can help you find the top list of hair suppliers. 

4. Signals for identifying hair suppliers that are actually scammers

When looking for a hair supplier to collaborate with, you may use the following techniques to spot the abnormalities in these untrustworthy producers:

  • There is no website, no selling page, and no way to reach you.
  • Always make an effort to retrieve your deposits.
  • If they provide you photos, double-check them with Google’s checking tools to be sure they’re from these factories.
  • Requesting a video call to see the factory and hair product is unnecessary. That is not an issue for the hair suppliers if they are trustworthy.

5. Recommendation: Best hair suppliers you should work with

Finding a reliable hair supplier may be difficult to the ones who are new in the hair business. So, the list below is expected to help you save time for seeking a partner for your company. 

5.1. Best hair suppliers in Vietnam 

There are some hair suppliers in Vietnam we highly recommend, including:

5.2. Best hair suppliers in China

There are some hair suppliers in China we highly recommend, including:

  • U-Nice Hair Supplier

Unice has been one of the best hair suppliers in China, offering professional set design, production, and sales services for over 15 years, since its foundation in 1999 in the Chinese province of Henan. It has grown from a small local business that processed textiles to a worldwide corporation that processes human hair all over the world. With this statement, ideal and ultimate goals of this hair supplier are communicated. This supplier got over 1,000 ratings on, with 4.3/5 points overally.

U-Nice Hair Supplier

U-Nice Hair Supplier

Closure and frontal weaves, as well as hair lace, are the three primary forms of hair weaves that are available.

  • ISEE HAIR Supplier

ISEE HAIR is one of the oldest hair suppliers which has been in the hair industry for over 20 years, specializing in high-quality 100% human hair. Because this Chinese hair supplier has their own factory, they can create hair at a faster rate and offer the best wholesale prices with a strong supply capability and plenty of stock, based in China but shipping globally. ISEE Hair has received high marks from a number of well-known beauty bloggers, celebrities, and clients.

The following are the key items: Grade 9A virgin human hair, Grade 10A virgin human hair, and so on.

ISEE HAIR Supplier

ISEE HAIR Supplier

5.3. Best hair suppliers in India

There are some hair suppliers in India we highly recommend, including:

  • Virgin Hair Cambodian Supplier

Virgin Hair Cambodia is a socially conscious hair supplier that only sells the highest-quality virgin and remy Cambodian hair that have been chemically untouched.

This hair supplier provide hair products with three primary hues, including natural brown, black, and grey, and at three primary textures, such as straight, wavy, and curly. Their wefts are sewn and trimmed in a unique way to give their clients a far more perfect experience.

Virgin Hair Cambodian Supplier

Virgin Hair Cambodian Supplier

  • Angkor Cambodian Hair Supplier

One of Cambodia’s top three hair suppliers is Angkor Cambodian Hair. Salons and wholesalers may get Cambodian hair at a reasonable price.

Straight, body wave,  loose wave, deep wave, body wave and unique curly are just a few of the styles this hair supplier often provide. Clip-ins and closures in white and gray color are also available. But, wigs and frontals are only available on demand.

Angkor Cambodian Hair Supplier

Angkor Cambodian Hair Supplier

5.4. Best hair suppliers in Cambodia

There are some hair suppliers in Cambodia we highly recommend, including:

  • JAIPUR HAIR Supplier

With over 20 years of experience, Jaipur Hair is India’s earliest hair supplier. It’s also recognized for its high-quality Indian Virgin Human Hair extensions. It is also a global distributor and direct exporter of its products.

Jaipur Hair is your one-stop shop for the most beautiful Virgin human hair on the market today. It has been picked by top hair stylists and professional cosmetologists in the US, Canada, Dubai, Italy, and Ireland.



  • SGHAIR Supplier

“Excellence embodied” is the essence of SGI Hair. It is well-known around the world as one of India’s top hair suppliers. It has been a consistent source of high-quality hair for almost 12 years, propelling it into the ranks of the most well-known enterprises in the world.

People recognize this hair supplier for its low-price but high-quality hair extensions and natural human hair wigs. Customers must first register on the company’s website before placing a purchase.

SGHAIR Supplier

SGHAIR Supplier

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