Hair Companies In Atlanta: Top 5 Recommended Addresses For Hair Extensions

hair companies in atlanta

Hair extensions are a potential market in Atlanta. Working with hair companies in Atlanta is a decision of many hair vendors and hair wholesalers. Let’s find out the main characteristics and ways to cooperate with them.

1. Get to know best hair companies in Atlanta: Who are they?

The first step in the market researching hair companies in Atlanta is to get to know who they are, what they do and where they are located.

1.1. Definition of hair companies in Atlanta

The corporations or firms that participate in hair trade operations in Atlanta are known as hair companies in Atlanta.

They don’t necessarily trade Atlanta hair or have factories in Atlanta (for reasons that will be addressed later). Hair companies in Atlanta are those that buy and sell hair extensions in bulk or in retail exported from Atlanta, from hair manufacturers to other hair companies.

1.2. Clear classification of hair companies in Atlanta

To make it clear for you to understand, we will divide all hair companies in Atlanta into 2 main categories: hair companies with factories and hair companies without factories

hair companies in Atlanta 1

Distinguishing different hair companies in Atlanta

  • Hair company in Atlanta with factories: They make up a tiny portion of the total, as there are only a few hair manufacturers in the city. They work with both creating hair extensions and selling them to other hair traders (both in domestic and foreign markets). This type of hair companies type must have an onsite hair factory or at least a warehouse to treat hair rather than simply purchasing hair from other nations and reselling it at a higher price.

    hair companies in Atlanta 2

    Hair companies in Atlanta with hair factories

  • The second type is hair companies without factories: also called distributing hair company in Atlanta (similar to top hair vendors in Atanta), they account for a significant portion of the hair market. As the name states clearly, these firms/businesses only buy and sell hair because they don’t own a factory to process raw hair. However, they also offer a relatively low price for hair (because it’s cheaper when buying hair in bulk)

In general, to differentiate between the two sorts of hair companies in Atlanta, you must read attentively. As a newcomer to the hair industry, partnering with a hair company with a factory is a better option since you can not only inspect how they process hair but also verify their quality when you visit the factory.

2. Is hair from hair companies in Atlanta good?

Many hair wholesalers ask: “Is hair from Hair Company in Atlanta good?”. To answer this question, Besthairlist will explain some main characteristics of hair supplied by hair companies in Atlanta.

2.1. Origin of hair sold by hair companies in Atlanta

In Atlanta, people are not so poor that they have to sell their hair for money. Therefore, there is little hair in the Atlanta market that comes from domestic donors. Instead, the hair source for hair companies in Atlanta is primarily imported from other nations which are famous for reputed hair suppliers like China, Vietnam, India or Tunisia.

  • Chinese vs Vietnamese hair, and a little bit of Indian hair are among the most often imported varieties of hair by hair companies in Atlanta, according to TrendEconomy. Hair from those countries take up more than 80% of all hair exported to Atlanta, at a value of more than $700 thousand dollars.

    hair companies in Atlanta 3

    Composition of Atlanta hair

  • Furthermore, there is also a little amount of Brazilian, Cambodian, Indian and Burmese hair used, although the proportion is not significant. It’s understandable, given that raw hair from China and Vietnam is now widely regarded as the best hair origin in the world.

2.2. Main strengths of hair from hair companies in Atlanta

Because hair companies in Atlanta mostly import raw hair from reputed hair sources like China and Vietnam, the features of hair supplied by them are quite the same as Vietnamese hair extension or Chinese hair extensions.

hair companies in Atlanta 4

strengths of hair from Atlanta

Below are some of its key characteristics:

  • If the hair has a Vietnamese origin: Hair is particularly strong and silky. It is because Vietnamese hair is gathered from mountainous women in the countries in their greenest spring years (18-25) and well taken care of with great nutrition. Natural extracts from herbs such as aloe vera, ha thu o, Gac fruit, pomelo extracts are used in their reasonable hair care routine. They take advantage of nature instead of chemicals to care for hair so the hair is really strong and firm, naturally black. It is to say that, with such a quality source, surely the hair provided by hair companies in Atlanta made from this raw material will also be of very high quality.
  • What about having a Chinese origin? Hair extensions will have a highly nice and appealing appearance. Because the raw hair processing technology of Chinese hair factories is extremely good and advanced. Hair exported by China is also always checked for quality before shipping to Atlanta, so this is also a prominent feature of Atlanta hair extensions.
  • Moreover, a tiny percentage of Atlanta hair is bought from some biggest Indian hair factories; although Indian raw hair is innately weak, curled and thin, an outstanding strength of hair made from Indian hair is the affordable price, and the hair source is always numerous and available in stock.

    hair companies in Atlanta 5

    Some key characteristics of hair from Atlanta with different origins

In a nutshell, hair provided by hair companies in Atlanta is a blend of its input materials, which include hair from Vietnam, China, India etc. Because there are additional processing processes, the quality is not as consistent, and the price is greater.

2.3. Major hair products supplied by hair companies in Atlanta

Hair companies in Atlanta supply many hair products whether they are hair companies with or without a hair processing factory. They are:

  • Hair of all lengths: ranging from 8 inches to 40 inches
  • Thickness: customers can choose whether they want super double drawn hair, double drawn or single drawn hair
  • Colors: any colors (even #613) are supplied by hair companies in Atlanta
  • Hair textures: curly, wavy, deep wave, bone straight
  • Hair types: clip-in extensions, tape-in extensions, keratin extensions

    hair companies in Atlanta 6

    Major hair products supplied by hair companies in Atlanta

Customers can freely customize their order because hair companies in Atlanta will offer them the choices. However, we really recommend you buy double drawn hair with the lengths of 20 inches or more in natural black color. Because it is really worth the money. 

3. Pros and cons when working with hair companies in Atlanta

You should weigh up the pros and cons of hair companies in Atlanta to better understand them and decide whether or not to import hair from them. Here are the summary from Beshairlist:

3.1. Advantages of working with hair companies in Atlanta

Working with hair companies in Atlanta has a lot of advantages, to be more specific:

  • Excellent services for customer and good customer care: It is the first and the strongest advantage of top hair companies in Atlanta. Normally, Hair companies in Atlanta frequently provide promotions and discounts to entice customers to purchase more. Furthermore, if necessary, they will provide you with a small hair sample that you can use to test quality to demonstrate their excellent quality.

    hair companies in Atlanta 7


  • Worthwhile investment in media and online outlook: You can notice that the images of hair goods sold by hair companies in Atlanta are lovely and appealing, enticing you to purchase their hair with just a glance.
  • Convenient shipping: Shipping hair from the warehouse or factories in Atlanta (a major US city) to your location is incredibly easy and quick. You can expect your order to arrive in 2 days, regardless of your location.

3.2. Disadvantages when partnering with hair companies in Atlanta

Besides its advatanges, working with hair companies in Atlanta has its own disadvantages:

  • High price: As we have stated in the previous part, besides paying for money for buy raw hair from other countries, Hair companies in Atlanta also have to pay for chemicals and fees to process hair to make it more attractive to customers. Therefore, the price is a little higher. Here are the price chart of hair products of hair companies in Atlanta

    hair companies in Atlanta 8


  • Stock is not always available: it is not hard to realize that buying hair from hair companies in Atlanta is sometimes hindered by the limited stock. Because there are not many hair factories and warehouses to process hair. So sometimes, you have to wait for a long time for your  order to be ready especially when you buy in large quantities

4. Things you have to do to avoid being scammed

One of the most scary things that may take place when establishing a hair business is coming across scammers or bogus companies. The gap between customers and hair companies is thousands of kilometers. What can you do to keep this from happening?

hair companies in Atlanta 9

Things you have to do to avoid being scammed

When assessing whether or not hair companies in Atlanta are authentic, keep the following principles in mind:

  • Look up these businesses on online platforms:

If they have a lot of photos and information about their companies in online selling pages, they are likely to be a legal company. Instead, if they don’t have consistent information among sites, they are scammers. Remember to visit their websites, read their blogs and article to verify their legitimation

  • Examine consumer comments and evaluations.

Joining hair associations and clubs may help you make contacts with a lot of experts in the hair industry and you can ask them for their opinions on these best hair companies in Atlanta. In addition, old customers are a good source of information, and you may utilize it to figure out what’s going on.

  • Check their locations

About this step, you should ask where the hair companies in Atlanta are located, ask about their warehouses, factories and offices. You might find the graphic representations helpful in determining whether you should trust that hair company. A legitimate company will not hesitate to show you their whole physical facility to prove that they are not scammers.

  • Check whether they are able to make a video call

When you are chatting with the sales representative, don’t forget to make a video call with them. It helps you to see the office, factory and see the products as well.

5. Top 5 Recommendations for reliable best hair companies in Atlanta

We have learned about main characteristics and ways to find reliable hair companies in Atlanta. If you are still hesitated, here are 5 suggestions for you.

  • Ted Hair

It is a big name in the hair industry with a reputation for supplying 100% high quality human hair. With more than 15 years of experience in trading hair, the company has its head office in China and operates in 10 states in the USA including in Atlanta. The warehouse in Atlanta is quite big and has a variety of products for customers to choose from.

hair companies in Atlanta 10

Ted Hair

  • Runwaycurls

Introduction: Runwaycurls is among brand new hair company in Atlanta. Despite its youth, it is known for producing high-quality hair from 100% human hair. The company does not have an onsite facility, but it works with a number of international hair factories and manufacturers to import the best hair. The quality of hair products from Runwaycurls are controlled tightly before shipping to customers. They also provide fair pricing and a plethora of appealing promotions.

hair companies in Atlanta 12


  • Hair Inc Atlanta

Hair Inc Atlanta is one of the fastest-growing best hair companies in Atlanta in the hair markets for human hair. It has been awarded as “Golden Supplier” by the Bureau of Customers in Atlanta. When working with Hair Inc Atlanta, you will be satisfied with the customer service and the price of it.

hair companies in Atlanta 14

Atlanta Hair Inc

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