Hair Extensions For Wedding: Magic For Your Important Wedding Party

hair extensions for wedding

 Everything must be flawless on your wedding day! You’ve chosen the ideal setting and the ideal outfit, so your hair must shine as well. Using hair extensions for wedding will definitely make you so much more radiant and confident.

1. Overall about common types hair extensions for wedding

There are 3 common types of hair extensions for wedding which are used most by brides. We’ve broken down the 3 most common varieties of hair extensions for wedding and listed the benefits and drawbacks of each.

1.1. Clip-in hair extensions for wedding

Clip-in hair extensions for wedding are tiny sections of hair (typically synthetic) that you may attach to your own hair with small clips. You can totally personalize your style because they come in a range of sizes and weights. Add a couple for a little extra volume, or a bunch all over your head for a fuller, longer appearance.

hair extensions for wedding 1

Clip-in hair extensions for wedding


  • Simple application: Because clip-in hair extensions for wedding have a clip already sewed into the hair extension, they’re simple to use—all you have to do is snap them in. They are also easy to remove. You can learn how to remove hair extensions including clips-in here.

    hair extensions for wedding 2

    Clips-in are easy to apply

  • Clip-ins hair extensions for wedding are less expensive than other forms of extensions, so they’re a good alternative if you’re on a budget. Psst: This is a fantastic way to save money while maintaining a beautiful head of hair. It is also one of the best hair extensions for thin hair.
  • Several clips: Each package contains about 10 to 12 clips of various widths that your hair stylists may use to finish your style. This is an excellent choice for brides-to-be who want to add a little volume or length to their hairdo.


  • If you have fragile and thin hair, the clips may not be the ideal hair extensions for wedding option for you—if removed incorrectly, they have the potential to cause hair breakage or split ends. However, because you’ll only be wearing them for one day, this disadvantage is minor.

    hair extensions for wedding 3

    Clip-in hair extensions for wedding

1.2. Updo wedding hair extensions

Updo hair extensions for wedding connect to any ponytail using elastic to create a hair bun style as well as more volume and length to your hair.


  • Easy to apply: Because these hair extensions for wedding are designed to wrap around your natural hair, they are extremely simple to use. Make a ponytail or bun with your own hair and clip it in at the base. That concludes our discussion.

    hair extensions for wedding 4

    Updo wedding hair extensions

  • Almost imperceptible: Many people won’t be able to tell you’re using hair extensions for wedding if you’re wearing an updo during your wedding. They’ll just remark on how beautiful your ponytail, bun, or braid is!

    hair extensions for wedding 5

    Updo wedding hair extensions


  • While these products are designed to be as light as possible, a super-long ponytail may become too heavy after a few hours. If you’re worried about this, consider wearing a bun instead of your extra-long ponytail to ease some of the strain on your head.
  • Not suitable for all types of hair: These hair extensions for wedding are designed to be worn over an existing ponytail or bun. That implies you won’t be able to utilize them if you don’t have enough hair to sustain them. You may, however, utilize different types of hair extensions or try wearing a wig. Whatever brings you the most joy!

    hair extensions for wedding 6

    Thin hair is not suitable for updo extensions

1.3. Halo hair extensions for wedding

Halo hair extensions for weddings are half-circle extensions with a transparent cable to conceal them.

hair extensions for wedding 7

Halo hair extensions for wedding

To use hair extensions for wedding, tie your hair in a half-up topknot (leave two parts out in front) and wrap the cord around the top of your head, allowing the excess hair to fall behind your ears. After that, secure the clips in your hair and let your hair fall. Brush out the top of your hair gently to completely conceal the string, and you’re done!


  • Simple to use: Because the halo hair extension is simply one piece, all you have to do is insert it into your hair. That means no glue, no clips, and no complicated procedures.
  • The one-piece addition integrates effortlessly into your hair for faultless, luscious results, and it’s not only easy to apply, but it also appears wonderfully natural.


No updos: Stylists say buns and ponytails are considerably more difficult to do while wearing the halo. If you’ve been dreaming of an updo, it’s advisable to go for another hair extension option for your big day.

2. Who can use hair extensions for weddings?

The good news is that there are best wedding hair extensions options for everyone, regardless of hair length, texture, or condition. Anyone who wants to add length or volume to their hair and has hair that is 1-3 inches long or longer can literally wear bridal hair extensions for wedding

hair extensions for wedding 8

People with short hair can use bridal hair extensions

Even if you have thin or brittle hair, as the bride-to-be, you should talk to your hairdresser about selecting an option that will work best for your hair type. If you have shorter hair and are utilizing clip-in extensions rather than sew-in extensions (which are stitched to braids that will be hidden by the extension application).

hair extensions for wedding 9

Wedding hair extensions are suitable for everyone

3. Average price of hair extensions for wedding

There are a variety of  recommended wedding hair extensions types and each has different price depending on the kind, texture as well as purpose. 

  • For example, although clips-in hair extensions for wedding are more charming and attractive than permanent extensions but are much cheaper. Permanent hair extensions for wedding sometimes can be applied at the fee of $200 to $600 depending on the level of complication you want for your hairstyle.

    hair extensions for wedding 10

    Price of clip-in hair extensions for wedding

  • Moreover, the texture and origin of hair extensions for wedding can also influence the price of the products. It can be easily seen that synthetic hair is cheaper than actual hair. For instance, the price of ponytail hair extensions for brides made of synthetic hair lies from $45-$55. However, because synthetic hair sheds easily and tangles in a short period of time, its lower quality is a root cause why there are many bridal hair extensions made from it.

    hair extensions for wedding 11

    Price of ponytail hair extensions for wedding

Remember to consult your hairstylist carefully before applying any types of wedding hair extensions with your real hair because top experts have knowledge. They will work out the optimal strategy which is most suitable for your hair and your money.

4. Incredible benefits of hair extensions for wedding

Using hair extensions for wedding brings the brides-to-be many benefits including added volume, added length, flexibility for hairstylists and more.

4.1. Hair extensions for wedding add volume for hair

If you already have long hair and want to wear it down on your wedding day, you may notice that the ends of your hair are starting to thin. This is perfectly natural, as each hair strand has its own life cycle. When an old hair strand comes out, a new strand grows in its place, resulting in thicker hair around the roots.

hair extensions for wedding 12

Make hair look thicker

Hair extensions for wedding are an excellent way to add thickness and vitality to your hair, resulting in lush, thick locks that flow gracefully over your shoulders and back behind your veil or tiara.

If you want to wear your hair in a braid or bun but it looks too limp in your natural hair, a few wefts of clip-in hair extensions for wedding will give your hair the extra thickness it needs to convert your braid or bun into a full, thick, fairytale worthy ‘do.

While thicker hair is more attractive, it also serves a more practical purpose for brides, helping your veil and tiara to stay in place.

4.2. Hair extensions for wedding can add length to your hair

Hair extensions for wedding not only add volume to your hair but also add length to it. Long hair can represent femininity on your wedding day.

hair extensions for wedding 13

Hair extensions for wedding adds length to hair

Even if you have a short bob, Hair extensions for weddings can blend perfectly into your hair, allowing you to have the hair of your dreams on your ideal wedding day. After you’ve clipped your extensions in and attained that lovely length, you can style your hair in any bridal hairstyles that you wish for.

4.3. You can use every hairstyle with hair extensions for wedding

Do you have thin hair and want to wear your hair in a big, thick bun? Have a short bob and want to wear your hair down? Do you want to make loose curls but your hair won’t retain them? It’s no issue!

hair extensions for wedding 14

Different hairstyles for brides-to-be

Because most wedding hairstyles are complicated, the wedding hair extensions will almost certainly need to be fashioned with heat styling tools, which you may accomplish with hair extensions for weddings to achieve that picture-perfect wedding hairdo.

No bride should have to compromise on her hair extensions for wedding because her natural hair isn’t behaving the way she wants it to. All those gorgeous hairstyles on your wedding Pinterest board are now within reach because of your newfound length and volume.

4.4. Last until honeymoon and even longer

If worn and maintained properly, hair extensions for wedding may last anywhere from 3-6 months to a year or more. You may wear your extensions on your honeymoon and keep them flowing (no pun intended) throughout your well-deserved holiday.

hair extensions for wedding 15

Wedding hair extensions can last for a long time

Moreover, hair extensions for wedding can even serve as a remembrance of your wedding for weeks to come, serving as a reminder of your big day.

4.5. Cause no damage and non-permanent

It is true that using hair extensions for wedding causes brides no damage and it is non-permanent as well:

  • Your hair doesn’t have to be a lifetime commitment, even if your new marriage is!
  • Clip-in hair extensions for wedding are a quick and easy method to acquire the hair of your dreams and then return to your natural hair. While there are other, more permanent forms of hair extensions available, many of them harm your natural hair or require a lot of upkeep and maintenance.
  • The aim is to have no trouble getting the wedding hair of your desires.

5. When should a bride get hair extensions for wedding fitted?

I recommend getting clip-in hair extensions for wedding fitted a week or two before the wedding. This would allow the bride to wash the extensions, prepare her ideal bridal look with her stylist, and have a feel for wearing them.

hair extensions for wedding 16

Prepare hair extensions 1-2 weeks before wedding

If the bride wants hair extensions for wedding for her hen party, most clip extensions may be re-fit and worn three times, allowing her to keep the extensions from her hen party until her honeymoon.

The bride will just need to re-clip the clip extensions before the wedding if they were installed for the hen do. Before the honeymoon, we also recommend a re-fit.

Our hair experts always recommend brides-to-be to wash their hair extensions for wedding carefully before their “D-day” with suitable shampoo and conditioner. Similar to your natural real hair, you can use hair extensions oil or treatment with deep conditioning to best take care of the extensions.

6. Recommend hairstyles using hair extensions for wedding

If you are still wondering about hairstyles using hair extensions for wedding, besthairlist has listed 10 most gorgeous and beautiful hairstyles for you on your big day.

  • A Braided Updo

    hair extensions for wedding 17

    Hairstyles for wedding

  • An Elegant Chignon

    hair extensions for wedding 18

    Hairstyles for wedding

  • Perfection With Wavy Curls

    hair extensions for wedding 19

    Hairstyles for wedding

  • Floral Braided Updo

    hair extensions for wedding 20

    Hairstyles for wedding

  • Half Up and Down

    hair extensions for wedding 21

    Hairstyles for wedding

  • A Peek-a-boo Ponytail

    hair extensions for wedding 22

    Hairstyles for wedding

  • A Dreamy Fishtail

    hair extensions for wedding 23

    Hairstyles for wedding

  • Crown of Flowers with Waves

    hair extensions for wedding 24

    Hairstyles for wedding

  • A Total Hair Twist

    hair extensions for wedding 25

    Hairstyles for wedding

  • Fully Braided Hair

    hair extensions for wedding 26

    Fully Braided Hairdo

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