Hair Tips For Summer: Useful Tips to Cool And Protect Your Hair

hair tips for summer

The hot summer sun can be harmful to hair. But if you take the right hair tips for summer, your hair will stay beautiful and healthy.

1. Causes of hair problems in the summer before knowing hair tips for summer

In summer, the weather is hot, the sun is strong and hot, causing the scalp to sweat more, secrete sebum and appear more dandruff. Plus ultraviolet rays in the harsh sun in the summer make the hair frizzy, dry, damaged and easy to split. Therefore, it is very important to keep yourself inform about main roots of hair problems in the summer before digging into hair tips for summer.

Hair Tips For Summer 1

Find out the causes of hair problems in summer

Besides the climate and weather factors, there are a number of other factors that affect your hair

  • Washing your hair improperly: the habit of daily shampooing or scratching vigorously to remove dandruff and dirt when washing your hair is also the cause of hair loss and becoming dry. Hair tips for summer like increasing moisture for hair helps your hair less drier for sure.
  • Com wet hair: When we wash our hair, water will make the hair weak and easy to stretch. If you brush your hair right now, it will cause the bonds in the hair to be easily broken, leading to breakage
  • High-temperature drying: High heat causes the hairs to burn and the cuticles to burn and break easily. That leads to a lot of hair loss and dryness
  • Abuse of hair beauty products: Toxic substances in hair beauty products (dyes, bleach, curling agents, straighteners…) Damage to hair follicles and scalp. Thereby making the hair dry and brittle. Hair tips for summer help your hair less dry and brittle if you apply them in a right way.
  • Diet: The lack of science, insufficient nutrition, lack of nutrients makes the hair not provided with adequate nutrients. This is the leading cause of weak hair, breakage, tangles, split ends, lots of dandruff… and especially in the summer. That is the reason why you should pay attention to this article about hair tips for summer.

    Hair Tips For Summer 2

    Improper diets cause hair to be frizzy and tangled

2. 7 best hair tips for summer recommended by hair experts

Hair tips for summer require a little more attention than usual. When the temperature and humidity in the air rise, the environment has the potential to break down the cuticle (the outermost layer of the hair fiber). If the hair cuticle is weak, the hair fiber will be unable to withstand the effects of the environment, becoming dry and prone to breakage. Furthermore, the sun’s UV rays cause moisture loss in the hair.

On the other hand, we sweat more during the summer. Hair roots secrete a lot of sebum, which makes hair sticky. At this point, you probably just want to wash your hair and leave the excess oil removed. However, over-shampooing your hair will cause it to become more dry and prone to split ends. Hair tips for summer will include shampoo your hair in the right frequency, with appropriate hair care products…

Hair Tips For Summer 3

7 best hair tips for summer recommended by hair experts

Besthairlist offers some hair tips for summer to properly care for your hair in the summer.

2.1. Hair tips for summer #1: Protects hair from environmental aggressors

Hair, like skin, requires sun protection. UV rays oxidize the melanin pigment found in the cortex of the hair shaft, causing the hair to become dry and frizzy.

  • One of the best hair tips for summer if you have long hair, braid it. Braiding your hair will help to reduce the amount of time your hair is exposed to the sun. However, avoid braiding your hair too tightly because it will break easily. You should also tie your hair with a large elastic or silk band rather than a small elastic that can break the hair.
  • When going out on hot sunny days, wear a soft hat or a headscarf to protect your hair is one of the most useful hair tips for summer. There are many UV-protection hats and jackets on the market today. When going out, use conditioner/hair steamer on a regular basis, as well as products that protect hair from the damaging effects of high temperatures.

    Hair Tips For Summer 4

    Protects hair from environmental aggressors

2.2.  Hair tips for summer #2: Increases the supply of moisture to the hair

In the summer, it is important to increase the supply of  moisture to the hair. Here are some hair tips for summer to increase moisture to your hair in the scorching weather of summer:

  • Hair needs to be moisturized, especially during hot and humid seasons, to protect it from the damaging effects of UV rays. Using a moisturizing hair steamer will help to improve the condition of dry, frizzy, and tangled hair. If you want to find natural products for your hair tips for summer routine, look for a steaming cream that is high in natural fatty acids (from shea butter, avocado, coconut oil, etc.).
  • You can also supply moisture to your hair by using DIY hair masks (very useful hair tips for summer) at home. For example, you can take care of hair with aloe vera.
  • Hair oil is also an essential product for increasing moisture levels while strengthening and repairing damaged hair. Oils, when used on a regular basis, help to make hair soft, smooth, and strong.

    Hair Tips For Summer 5

    Increases the supply of moisture to the hair

2.3. Hair tips for summer #3: Protecting hair while swimming is a summer hair care step that many people overlook.

Everyone enjoys swimming during the summer. However, whether you prefer swimming in a pool or swimming in the sea, your hair is easily damaged. Our hair fibers have a low pH and are acidic in nature. The chlorine in pool water is alkaline, causing a pH difference in the hair and making it rough. Chlorine also causes hair to be dry and brittle. As a result, limiting hair exposure to water is the best tips for hair care in the summer.

  • When swimming, one of the best hair tips for summer is that you should wear a hair protection cap.
  • At the same time, you should rememer hair tips for summer to use sunscreen products for hair in conjunction with specialized shampoos and conditioners to remove chemicals from the hair and reduce the possibility of damage.

    Hair Tips For Summer 6

    Protecting hair while swimming

2.4. Hair tips for summer #4: Avoid washing your hair too frequently or too infrequently.

Women who wash their hair with shampoo every day, beware! Washing your hair too frequently makes it drier. Because shampoo has the ability to remove oil from the hair and under the scalp. Shampooing too frequently dries out the scalp, which can lead to dandruff. To determine the proper frequency for cleaning your hair and scalp, pay attention to your body’s needs.

Hair Tips For Summer 7

Avoid washing your hair too frequently

How to use hair tips for summer in shampooing?

  • The sebaceous glands are overactive in some oily or natural skin conditions, resulting in an oily scalp condition. 
  • If the hair is prone to falling out and is not handled properly, it will fall out quickly. 
  • People with oily skin should wash their hair with shampoos good for oily hair two to three times per week. To effectively control oil, use a shampoo containing salicylic acid.
  • Meanwhile, people with dry scalp should wash their hair once or twice a week as hair tips for summer. 
  • You can also use the Co-Washing mode, which only washes your hair with conditioner as good hair tips for summer.

2.5. Hair tips for summer #5: Use a wide tooth comb to comb your hair.

One thing to keep in mind when doing hair tips for summer is that curly hair is more prone to breakage than straight hair. The trick for you is to comb your hair with a wide tooth comb. Combing your hair with a wide-tooth comb while using conditioner is the best way to detangle it. You untangle your hair first, then comb it from head to tip.

Hair Tips For Summer 8

Using wide tooth combs instead of static combs

If you want to comb your hair as hair tips for summer when it’s dry, use a wooden or buffalo horn comb. These two materials cause less friction than plastic combs and do not generate static electricity, which causes hair loss while combing.

2.6. Hair tips for summer #6: When taking care of your hair in the summer, don’t forget to take care of your scalp

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp has always clean and clear pores, the new hair follicles grow well. Regularly exfoliating the scalp helps to remove dead skin, dirt, and sebum that accumulate, which hinders hair growth.

You can also use coffee powder as a natural exfoliator for your scalp. It is considered as one of the most effective natural hair tips for summer form herbs. The fineness of the coffee grounds helps to gently massage the hair roots and scalp. Acidic coffee, similar to hair and scalp, does not cause breakage like alkaline products.

2.7. Hair tips for summer #7: Massage scalp with essential oils

Essential oils are the most powerful hair tips for summer to help transform dry, damaged hair into soft and shiny without spending too much time or effort. Essential oils not only help stimulate hair growth but also help nourish the hair from the outside. Choose a natural essential oil you like to do hair tips for summer, like grapefruit essential oil, coconut oil or olive oil to massage your hair. Massaging your hair with this essential oil not only helps your hair shine, but it can also stimulate hair growth and length.

Hair Tips For Summer 9

Massage scalp with essential oils

There are two ways to massage the scalp with essential oils as hair tips for summer:

  • #1: Every night before going to bed, use a sufficient amount of essential oil, apply evenly on hair from root to tip, remember to stay about 2cm from the hairline, combine gentle massage for 20 minutes, and leave overnight. In the morning, wash your hair as usual. However, to avoid spilling essential oils on the pillow, you can put a towel under your head to facilitate washing and changing as useful hair tips for summer. Or if you do not have time to wash your hair early in the morning, then apply the second method below.
  • #2: Before shampooing for 30 minutes, you also use essential oils to gently massage your hair as above. Then use a warm towel to incubate for about 30 minutes, then wash your hair and use conditioner as usual.

Only need to work hard with hair tips for summer within 7-10 days, you will feel the effect of restoring damaged hair with this method.


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