Hair Vendors In Atlanta: Top 4 Recommended Hair Suppliers in This State

hair vendors in atlanta

Have you ever though about starting a business with hair vendors in Atlanta? Whether yes or no, it is very necessary to get to know more about these hair vendors if you are working in the hair industry. They can bring your business a big sum of revenue because hair supplied by Atlanta hair vendors is in increasingly high demand.

1. An overview about hair vendors in Atlanta

In this part, we will supply you with the general information about hair vendors from Atlanta. Who are they? What they do and how they appear in the top vendors for the hair extensions

1.1. Who are hair vendors in Atlanta?

Hair vendors in Atlanta are people who engage in hair trading activities coming from Atlanta. They don’t necessarily trade Atlanta hair (the reasons will be explained later) or have factories in Atlanta. As long as they  buy and sell hair in bulk in Atlanta, from hair factories to other hair wholesalers, they are called hair vendors in Atlanta.

1.2. Classification of hair vendors in Atlanta

There are 2 types of hair vendors in Atlanta that you should take into consideration:

  • Manufacturing hair vendors in Atlanta: this type takes up a small percentage of all as there are a few hair factories in Atlanta. They are involved in both producing hair and selling hair to other hair distributors. It is compulsory for this vendor type is that they have a real manufacturing facility to process hair instead of merely importing hair from other countries and resell it at a higher price
  • The second type accounts for a large share of the hair market in Atlanta. They are distributing hair vendors in Atlanta. These people/companies just buy and sell hair (import or export hair), they don’t have enough facilities to create a complete full lace wigs of hair extensions. In fact, despite inability to produce hair, distributing hair vendors from Atlanta are able to supply hair at nearly the same price as the first type

    hair vendors in atlanta 18

    2 types of hair vendors in Atlanta

In general, you have to read carefully to distinguish between the two common types of hair vendors in Atlanta. With a newbie in the hair business, choosing to cooperate with a hair factory is a wiser choice as you can learn how they process hair as well as can inspect the capacity and business performance of the hair vendors

2. Characteristics of hair supplied by hair vendors in Atlanta?

In this part, oustanding characteristics of hair supplied by hair vendors in Atlanta will be large revealed. It includes information about hair origin, main features of hair, hair types and hair price.

2.1. Hair origin

  • Actually, there is no raw hair from Atlanta people. Instead, in fact, hair vendors in Atlanta import raw hair in bulk from hair factories in Vietnam and China. Therefore, their hair quality is not stable, sometimes low or high depending on the hair source.

    hair vendors in atlanta 17

    Atlanta import raw hair in bulk from hair factories in Vietnam and China

  • In fact, there is still a small amount of hair that comes from hair donors in Atlanta but the supply of this hair is very small and is mainly sold to people with high economic status and who prefer natural human blonde hair here

2.2. Main features of hair

Because top hair vendors in Atlanta mainly import raw hair from China and Vietnam, the characteristics of the hair products offered by Atlanta hair vendors are similar to Vietnamese hair and Chinese hair. Here are some main features of it:

  • Hair is very strong and smooth: if the source of hair is Vietnamese hair, because Vietnamese hair is collected from women in the greenest spring age (18-25) and cared for by diet. Reasonable, hair care routine from natural products such as aloe vera, locust and grapefruit peel essential oil
  • Hair extensions are very beautiful and attractive in appearance: inheriting the quintessence from the advanced hair treatment technology of Chinese hair wholesalers, the hair provided by hair vendors in Atlanta also reaches a high level of sophistication. There are hair types that are very attractive and attractive to users in general and hair dealers in particular
  • In addition, a small proportion of Atlanta hair is also imported from Indian hair, despite a minor weakness of naturally curly and weak hair, the big strength for this hair source is the reasonable price and the hair source is always abundant, always accessible in the stock

    hair vendors in atlanta 16

    Features of hair from hair vendors in Atlanta

In a nutshell, hair supplied by hair vendors in Atlanta is the combination of its input ingredients such as Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair and Indian raw hair. The quality is not so stable, the price is higher due to more processing stages.

2.3. Various hair types

Like other hair vendors from other countries, hair vendors from Atlanta sell many different hair types to meet the higher demand of customers (wholesalers, retailers, hair salons and hair dressers as well as end-buyers). They can be:

  • Ponytail hair extensions
  • Full lace wigs
  • Raw hair from different countries (as mentioned in the previous part): Vietnamese hair, Chinese hair, Indian hair. Some top hair companies in Atlanta also sell Peruvian and Brazilian hair, Burmese raw hair to satisfy the individual needs of some clients
  • Tape-in/ tip-in hair extensions: they are processed carefully in the hair factories located in Atlanta with the input imported from Chinese hair wholesalers, Vietnamese hair wholesalers or Indian hair wholesalers
  • Clip-in hair extensions: Similarly to tape-in and ponytail hair extensions, they are chemically treated in the hair factory in Atlanta instead of importing directly from other countries (to reduce the cost for processing hair, bringing better profit)
  • Virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair of all thicknesses and lengths ranging from 8 inches to 38 inches (it depends on the customization of each customer)

    hair vendors in atlanta 13

    Various types of hair are offered by hair vendors in Atlanta

2.4. Prices of hair from hair vendors in Atlanta

You can refer to the table below for average price of hair supplied by hair vendors in Atlanta:

hair vendors in atlanta 12

Price of hair vendors in Atlanta: cheap or expensive?

Wholesale hair price in Atlanta ($/kg)
Hair Length Single drawn Double Drawn  Super Double Drawn
8 inches 299 401 580
12 inches 399 489 689
16 inches 489 531 799
20 inches 549 599 889
24 inches 599 689 999
28 inches 689 749 1099
32 inches 749 821 1199

From the table, you can find the average price of wholesaling hair when working with hair vendors in Atlanta. The price is for 1 kg of hair, which equals 10 bundles (each bundle is 100gam).

For example, if you want to buy 1 kg of 20” Double Drawn Hair, you will have to pay hair vendors in Atlanta a sum of 599 dollars. It is not a cheap price compared to hair from Asian markets. However, when working with them, they will offer you a lot of promotion. Therefore, the money you have to pay is literally less than the figure on the table

3. Should I start a business with hair vendors in Atlanta?

The answer for the question “Should I start a business with hair vendors in Atlanta” would be explained now.

-> It depends on your focus for your business

  • You should if money is not a big issue for you. You want to sell something that is unique and hard to find in the market, then go with hair vendors from Atlanta
  • However, you shouldn’t if your business has a limited budget and wants a safer solution to start up. As mentioned previously, the price of hair products provided by hair vendors in Atlanta is not affordable so if you don’t market and sell it cleverly, the chance is you will suffer a huge loss.
hair vendors in atlanta 11

Pros when working with hair vendors in Atlanta

However, some pros when working with hair vendors in Atlanta should be mentioned for you to easily make the decision:

  • They take good care of their customers: hair vendors from Atlanta usually offer customers promotion and discounts encouraging them to buy more. Moreover, they generously send you a tested hair sample if needed to prove their high quality
  • They invest in media, photos and videos: You can see that photos of hair products by hair vendors in Atlanta are beautiful and attractive, urging you to buy their hair immediately
  • Convenient shipping: At the warehouse or factories located in Atlanta (a big habor of the USA), shipping hair from it to your location is very convenient and fast. Regardless of your location, you can receive your order within 2 days
  • Low taxes and duties when importing hair from hair vendors in Atlanta: as the USA taxes this commodity at a low rate, you don’t have to worry about this fee. Moreover, Atlanta hair wholesalers also reduce the shipping costs for you if you are a long-term business partner with them

4. Be careful with your money investment – Signs of scammers hair vendors in Atlanta

If you trade with scammer hair vendors in Atlanta, the chance is that you will lose all the money and suffer from a loss for your business. How to know whether you are trading with a legitimate hair vendor in Atlanta or not? Read this table – Common features of reliable hair vendors in Atlanta and a scam ones

hair vendors in atlanta 10

Be careful with scammers

Reliable hair vendors in Atlanta Scammers
Have full selling pages, social media and e-commerce sites No selling pages, no social media and no minisites on e-commerce exchanges
Able and willing to make a video call with you Not willing when you ask for a video call
Have legal paper for their corp, manufacturing and trading paper licensed by Atlanta government Can not show you their trading license or manufacturing paper, company documents…
Have hair samples for you to test Don’t want you to test hair samples (because they either don’t have hair with them or their hair is of low quality)
Can go with you through every step of importing hair Just focus on money and want you to pay them as soon as possible

5. How can I import hair products from hair vendors in Atlanta?

There are literally 5 steps you should follow to import hair products from hair vendors in Atlanta

hair vendors in atlanta 5

5 steps to import hair from hair vendors in Atlanta

Locating reliable hair vendors in Atlanta: this is the very first step in your importing procedure. It will affect the rest of your business because if you about-to-trade hair vendors in Atlanta are scammers, you will lose all your money and suffer a huge loss. If you are worried, read part 4 and do a checklist to verify whether your partner is legitimate or not

Contact them and require more information: The second step you have to take is to contact the hair vendors from Atlanta. You can just simply leave a quotation or send direct Whatsapp messages that they leave on their selling pages. For more information, it is important that you ask them about shipping policy, minimum quantity of order or discount for large purchases as well as guarantee for broken packages.

Testing hair samples for hair vendors in Atlanta: Never miss this step because it can help you testify the quality of your partner. Moreover, the hair sample is also a safe solution before you decide to buy a large order

Dealing by contracts: You are almost there, when you two are both satisfied with the terms and conditions, sign the contract. Don’t forget to record every related information in the hard copy and require the signatures from 2 parties

Double check your final orders: When you receive your hair package, unload it and check whether it is qualified or not. If not, immediately contact your hair vendor and ask for a solution.

6. Top 4 biggest Hair vendors in Atlanta

We are here to provide you with all the information about top 4 biggest hair vendors coming from Atlanta. Who are they, where are they located and what do they supply?

6.1. Ted Hair Factory – The biggest warehouse for hair in Atlanta

Introduction: Ted Hair is such a famous hair vendor coming from China that it has never been absent from any famous ranking chart for hair vendors. Despite originating from China, the company has expanded its branches and located a lot of warehouses worldwide, especially in the USA including Atlanta.With more than 15 years of experience in the trading of hair extensions, Ted Hair is a giant in the industry, a long term partner with a lot of global hair wholesalers and exports a large volume of hair annually.

  • hair vendors in atlanta 4

    Ted Hair

Main products: hair extensions from 100% high quality human hair (customized lengths and hair colors up to customers)

Ratings: Ted Hair receives very good reviews from customers whether they are wholesalers, retailers of hair salons

6.4. Runway curls

Introduction: Runwaycurls is a newly emerging hair vendor in Atlanta. Despite its young age, it is reputed for providing hair of high quality. The company doesn’t have a real onsite factory but it partners with a  lot of hair wholesalers in the world to import the finest hair. They inspect hair very carefully before selling it to the customers. They also offer a reasonable price and tons of attractive promotion

hair vendors in atlanta 1


Main products: Russian hair (slavic hair), hair extensions from 8 inches to 38 inches, customization depending  on the choice of customers

Ratings: 4/ 5 rating scores because sometimes, it is hard to buy large order from them (not much hair available in their stock)


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