Hair Vendors In China: Top 3 Rated China Hair Vendors

hair vendors in china

Working with hair vendors in China is a dream for many hair wholesalers as china hair has an enormous economic potential. If you want start up in the hair business and think of cooperating with them, read this article!

1. Main characteristics of big hair vendors in China

Regardless of the size of the factory, big hair vendors in China have some main features in common

1.1. Hair vendors in China have a large-scale production

Normally, hair vendors in China produce hair on an industrial scale rather than family scale.

It is thanks to the country’s enormous labour force and flexible application of advanced technology in manufacturing. It not only leads to the thriving economic development of the whole country in general but also marks the prosperity of the Chinese hair industry in particular.

hair vendors in china 1

China hair factories have a large scale production

That is the reason why hair vendors in China often appear in the league of exporting hair volume

1.2. Hair vendors in China exploit hair from a mixed source

Many people may think that all hair products supplied by hair vendors in China have a pure Chinese origin. On the contrary, the raw hair source of China hair vendors mainly comes from overseas and only a small proportion of them comes from domestic sources.

hair vendors in china 2

Hair vendors in China exploit hair from a mixed source

The exact number of china hair origin is clearly illustrated in this table published by Google Researching:

domestic hair 10-20%
Import Indian hair 40%
Import Cambodian hair 20%
Import Vietnamese hair 20%

Hair vendors in China import raw hair from countries like Indian hair factory, Cambodian hair and Vietnamese hair because raw hair wholesale from those regions are really cheap and easy to import. Then they will increase the value of hair by treating it with special hair chemicals and sell in the market at a higher price

2. Things make hair of hair vendors in China famous and competent

Saying that hair from hair vendors in China is the most famous hair in the world does not exaggerate the truth. Hair products supplied by China hair vendors are favored and used in many countries. This worldwide recognition and favor can be explained by some superior features of China hair:

2.1. Hair from hair vendors in China is reasonably priced

No hair in the world of the same quality can have a cheaper price than hair from hair vendors in China.

hair vendors in china 3

Hair from hair vendors in China is reasonably priced

The reasons why China hair cheaper than other hair from 1-2$ for each hair bundle are:

  • Abundant labor force: China has the largest population in the world with more than 1,2 billion people. It gives hair vendors in China an edge in employing workers because labor is usually available
  • Cheap input: As mentioned in 1.2, China imports cheap raw hair from external sources. Therefore, even if they trade hair at a higher price than importing rate, that price is still low and affordable
  • Cutting trading fees and taxes by using e-commerce exchanges: there are many hair vendors in china now in Alibaba and Aliexpress, which use less money to approach customers than traditional marketing

2.2. Hair vendors in China are able to supply various types of hair

There is no hair product that hair vendors in China can not produce. They manufacture and supply almost every types of hair products including:

  • Based on origin: Hair vendors in China can provide hair of different origins like Brazilian hair, Vietnamese hair, Malaysian hair
  • Based on grades: 5A, 6A, 7A… 12A.
    • 5A-6A (Single Drawn Hair): 40-45% hair has same length, other is shorter
    • 7A-8A (Double Drawn Hair): 60-65% hair of the same length, other is shorter
    • 9A-10A (Super Double Drawn Hair):80-85% hair are equal in size, other is shorter
    • 11A-12A (VIP):90-95% hair has the same length, other is shorter

      hair vendors in china 4

      Chinese hair types based on grades

  • Based on quality: virgin hair, remy hair, non-remy hair
  • Based on types: weft hair, closure hair, frontal hair, raw hair, tip hair, tape in hair, clip-in hair extensions

    hair vendors in china 6

    Chinese hair types: weft hair, closure and frontal

Among them, each comes with a different price depending on all factors aforementioned. But in general, the longer the hair, the higher the price.


Vietnamese hair vs Chinese hair: Who wins?

3. The biggest markets of hair vendors in China

The global demand for hair is increasing exponentially. Similarly, the demand for China hair in the world is very huge. Hair vendors in China put every effort to make their products popular in overseas markets. They open company and factory branches internationally. Each focuses on typical products as each country has its own hair preferred types.

  • Virgin hair: most exported to the US and Europe. Because virgin hair from hair vendors in China is more expensive than other hair types, it is mainly sold to buyers and hair wholesalers in the US and Europe. These markets enjoy the excellent quality of virgin hair
  • Remy hair, non remy hair and raw hair: Hair products made from remy hair or non remy hair are largely exported to Africa and Asia because they have a cheaper price but still a relatively good quality.

    hair vendors in china 8

    Main markets of hair vendors in China


4. Among a lot of hair vendors in China, how to distinguish between a reliable one and a scammer?

In China, people soon realize the huge economic benefits of the hair industry. It leads to the nourishment of many hair factories, hair vendors and manufacturers. However, not all of them are authentic vendors. Instead, they can be scammers who are attempting to deceive newbies and steal their money.

If you are worried about that, read this FRAUD SIGNS LIST carefully.

Signs of scammer hair vendors in China

  • No website, no social media:

A reputable vendor has a significant appearance on social media, with a lot of compliments and reviews. But a scammer is contrarily different. If hair vendors in China do not have an official website or are not active on social media, you should avoid trading with them.

  • Not willing to call video: scammers are always scared of video calling as they are not hair experts to directly answer your questions
  • No provision of real images and videos: scammers don’t have real factories so they can not provide you with real factory images and videos

    hair vendors in china 9

    Signs of hair scammers

  • Lack of profound knowledge about the hair industry: while reliable hair vendors in China have top experts in the hair industry, scammers know little about it. You can ask your hair vendors as many questions as to verify whether they are scammers or real factories
  • Always urge to pay money: The focus of scammers is your money so they will always push you to pay money as quickly as possible.
  • Negative feedback from customers: If you find a lot of negative comments about hair vendors in China regarding the quality of products or even customer service, they are either scammers or bad hair suppliers. In both cases, working with them is not good for your business.

5. Where can I find potential hair vendors in China?

Nowadays, you can take advantage of information and technology to seek the best hair vendors in China. Here are some sources of information you can rely on

  • Google: typing “hair vendors in China” in the search box, Google will show you thousands of results. Remember to spend time investigating this China hair vendor and double check the list above before you decide to start business with them.
  • DhGate: It is a famous e-commerce website for B2B. If you want to find hair wholesalers, you can use DHgate to locate them. On Dhgate, you should only work with hair vendors in China who are gold suppliers and receive positive reviews from customers
  • Alibaba: Similar to Dhgate, Alibaba is popular in the B2B world. There are a lot of hair wholesalers on Alibaba so you can easily find the most suitable one for you.Alibaba also has index like star rates of the company and company capacity which can also help you to make an easier decision
  • Consulting service: if you are overloaded with the number of hair vendors in China on the internet, you can turn to consulting agency to help you start up with the best hair vendors

    hair vendors in china 10

    Finding hair vendors in China

6. Ordering hair from hair vendors in China – 5 easy steps

What should you do if you want to buy hair from hair vendors in China? Say NO with paying money immediately, here are the detailed instructions for you:

hair vendors in china 11

How to order hair from a China hair vendor?

Step 1: Find reliable hair vendors

The number of reliable hair vendors in China is big so you can easily find one. Remember the signs of scammers

Step 2: Contact with hair vendors in China

There are many means of communication between you and your hair vendor. Because big China hair manufacturers appear a lot on social media and on the Internet, you can easily contact them via email, send quotations on e-commerce sites or simply call their phone number.

Step 3: Inquire information

You should ask your hair vendor as much as possible to gain the clearest clarification. For example, you can ask about the company MOQ, shipping time, importing procedure or discount for large purchase

Step 4: Sample testing

You totally should not order a large purchase at first. Instead, require a sample product from your hair vendors in China. If the sample is not so good, you can avoid a huge loss.

Step 5: Finalize contracts

You are satisfied with the sample and want to buy a bigger purchase. Don’t forget to have a hard copy of the contract between 2 parties. It is an important documentary especially if you have to pay in advance.

Step 6: Double check the final products

Before making full payment, recheck the quality of hair products you receive from hair vendors in China.

7. Top 4 biggest hair vendors in China

Who are 4 biggest hair vendors from China? If you are still looking for them, you can refer to our list just right below.

7.1. U-Nice

About U-Nice: Unice was founded in 1999 in Xuchang City, Henan Province, China, and has been providing professional set design, production, sales, and service for the last 15 years. From a modest local textile processing business, Unice has grown into a worldwide extension, processing human hair all over the world. The brand for the ideal and ultimate quest is embodied by the usage of this name. This China hair vendor get total of nearly 1000 reviews on and has the average score of 4.3/5

hair vendors in china 13

U-Nice Hair Factory

Main products: hair weave, closure and frontal, hair lace…

7.2. BeeQueen Hair

About BeeQueen Hair: famous as the best hair extension hair factory in China. If you want to trade hair extensions with different hairstyles like pixie, ombre, kinky, etc, this is the right wholesale hair vendors in China for you.

Beequeen has been providing hair extensions on Alibaba for 10 years and has 95% positive feedback from online customers.

7.3. ISEE Hair

About ISEE Hair: ISEEHAIR specializes in high quality 100% human hair, we’ve been in the hair business for over 20 years, we have our own factory, which provides flexibility for hair produce and best price for wholesale. Located in China, but we ship worldwide, providing high quality hair at affordable prices, with strong supply ability and sufficient stock, gradually becoming a global human hair enterprise in the world.

ISEE china hair vendor enjoys good reviews from famous beauty bloggers, celebrities and customers.

Main products: 10A grade human virgin hair, 9A grade human virgin hair,…



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