Hair Vendors: Reveal Secreted Facts About This Profitable Job

Hair vendors

You are about to trade with best hair vendors or just simply want to start up in the hair business. Either of both, it is necessary for you to do research about this potential market. If you find it time consuming to read all the information on the Internet, this article will help you with the shortest but the most comprehensive summary.

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1. Hair vendors: A potential market in the B2B world

Hair extension wholesale is currently a very successful business. A job as a wholesale hair supplier reseller is becoming increasingly popular.

According to the Statista, the volume of hair exportation will account for $10 billion US dollars in 2023, which will increase by 1.5 billions compared to the figure of this year 2021.

If you have a clever marketing strategy and can choose good hair vendors, the right hair products for your business, you will surely make a big sum of money from hair. As you may or may not know, the market for hair extensions are expanded exponentially up to seconds. Among them, the largest markets for this profitable goods are Asian, European, American regions.

Hair vendors 1

Largest markets for hair

Each has its own characteristics of customers. For example:

  • European and American customers: prefer thick hair, virgin hair is their favorite because they buy hair to process with a lot of chemical treatments like dying, bleaching or heat-styling (requires hair to be durable and strong). Price is not really a problem, all they care about is quality.

    Hair vendors 2

    Thick hair extensions are favored in Europe and America

  • Asian markets: prefer hair of medium thickness but the factor of price is determining. Therefore, they mainly purchase remy hair (which is quite of high quality but a more affordable price compared to virgin hair)
  • South American markets: prefer natural black hair which represents the sexy look of Latin- American people so they mainly buy raw hair from Vietnamese hair vendors or import Indian raw hair (at a fairly cheap price) and then process with just a little treatment to give the hair a more shiny and charming appearance.

2. Characteristics of different hair vendors in the world

Each hair vendor in the world has their own characteristics. But in general, we can tell the common things of hair vendors based on their location (Asia, Europe, Latin America, China…)

2.1. Classification of hair vendors

To clarify more clearly to you, there are 2 common types of hair vendors which are distributor hair vendors and manufacturer hair vendors:

  • Distributor hair vendors: involved in distributing hair products and don’t have a real hair factory to produce hair. However, they often purchase a large amount of hair from the hair factory at a pretty low price so they also provide hair at a reasonable cost.
  • Manufacturer hair vendors: As the name suggests, this type of hair vendors engage in both producing and trading hair. They have real factories to create hair products and then sell hair to other wholesale hair vendors. They are considered as the first step in the chain of supplying hair.

    Hair vendors 3

    2 types of hair vendors

If you are a start up in the hair business, you should find a manufacturer hair vendor instead of a distributor one as you can directly inspect the hair quality at the factory and therefore be assured of the guarantee policy.

2.2. Different features of hair vendors in each different country

One of the most common worries is the origin of hair extensions. It takes a long time to find a trustworthy provider. Knowing this, we’ve put together a summary of 6 major hair markets: Vietnam, China, India, Burma, South America and Russia, which are home to the best hair vendors. All of the details of their hair’s origins, as well as its strong and weak points will be revealed.

2.2.1. Hair vendors in Vietnam

Vietnamese hair vendors have always been famous for supplying hair of the finest quality. Let’s find out some main reasons for that:

  • Hair origin: Vietnamese hair mainly comes from mountainous women who are at the age of 18-25 (the age of youth and refreshness). The weather conditions here are very favorable for hair growth and health because it is not so hot and wet during the year. Moreover, mountainous villagers rely on herbs to take care of their hair instead of using chemical shampoos which may affect the cuticle of the hair. That makes Vietnamese hair uniquely firm, strong, shiny and black

    Hair vendors 4

    Vietnamese hair

  • Hair characteristics: Thanks to the advantage of the hair source, Vietnamese hair extensions have unique characteristics that no hair can have. Hair originated from Vietnam is famous for its amazing length, thickness and richness in black melanin which give them a natural look. Moreover, it is also popular in the hair world for being equal in quality, durable and reasonably priced

    Hair vendors 5

    Vietnamese hair is silk and long

  • Factory-scale: Although operated in a medium scale production, hair factories in Vietnam focus on quality of each hair product they make. Best Vietnamese hair factories invest a lot of time inspecting the quality of hair before selling it. They also employ skilled workers and professional experts in the field to make sure that their hair reaches the finest quality and sophistication. A disadvantage of it is that hair is not always available in the stock so it is hard when purchasing a large order

    Hair vendors 6

    Medium factory scale

2.2.2. Hair vendors in China

You may be surprised to learn that not all Chinese hair extensions have a purely Chinese origin.

Hair vendors 7

Chinese hair

  • Hair origin: Only 20% of all Chinese hair extensions that are exported come from domestic hair sources. The remaining are raw hair imported from India, Vietnam and Cambodia. It is also revealed that Chinese hair vendors mix human hair with animal hair to increase their benefit
  • Hair characteristics: Chinese hair factories have state-of-the-art techniques to process raw hair, giving it a shiny look. However, due to overuse of chemical treatment, hair extensions originating from China do not have a long lifespan. It just appears to be silky and shiny at first but soon after a short time of using, it sheds and tangles.

    Hair vendors 8

    Chinese hair tangles after using a short time

  • Factory-scale: China is famous for factories with large scale production so if you want to buy a large amount of hair, you don’t have to shed a worrying thought. There is always hair for you. However, due to large scale production, not all items can be qualified carefully before exporting

    Hair vendors 9

    Hair factories with a large scale

2.2.3. Hair vendors in India

  • Hair origin: Indian hair vendors take hair from 2 primary sources: high quality raw hair from temples, and lower quality raw hair from all over the country. 
    • Thanks to the religion of worshipping Hindu gods, Indian people (both male and female) cut their hair to express their respect and belief. In the past, hair was dropped into the river to show respect, but today, when Indian hair traders realize the value of hair extensions, they have purchased this hair source at a high value.
    • The second hair source is from all over the country: either from “garbage hair” or from salon floors. This hair is definitely unqualified hair source

      Hair vendors 10

      Hair from temples and hair from garbage

  • Hair characteristics: Indian hair is not so strong and silk internally. Natural Indian hair is quite dry and curly. Therefore, it is not biased to say that Indian hair extensions quality is just of medium rate. The hair cannot last for a long time
  • Factory scale: Despite being one of the biggest raw hair exporters in the world, Indian hair factories just operate on a family or a household scale. It is more reasonable to be called a “workshop” rather than a “factory” as the number of workers in a factory is limited to 4-5 people. Regardless of that, the availability of raw hair from best Indian hair factories is always accessible (they stock raw hair in large quantities although the quality is just of normal rate)

2.2.4. Hair vendors in Burma/Malaysia

  • Hair origin: Burmese hair bears nearly the same origin as Vietnamese hair with hair coming from women at a youthful age. Hair supply for Burmese hair vendors, on the other hand, is larger than Vietnamese hair as it scatters all over the country, instead of concentrating in the North (as Vietnam)
  • Hair characteristics: Because the hair originates from young women in the domestic market, Burmese raw hair is quite nice with great length, thickness and a natural black color. It also has a long lifetime and an amazing durability

    Hair vendors 11

    Burmese hair extensions

  • Factory scale: Hair industry is a newly emerging industry in Malaysia as hair vendors have just realized the economic potential of it recently. Therefore, there are not many big hair factories in Burma with large scale production. On the contrary, the majority of them operate on a family scale (same as Indian hair workshops). Therefore, the quantity of Burmese hair available is sometimes limited

2.2.5. Brazilian hair vendors

  • Hair origin: You may be shocked to learn that Brazilian hair is just a term for marketing from Chinese hair vendors. They cleverly created this term to put it into the Brazilian market for better profit. Actually, there is no Brazilian hair. Instead, Brazilian hair is Vietnamese hair or Indian hair imported by Chinese hair vendors and process carefully with chemicals before exporting to Brazil and other South American countries
  • Hair characteristics: As previously mentioned, Brazilian hair is literally Indian hair and Vietnamese hair but being advancedly processed with state of the art technology from China so they have both hair characteristics of Vietnamese, Indian and Chinese hair. That partly explains why the quality and the price for Brazilian hair is pretty high

    Hair vendors 12

    Brazilian hair

2.3. Comparison of prices of hair supplied by hair vendors in the world

If you are interested in prices of hair supplied by hair vendors in the world, Besthairlist has summarized it briefly in a comparing table for you


Hair length Vietnamese Hair Chinese Hair Indian Hair Burmese Hair Brazilian Hair
16 inch $412 $350 $300 $476 $850
18 inch $470 $380 $350 $501 $900
20 inch $530 $480 $470 $526 $980
22 inch $595 $530 $520 $577 $1011
24 inch $675 $590 $570 $602 $1110
26 inch $710 $650 $620 $627 $1200
Conclusion Reasonable price

Suitable for: customers wants high quality products but affordable budget 

Quite low price

Suitable for: those who prioritize price over quality

Low price

Suitable for: wholesalers with low budget and little demand on quality

Quite high price

Suitable for: who wants to try new hair source

High price

Suitable for: Customers with high budgets

The table shows the average for 1kg of hair from different hair vendors with different hair types. In fact, the hair price is affected by hair colors, hair textures and the virgin level of  hair (virgin, remy or non-remy). Before deciding to buy hair from any hair vendors, remember: You get what you pay for. Don’t be so obsessed with lower price products that you may forget the quality issue.

3. Factors influencing global hair vendors

There are several elements that impact you as hair vendors; you should conduct thorough study ahead of time to ensure the greatest possible preparation for your organization! We’d like to discuss four of the most important elements with you.

3.1. Hair source of hair vendors

You’re probably aware that B2B hair vendors may conduct business with hair companies and other hair manufacturers all around the world. Although it has several advantages, as discussed above, there is still the question of how to locate the best wholesale hair manufacturer to serve as the primary supplier in such a vast world. The pricing and quality of the hair extensions are the two most significant variables. Once you’ve found a hair vendor that appears to offer high quality and a reasonable price, you won’t be able to verify the genuine quality of the hair extensions’ source.

Hair vendors 13

Factors affect hair vendors

Hair source probably affects the business of wholesale hair vendors as if there is shortage in the warehouse or in the stock, other steps in the exporting procedures will be delayed. Moreover, in the season when hair source and hair input is limited, you may confront an amazing rise in the price of hair extension

3.2. Time for shipping and delivering

The difficulty of delivery is another aspect that impacts B2B hair vendors. Consider this scenario: you locate a highly qualified factory, but there is no method to ship hair extensions from the location to yours. 

In addition, due to numerous customs restrictions, shipping is extremely complicated and expensive. So, what’s the best way to deal with the issue? 

=> For best time and effort savings, the only solution is to conduct preliminary research on the cargo and then focus only on locating appropriate factories in potential shipping locations. Here are some of the results of our previous research:

  • Shipping in Vietnam and China: You are lucky if you are to trade with Vietnamese or Chinese hair vendors as they are among 2 countries with the easiest importing and exporting procedures. One main reason for that is the governments in the 2 countries subsidize and support a lot for the hair industry (because it is one of the industries that bring high GDP and finance for the countries). Another reason is that China and Vietnam have separate shipping lines for each region. For example, if you are a hair vendor in Africa, best Chinese hair vendors will ship hair for you via a special ship to African region

    Hair vendors 14

    Shipping lines in China and Vietnam

  • Shipping term in Cambodia and Burma: Despite being a neighbor of Vietnam and China, Cambodia and Burma have a harder shipping procedure because the country itself does not have a supporting policy for hair vendors. Sometimes, Cambodian or Burmese hair vendors have to ship their hair to Vietnam/China before delivering the products to end-customers in the European or South American markets because of this hardship in exporting hair.
  • Shipping issue in India: Although it is not too hard for other hair wholesalers to import hair from India, it will take you quite a long period of time from agreeing your order until you get the final delivery. It is because India has only a total of 59 big and small ships for loading goods to other countries – According to the Economist.
  • Shipping in Russia: when you work with Russian hair vendors, you have to bear in mind that although they will serve you the best shipping policy, the time may take a little bit long as hair has to go through a far distance before finally reaching you.

3.3. Time for producing and packing

The time it takes to produce a perfect hair product is a major concern for hair vendors and resellers. If the time it takes to produce and pack hair is too long, your hair source will be definitely affected. Therefore, you have to consider carefully when choosing hair vendors for your business.

Hair vendors 15

A factor influences hair vendors

There are mainly 2 choices for you (remember that times go with quality):

  • Short production time BUT low quality products: If you want a hair supplier that is always accessible for hair and doesn’t put as much emphasis on quality of products. You can opt for Chinese hair vendors (take advantages of large scale production but the quality is not inspected very carefully) or Indian hair vendors (mainly export raw hair which does not require too much processing)
  • Medium-Long production time BUT higher quality products: On the other hand, if you want to focus on quality and never mind lengthy production time, Vietnamese hair vendors and Brazilian hair vendors should be your priority. High quality will absolutely make a good impression on your partners and customers so as a lucid wholesaler, you should take this fact into consideration before making a final decision.

3.4. External factors

Besides internal factors that can influence the production, exportation, trading of hair vendors in the world, external factors should be in the place. They sometimes influence global hair vendors on a large scale. They can be:

  • Currency exchange rate: Why? If you are trading with a Chinese hair vendor but the RMB exchange rate is quite high, you can just buy a smaller volume of hair with the same amount of money
  • COVID-19: does matter especially in the 2021 world because due to this contagious pandemic, there is literally no exporting or importing activities that can take place. Covid-19 affects shipping time, hair source of hair vendors in all over the world.

    Hair vendors 17

    Covid-19 seriously affects the hair industry

4. Tips to find reliable hair vendors regardless of your location

You want to find hair vendors to buy wholesale hair? You want to locate hair vendors to start a business with them? But the point is you don’t know whether these hair vendors are reliable or not. The below information may help you

Hair vendors 18

Experts tips

Signs of Reliable hair vendors Scammers signs
Have legitimate company document and a legal manufacturing license Cannot show you their company paper and manufacturing licensed by government
Have a clever website and selling page No website, selling page or media pages
High ratings from customers Low ratings/ No ratings from customers
Appear on top hair vendor lists Never appear on a reputed hair vendor list
Can video call with you to show their products Cannot video call with you because they don’t have hair
Experts in the hair industry Lack of basic information about hair
Have good photos about hair products, their factories No photos or stolen photos from the Internet
Have time to accompany you through every step to buy hair including you offer you a sample to test Just focus on your money and rush you to payment

So, a lesson is: spend time investigating your hair-partner-to-be carefully before deciding to buy hair from them

5. Top biggest hair vendors all over the world

Now we will discover top hair vendors all over the world regarding specific regions

5.2. Top 3 hair vendors from China

Now, we move to Chinese hair vendors to see what are the outstanding things about them and who are the best among thousands of nominators

5.2.1. Ted Hair

TedHair is one of the biggest hair vendors coming from China. It has more than 10 warehouses in China and in the US from Miami, New Jersey, LA or even Chicago… Although their warehouse’s location implies that their targeted customers are mainly in the US, they still export a large volume of raw hair and hair extensions to other regions. The quality of this hair factory is so good that they have cooperated with a lot of other big wholesalers, retailers and hair vendors in the world.

Hair vendors 21


In e-commerce sites like DHgate and Amazon, TedHair receives a total of 5000 reviews, 95% of them are good and excellent ratings. Furthermore, it is also ranked as platinum supplier on Alibaba, which is a reputed name

5.2.2. Nadula Hair

If you have ever looked for good hair vendors, you may have come across Nadula Hair. It specialized in providing hair of different origins including: Chinese hair extensions, Brazilian hair extensions, Burmese raw hair, Indian raw hair… All of their hair products are made entirely from human hair of top-notch quality so it is not necessary for you to worry about quality when partnering with this hair company

5.2.3. Juancheng Leshine Hair

A giant in Alibaba to be clear. Its capacity reaches a huge number, which is about 7000 tons of hair exported per year. It aims to supply hair with the finest quality but the most reasonable price. Furthermore, when working with Juancheng, you will receive a lot of promotion, I have to admit that their customer service should be in the 1st position. Customers have  a high opinion about this hair vendor (about 90% of all comments have compliments for Juancheng)

5.3. Top 3 Indian hair vendors

In India, the 3 most famous hair wholesalers are SGI Hair, Chennai hairs India and Jaipur hair

Hair vendors 22

Top 3 Indian hair vendors

5.3.1. SGI Hair

Though not specialized in supplying hair extensions, this Indian hair vendor exports lots of Indian raw hair annually. Because their partners are mainly other big factories and hair vendors, the volume of hair exported is really huge. Despite its young age, SGI has achieved a lot. It always appears on the top ranking for best Indian hair vendors and hair vendors with the largest exporting capacity and profitability.

5.3.2. Chennai Hair

Chennai Hair is another name coming from India that is worth mentioning. It owns a large hair factory which covers an area of more than 2000 square meters. The company also hires skilled workers and knowledgeable experts in the field to serve the finest quality to customers. Working under the slogan “Customers are Gods”, they focus on customer service and succeed in leaving a good impression on their customers.

5.3.3. Jaipur Hair

Jaipur Hair is a golden supplier on Alibaba, its rating score is 4.5/5 (a quite high score for B2B business). Customers also have great compliments for Jaipur because their raw hair quality is super good but the price is also affordable for a large order.

5.4. Top 3 Burmese hair vendors

In Burma, the 3 biggest hair wholesalers are Mickey Hair, Jenz Hair and Xuchang Jinye Hair

5.4.1. MicKey Hair

Burmese Hair vendors also emerged in the hair industry and achieved certain positions in this potential market. MicKey Hair is one of the most profitable companies earning profits from hair. It exported raw hair to many countries such as China, India, Brazil…The hair factory is not so updated but undeniably, the raw hair from Burmese people is really good and strong.

5.4.2. JenzHair

JenzHair has been in the industry for 5 years and has certain achievements in the field. They have 2 factories in the country and 2 warehouses in China and in the US. Quality of hair from this hair vendor is really good. In my opinion, it goes beyond my expectation with this low price

5.4.3. Xuchang Jinye Hair

Xuchang Jinye is a Burmese Hair vendor but its head office is in China. However, all the input material for hair extensions made come from 100% Burmese women’s hair. That makes Burmese hair extensions firm and strong. This hair vendor rating score is 4.5/5 in Alibaba, which is a high rating and it is ranked as a golden supplier.

Hair vendors 23

Xuchang Jinye Hair

5.5. Top 3 Brazilian hair vendors

In Brazil, top 3 biggest hair wholesalers with positive reputation are Extensiones De Cabello (in the first rank), QueenLike Hair (as runner-up) and Cabelos Atacado (in the 3rd position)

5.5.1. Extensiones De Cabello 

Extensiones De Cabello is a famous hair vendor that supplies not only Brazilian raw hair but also 100% human hair of high quality. This is famous for good customer service, excellent products and good visuals in the media.

5.5.2. QueenLike Hair

You may be familiar with QueenLike Hair because it often appears on top ranking for best hair vendor list. 

Main products; Brazilian hair of all lengths, textures and colors at an affordable colors

5.5.3. Cabelos Atacado

Cabelos Atacado is the only Brazilian hair vendor that has an onsite factory in Brazil. Despite its young age, the company has cooperated with a lot of famous hair salons in the South American regions and all across the world.

Hair vendors 24

Cabelos Atacado

The input source of this hair company mainly comes from Vietnam (famous for its unique beauty and durability). Therefore, the output reaches high quality and sophistication

5.6. Top 3 Russian hair vendors

In Russia, top 3 most reputated hair wholesalers who have the highest annual export number are Kalugar hair, Russian hair company and

5.6.1. Kalugahair

Kaluga hair specializes in Russian hair extensions of all lengths, colors and hair textures. However, because its targeted customers mainly come from the Eastern Europe who love blonde colors, Kaluga’s strength products are slavic hair totally from Russian women. Therefore, the price is not so affordable for wholesalers and retailers who are searching for cheap inputs. But never mind low quality when working with Kaluga

Hair vendors 25

Top 3 Russian hair vendors

5.6.2. Russian Hair Company

Russian Hair Company is famous for its provision of slavic hair. Although not all of them are from Russian women, the input for bleaching and dying are of finest quality so the hair is also very firm and lasts for a long time.

Main products: Slavic virgin hair, Slavic remy hair, Slavic non remy hair of all lengths at a reasonable price


The last in our hair vendor list, is also a famous hair vendor coming from Russia. The total volume of hair exportation reaches a huge number, which is approximately 1000 tons every year. Its targeted markets are South American, the US and Asian regions.

The hair vendors have excellent customer services with a lot of promotion according to seasons and years. 


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