Hair wholesalers in China: Top 4 best Chinese hair wholesalers

hair wholesalers in china

Trading with hair wholesalers in China may bring you a lot of money if you learn well how to effectively cooperate with them. This post will include a table rating the top 5 largest hair wholesalers from China, as well as a lot of interesting information about them.

1. Get to know hair wholesalers in China

It is important to get to know hair wholesalers in China in terms of definition, categories, price and main markets of them.

1.1. Definition and categories of hair wholesalers in China

As the name suggests, hair wholesalers in China refers to hair companies that sell hair in quantity, or wholesale, to the next customer.

In fact, in this country, there are only two categories of hair wholesalers in China:

  • The first sort of hair wholesalers in China is the one that owns a hair manufacturing business. They are involved in both the production and sale of goods.

    hair wholesalers in china 1

    Type 1 hair wholesalers in China owns a hair manufacturing business

  • The second type of hair wholesalers from China is only a means of dispersing suppliers. They don’t have any manufacturing facilities, but they do have access to hair, which they sell on the open market for a profit thanks to the price disparity.

    hair wholesalers in china 2

    Type 2 of vendor only trades hair without producing it

For the most part, it will definitely be more cost-effective for you to conduct business with the first ones. In addition to saving money by buying hair at a lesser price, you may examine the quality of the hair by visiting the facility where it is manufactured if you choose to work with hair wholesalers in China with factories.

1.2. Hair price offered by hair wholesalers in China

From a thousand hair manufacturers and hair merchants, Besthairlist has compiled the following typical pricing table for hair extensions from hair wholesalers in China. You can look at this for reference:

Product from hair suppliers in China Price offered by hair wholesalers in China
Virgin straight hair 3 bundles Brazilian hair $71.00-$304.43 (depending on lengths)
Highlight Halo hair extensions (18/#613) $55.80-$85.90
Single drawn (7A) bone straight hair $13.80-$45.99 (depending on length)
Single drawn (7A) virgin hair $17.59-$68.79
Double drawn (8A, 9A) virgin hair $32.69-$94.69
Super double drawn (10A, 11A) virgin hair $35.89-$109.99
Vip quality (12A) virgin hair $36.69-$109.99

1.3. Major exporting destinations of hair wholesalers in China

Hair wholesalers in China are famous around the world with a high reputation for hair wholesaling and bulk hair. They create good business partnerships with many hair wholesalers in every region. Among them, North America (41 percent), South Africa (20 percent), and Western Europe (10 percent) make up the three largest markets for hair wholesalers in China. There is a small percentage of hair exported by hair wholesalers in China that comes to other locations, but it is still a significant amount. If you want to learn more about the hair exporting market for Chinese hair factories, check out this graphic:

hair wholesalers in china 3

Major exporting destinations of hair wholesalers in China

2. Outstanding characteristics of hair wholesalers in China

China has an unusually high concentration of hair manufacturers and distributors, why are so many of the greatest wholesale hair suppliers from China? Because hair wholesalers in China have a few distinct qualities.

2.1. Hair origin of hair wholesalers in China

The term “Chinese hair extensions” may be deceptive because hair extensions from hair wholesalers in China don’t totally collect hair from Chinese origin. In fact, hair wholesalers in China, on the other hand, buy raw hair materials from such famous countries for hair like Vietnam, Cambodia and India at a low price and treat it with chemicals. According to Statista (a reliable economic site), Chinese hair wholesalers import different hair origin for more than 80 percent of the country’s total supply, leaving just 20 percent of total hair volume collected from the domestic sources.

hair wholesalers in china 5

Chinese hair wholesalers treat hair with chemicals in their factories

To give the raw hair a newly bright, fresh appearance, hair wholesalers in China often use a substantial amount of chemicals. That’s also why hair wigs supplied by hair wholesalers in China are always eye-catching and attract customers to order immediately. However, as a consequence of excessive chemical treatments, hair purchased from hair wholesalers in China are likely to be tangled and frizzy after a short time of use despite appearing shiny and silk at first.

2.2. Factory scale of hair wholesalers in China

In order to fulfill the ever-growing demands of the worldwide market, hair wholesalers in China create hair on a massive scale, which operates in industrial scale production. Furthermore, these facilities are frequently very capable because of the use of high-tech production techniques. Advanced hair treatment technology also partly explains why Chinese hair companies have such diverse and unique designs. There are types of hair extensions that only Chinese hair factories can make

hair wholesalers in china 9

Factory scale of hair wholesalers in China

Moreover, hair wholesalers in China generally employ a large number of highly-skilled personnel to produce the most advanced hair products for their consumers.

2.3. Hair wholesalers in China have excellent customer service

It is agreed by many hair experts that hair wholesalers in China are quite reliable and give excellent service. 

hair wholesalers in china 20

They have good customer service

  • When trading hair or ordering hair from them (as opposed to dealing with fraudsters), they will make certain that you get the best possible customer service, both for before sales, in sales and after sales.
  • A discount for a big purchase, for example, or a discount for placing a second order are also offered by hair wholesalers in China. Furthermore, if you get their cargo but are dissatisfied with the hair, you may request that they exchange it. That is completely acceptable to them and they are always willing to help you as customers.
  • Hair wholesalers in China are also among the top-ranked companies on respectable rating systems, thanks to their excellent customer service and top-notch quality hair products.

2.4. Hair wholesalers in China offer convenient importing and shipping

If you haven’t heard, purchasing hair from hair wholesalers in China is the most simplest and straightforward option for a hair business. 

Why is it? To the best of my knowledge, any industry that generates economic output is subsidized by China’s government. As a result, if importing Chinese hair goods, you don’t have to worry about hefty tax or fee charges, or onerous processes.

hair wholesalers in china 21

Convenient shipping and importing procedure

Furthermore, since hair wholesalers in China have distinct shipping lines for different areas, you will get your hair orders extremely fast (within 5 days not mentioning your location) when you purchase hair from them. There are some Chinese hair wholesalers that also offer 24-hour delivery, which is an amazing speed.

3. Hair products from hair wholesalers in China

Hair extensions and raw hair bundles are the most common forms of hair sold by Chinese hair wholesalers. We will outline the characteristics of each hair type as well as a detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of these hair types.

3.1. Hair extensions supplied by hair wholesalers in China

Firstly, hair wholesalers in China are globally famous for providing excellent but affordable hair extensions:

  • Hair wholesalers in China provide many types of hair extensions and hair wigs including tape-in hair extensions, tip-in hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, sew-in hair extensions, full lace wigs, and so on.

    hair wholesalers in china 23

    Hair extensions supplied by Chinese hair wholesalers

  • Hair wholesalers in China export high-quality hair extensions despite low cost. Chinese hair extensions achieve the maximum degree of complexity thanks to innovative technology, competent personnel, and consistent input. As a result, it is unnecessary for you to be concerned about the quality of hair extensions from hair wholesalers in China if you do business with them.
  • However, since raw hair undergoes extensive chemical and additive treatment well before becoming finally the finished product, its lustrous luster disappears quickly, and the hair becomes frizzy and tangled.

    hair wholesalers in china 25

    Quality of hair supply by hair wholesalers from China

3.2. Raw hair supplied by hair wholesalers in China

Hair wholesalers in China often blend their raw hair from a variety of sources as we have stated in part 2.1. Raw hair from India, Vietnam and Cambodia may be used to create this product. All of these hair sources are famously regarded as the best raw hair in the world.

hair wholesalers in china 23

Chinese raw hair

When ordering raw hair from Chinese hair wholesalers, you will benefit from the fact that you will have the most competitive pricing and will be assured about the product’s availability in stock. Please remember, however, that the quality of raw hair from hair wholesalers in China does not match that of other sources since it is a blend of many different sources.

4. Useful tricks to stay away from fraud hair wholesalers in China

If you’re looking for some pointers on how to avoid fraudsters, have a look at the table below to familiarize yourself with the characteristics that distinguish legitimate merchants from scammers. You can see the clear distinctions between legitimate and fraudulent hair wholesalers in China 

hair wholesalers in china 24

Table of different signs between reliable wholesalers and scammers

5. Trustable channels to find good hair wholesalers in China

Experts at Besthairlist will walk you through the process of finding credible Chinese hair suppliers using three primary methods:

hair wholesalers in china 30

Channels to find hair wholesalers

  • The best search engine is Google. Use Google and you’ll lose out on a lot of information. Searching “hair wholesalers in China” will bring up a list of tens of thousands of hair wholesalers in China. Take your pick. Before contacting or working with this hair provider, make sure to conduct some research on them first.
  • E-commerce website: While you may become lost in Google’s sea of advertisements and misinformation, B2B e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, Aliexpress and Alibaba may actually be your compass. These websites provide a number of Chinese hair suppliers. The comments as well as ratings of these hair wholesalers in China’ prior consumers may also help you arrive at the final decision.
  • External agency: You may, in fact, engage a consulting service to assist you in finding the best wholesalers for your needs. Some agencies like Besthairlist can surely help you choose the best hair wholesalers in China for your business.

6. How to effectively work with hair wholesalers in China?

We will walk you through six crucial stages for working with Chinese hair wholesalers:

hair wholesalers in china 33

Working with wholesale hair vendors from China

  • Find trusted wholesale hair dealers in China:

Don’t dismiss this step; instead, take the time to choose a reliable one. Otherwise, you will have to deal with con artists and risk losing a large amount of money.

  • When you’ve spent enough time researching them, contact hair wholesalers in China.

Contact the seller when you have determined that they are reputable and trustworthy. You may quickly email them, as well as send messages over Whatsapp, Alibaba, or just submit a basic quote. A reputable hair merchant will respond quickly to your communication, and then both of you may go to the following stage.

  • Request further information

It is critical that you learn more about your upcoming provider. You are free to ask any questions you have at the time. For example, inquire about the minimum order quantity (MOQ), shipment price, delivery time, payment conditions, and discounts for big orders… All of this information is essential for you and your company.

  • Examine their hair sample

If this is your first time dealing with Chinese hair wholesalers, don’t forget to request a sample. It assists you in inspecting the quality of hair products before making a major buy. For example, if you wish to purchase 30 kg of Chinese clip-in hair extensions, request a modest order of 1 kilogram first. If this sample is satisfactory, proceed.

  • Complete the transaction with Chinese hair wholesalers.

When it comes time to sign the contract, make sure everything is documented in hard copies and authentic paperwork.

  • Check your order once again.

Before you pay the balance of the money, double-check the final postals.

7. Top 4 best hair wholesalers in China recommended by Besthairlist

Now, it is time for a ranking chart of 4 best hair wholesalers in China. Let’s discover these famous hair providers together

7.1. Beautyforever Hair – Top 1 hair wholesalers in China

Beautyforever Hair is one of the hot searched hair wholesalers in China. Beautyforever hair specialized in providing hair wefts and closures made entirely of real hair. The firm, which is based in Guangzhou and has hair warehouses in different locations around the world, sells a big amount of hair each year. 

You can read more about Beautyforever hair reviews to know more about it.

hair wholesalers in china 50

Beautyforever Hair

7.2. Nadula Hair – Top 2 hair wholesalers in China

Nadula Hair is one of hair wholesalers in China with over ten years of expertise in the trade of hair extensions. Nadula’s primary markets are the United States, the United Kingdom, Asia and South Africa. The yearly total hair output is enormous since the firm operates on a massive scale, with a plant that is larger than 1000 square meters.

Customers praise Nadula hair company  for its exceptional customer care, in-store promotions, and after-sales assistance. 

hair wholesalers in china 40

Nadula Hair

7.3. UNice Hair – Top 3 hair wholesalers in China

UNice Hair company is one of the top hair wholesalers in China behemoth. Unice has quickly established a good reputation with ten years of expertise and experience in providing hair extensions. These Chinese hair wholesalers are primarily concerned with client satisfaction, thus they spend much in each step of manufacturing. Although the pricing is not really cheap, the quality they deliver is well worth the money.

hair wholesalers in china 50

UNice Hair

7.4. Julia Hair – Potential hair wholesalers in China

Julia is well-known not only in the domestic market, but also across the globe, as one of the greatest hair wholesalers in China. The company sells hair extensions in a variety of colors, textures and lengths. Their rates vary based on the customer’s needs. However, one advantage of Julia hair is that they often give clients amazing offers and promotions.

hair wholesalers in china 60

Julia Hair

In conclusion, trading hair or getting engaged in a hair business with the best hair wholesalers in China will absolutely bring you a lot of money. Through the article, you have learned a lot about the main markets, outstanding characteristics of them. Moreover, as long as you know how to find reliable vendors, work effectively with them, you will find yourself benefited. The top lists of 4 biggest hair wholesalers in China will provide you with a reliable reference.


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