How To Take Care Of Bone Straight Hair: Tips By Experts

how to take care of bone straight hair

Bone straight hair is favored by many people including famous celebrities like Ariana Grande. You want to have a gorgeous look with beautiful hair yet don’t know how to take care of bone straight hair. Here, besthairlist will not only tell you fun facts about this hair type but also give you top tips recommended by experts to give the best care for it.

1. Overview of bone straight hair

Before discovering interesting things about bone straight hair, we should really learn some basic information about it including the definition, classification and misunderstanding about this hair

1.1. What is bone straight hair? 

Before discovering tips on how to take care of bone straight hair, we should ge to know bone straight hair. This is the hair for you if you’re searching for a style that won’t cause you any worry. This is the hair for you if you want people to pay notice to you. If you’re looking to create a fashion statement, go no further than your hair. Just go for it with this hairstyle. But remember to read the “how to take care of bone straight hair in the right way”

how to take care of bone straight hair 1

Bone straight hair extensions look like

1.2. Advantages of using bone straight hair

Using bone straight hair brings users a lot of advantages:

  • Protect your natural hair strands: Rather than styling your hair, you may just buy this item and have straight hair (but have to know how to take care of bone straight hair carefully). There’s no need to use heat on your mane. Isn’t it straightforward? On the market, there are a plethora of merchants selling hair extensions, and you should select a reputable one and place an order.
  • Versatile: If your hair is bone straight, you can style it in a ponytail and then let it down. We believe you will pique people’s interest and get appreciative eyes.
  • Increase hair length and volume: The hair extension not only gives users a smooth and straight look, but it also helps people with thinning hair. Get a flat iron weave bone straight instead of altering your current hair.

    how to take care of bone straight hair 2

    Bone straight hair extensions on wearing

1.3. Different types of bone straight hair

To know how to take care of bone straight hair in the right way, we also need to know classification of this hair. Literally, Bone straight hair comes in three varieties:

how to take care of bone straight hair 3

Single drawn, double drawn and super double drawn bone straight hair

  • Single drawn: It has around 40-50% of hair strands that are the same length, with the rest being mixed in with shorter ones. As a result, a single drawn bundle seems thick at the root and thin at the bottom. As a result, a single drawn hair bundle is the lowest when compared to double drawn and super double drawn bundles. Single drawn bundle wigs are typically manufactured for customers on a tight price.
  • Double drawn: 60-70 percent of the hair strands are the same length in this kind. For instance, the top and center are full and thick, but the bottom is thinner than the top. It’s also more costly than the single-drawn version. A perfect bone straight hair extension, on the other hand, is produced from super double drawn hair.
  • The hair with the greatest thickness is super double drawn. Hair strands of the equal length make up around 80-90 percent of the total. Because of its density, a super double drawn of hair bone straight provides you the illusion of having real hair. This is the most luscious bone straight hair you’ll ever see. The price of this hair is higher than the other two options, and it is often purchased by those of upper-class ladies, or high-end hair salons.

1.4. Distinguishing bone straight hair vs natural straight hair

Because of its similarity in straightness, this hair looks a lot like natural straight hair. There are, however, distinctions amongst them, which is why this article is here to inform you about them before giving you the tips for taking care of bone straight hair. This way, you won’t be perplexed and mistakenly label any hair you see as bone straight.

how to take care of bone straight hair 4

Compare bone straight hair vs Natural straight hair

There is no need to style bone straight hair.

Bone straight hair, unlike natural straight hair, does not require styling, making it free of stress but it still requires care for bone straight hair. You’ll spend a less amount of time brushing and battling as a result. It’s also not knotted at all because the hair is loose and strong. But, this function, on the other hand, is quite inconvenient. You cannot change hair styles if you love this type of hair. It only works on naturally straight hair.

Hair that is naturally straight may be made curly, while hair that is bone straight cannot.

how to take care of bone straight hair 5

Natural straight hair can be curled but bone straight hair can not

You already knew that from the first point. Perhaps you’ll tire of the straight hair and want to add some curly textures to it one day. That’s quite lovely, however curls aren’t recommended for this sort of hair. It can’t even keep the curls in place. So, don’t even think of curling it.

Go for natural straight hair if you want to be able to curl your hair whenever you want to change up your style. It’s great for curly hair and may even add a deeply wavy to your hair.

Hair that is bone straight is flat.

how to take care of bone straight hair 6

Bone straight hair is flat and smooth

Hair that is bone straight is generally smooth and flat. It has a thinner appearance than natural human hair and does not look as voluminous as its natural straight hair.

It’s not a good idea to bleach and redye bone straight hair.

Because bone straight hair is easily damaged, bleach or color it is not advisable, especially with a bright blonde color. If you need to dye your hair extensions, choose dark shades like brown or black 1B.

Natural hair, particularly virgin hair, can be bleached to make your own bone straight with your favorite color. Now we are ready for the most interesing part “how to take care of bone straight hair at home”.

1.5. Is it hard to take care of bone straight hair at home?

It’s not difficult to take care of bone straight hair, especially at home. Because of the characteristics stated above, the hair is stress-free. To preserve the texture, remember to wash your hair extension carefully every day, keep it away from high temperatures and humidity, and use hair serum, keratin, olive oil, and other similar products on a regular basis.

how to take care of bone straight hair 7

Taking care of bone straight hair is easy

Remember to check with your hairstylist if you’re seeking to attain a fresh appearance with hair weave or extensions. If you’re doubtful, seek their counsel. Make an effort not to harm your hair or the weave. Combine with accessories or flawless makeup for a more natural and feminine look. We are confident that you will not be disappointed if you choose to wear these hairs.

It takes little to no styling, making it a stress-free hairstyle. Brushing and combing it through is a breeze, and you won’t have to worry about it falling out. Just make sure you get the original straight, which is ultra-slim.

2. How to take care of bone straight hair in the right way?

Due to shipment (packing method and extended delivery time), the hair may not arrive with the same texture as in the videos. So, how to take care of bone straight hair to make you look good for a long time? Let’s see what we can find out right now.

how to take care of bone straight hair 8

Bone straight hair extensions

Taking care of bone straight hair is just like taking care of hair extensions of other types, when initially opening the item, one advice you should memorize is to shake the bundle. The texture of bone straight hair may appear sloppy owing to shipping. The hair strand can be returned to its natural form by opening the packaging and shaking the bundles. Before being packaged for transportation, the hair is sometimes rolled. As a result, before using the bone straight bundles, you must straighten them again.

2.1. The easiest approach to maintain bone straight hair is to use a hair straightener rather than an iron.

It comes as a shock to me because I know some of my customers use an iron to straighten their hair. An iron is used on clothing and fabrics, but hair extension bundles require specialised instruments, such as a hair straightener. To prevent color fading or dry hair, the hair straightener must have a specific surface coated with keratin and coconut oil.

how to take care of bone straight hair 9

Using hair straightener with coconut oil

Why would you use an iron on human hair if you don’t have to? 

An iron with a wattage of around 1200W is used for all types of textiles, from the most delicate, such as polyester, to those that require extremely high temperatures, such as cotton or wood. Human hair is more fragile than cloth and ought to be treated with more care. You will damage the keratin layer of the hair strand, fade colors, and remove any herbals put to the hair to maintain it glossy and smooth if you use the iron to iron hair. Let’s use a hair straightener with a power ranging from 20 to 60 watts, which is acceptable for usage at home.

how to take care of bone straight hair 10

Using hair ironer instead of a flat iron

A few clients utilize the iron to fix the hair packs, they might see the picture above and keep thinking about whether the hair is blended in with silicone or engineered hair. Yet, actually all the keratin layer and nourishment applied are demolished because of unpleasant dealing with.

2.2. How to use a hair straightener to straighten your hair:

To apply to the hair, use a hair serum bottle. The hair serum adds moisture to the hair, which helps to prevent friction damage.

Hair in the tail should be combed. Then comb the bundle’s top.

Split the bundle into little pieces and straighten the hair using a hair straightener.

When using heat tools on human hair, keep the following temperatures in mind: 180 degrees Celsius (= 356 degrees Fahrenheit) for natural black hair and 160 degrees Celsius (= 320 degrees Fahrenheit) for colored hair.

No hairdresser uses the iron on customers, and hair straighteners are the most common instrument in all hair salons. So, let’s pick the right hair tools for your hair to keep the trends going.

2.3. Do you brush hair effectively to deal with bone straight hair? 

At the point when you awaken or let the hair stream into the breeze, the hair can tangle (your genuine hair & hair augmentation, clearly). Brushing hair is important however how about we do it in a proper manner.

how to take care of bone straight hair 11

Brushing hair is important

On the off chance that your hair is long, how about we brush the tail first, where there are a great deal of tangles. Then, at that point you can brush the highest point of the hair. A hair master consistently makes sure to apply nourishment prior to brushing hair.

2.4. Washing hair is a fundamental stage to deal with bone straight hair 

Is it important to wash human hair expansion? The appropriate response is “Yes”, in light of genuine human hair. We should investigate a few attributes of genuine human hair: 

  • Driability: Human hair can be dry easily because hair covers the real skin 
  • Human natural hair can be oily and filthy because of residue noticeable all around. 
  • Human natural hair can tangle because of dry condition

    how to take care of bone straight hair 12

    Washing hair is a fundamental stage to deal with bone straight hair

To keep hair bone straight, you must wash it and use a conditioner every time you shampoo. As much as Vietnamese hair is used in nutrition and herbs, many things may damage it while in route. For example, lengthy shipping times lead to loss of moisture and harsh handling by the carrier results to skewed hair. Long shipment times Knowing how to take care of your hair properly is essential if you want to keep your hair as straight as possible.

2.5. Using hair serum, spray for hair and protein-rich natural oils

When hair extensions are devoid of protein, they freeze throughout the summer and into the early part of the autumn. The best periods to increase your protein consumption are in the spring and autumn. Because of the high humidity, hair may become brittle and “mushy.” This means that you should use protein treatments on your hair and take extra care with it.

Hair breakage may be prevented if protein treatments are used throughout the summer and early autumn when hair is at its most delicate and brittle, regardless of whether you wish to put stress on it. If you don’t have the time to go through many different procedures to maintain your hair extension bone straight, use a hair spray that has keratin, protein, collagen, and other chemicals in it instead.

how to take care of bone straight hair 13

Using hairspray, hair serum, and protein-rich natural oils

3. Top 5 Shampoos to take care of your bone straight hair

There are a lot of shampoos that are tagged “best product for bone straight hair” in the market. Here are top 5 best shampoos to take care of your bone straight hair

3.1.Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Introduction: If there’s one shampoo for hair extensions that everyone agrees on, it’s this Olaplex choice. This product can help you repair the damage caused by environmental stresses, chemical treatments, or heat styling if you have split ends or excess frizz. It works by re-linking damaged hair connections, making your mane more manageable, stronger, and healthier.

how to take care of bone straight hair 14

Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo


  • Hair bonds that have been broken are reconnected.
  • Frizz and flyaways are no longer an issue.
  • Hair is glossy and moisturized after use.
  • Suitable for all hair types especially suitable for taking care of bone straight hair
  • Contains no sulfates and paraben
  • No tested on animals

Cons: High price $28 for a bottle of 280ml

Ratings: The shampoo receives more than 35,000 reviews on Amazon the majority of which are positive reviews. The overall rating score of all users are 4.5/5 (really good)

3.2. OGX Thick & Full + Biotin & Collagen Hair Volumizing Shampoo

Introduction: This product not only infuses strands with vital vitamins that have reparative and strengthening properties, but it also contains collagen, which makes hair appear thicker and fuller. It’s the ideal volumizing solution for fine, damaged hair, and the pricing isn’t bad either.

how to take care of bone straight hair 15

OGX Thick & Full + Biotin & Collagen Hair Volumizing Shampoo


  • Gives hair a stunning boost with bigger, more plentiful appearing locks by thickening and volumizing it.
  • The aroma of bergamot, jasmine, and vanilla leaves tresses smelling delicious.
  • Paraben-free
  • Sulfate-free
  • The shampoo is designed for flat to medium volume hair, and it makes hair appear and feel fuller and healthier.
  • Use OGX’s full Biotin & Collagen hair care line for a volume-boosting treatment.
  • No tested on animals

Cons: Slightly heavy formula

Rating: OGX Thick & Full + Biotin & Collagen Hair Volumizing Shampoo receives nearly 4000 reviews on Ulta Beauty (a trustable website for beauty reviews). 81% of respondents will be ready to recommend it to their friends. The overall average score is 4.4/5.

3.3. Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Super Moisture Shampoo

Introduction: This moisturizing shampoo is the offspring of a frothy shampoo and a deep conditioning mask. It contains a special mix of moisturizing oils and natural extracts that provide a boost of moisture to dry, damaged hair, as well as healing elements like biotin and panthenol that help prevent breakage and seal split ends.

how to take care of bone straight hair 16

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Super Moisture Shampoo


  • Hair is cleansed without being stripped of its natural oils.
  • Essential hydration and nutrients are restored.
  • Briogeo’s patented NOVA Complex fortifies, nourishes, and protects the skin while being clean and organically sourced.
  • Moisture is increased by using natural oils and extracts.
  • Enhances radiance
  • Sulfate-free
  • A fresh and clean scent

Cons: High price $36 for 473ml

Rating: On Ulta Beauty, it receives more than 700 reviews, 65% of respondents would recommend the product to their friends and family. Overall score: 4.5

3.4. NaturalTech Davines Nourishing Shampoo

Introduction: Davines Nourishing Shampoo is specially formulated to help nourish, restore and protect forever dry, split ends that look lifeless. With a concentrated creamy foam texture, the product helps to gently clean, remove dirt, excess oil on the hair and scalp, leaving the hair soft and light, the scalp is open.

how to take care of bone straight hair 17

NaturalTech Davines Nourishing Shampoo


  • Completely plant-based, especially containing Grape Phytoceutical – rich in polyphenols with strong antioxidant properties
  • Helps fight aging for hair and scalp.
  • No preservatives
  • Say no with paraben, silicon, sulfate

Cons: The scent is strong (not suitable for sensitive skin)

Rating: 4.5

3.5. Shu Uemura Ultimate Reset Shampoo for Very Damaged Hair

Introduction: Shu Eumura is a brand that is extremely familiar with beauty believers. This brand focuses on developing high-end product lines with quite expensive prices compared to the budget of most women, however, their quality is undisputed. Shu Uemura Ultimate Reset Shampoo is a mild shampoo that cleanses and nourishes even the most damaged hair, using rice extract derived from Japan for maximum strength.

how to take care of bone straight hair 18

Shu Uemura Ultimate Reset Shampoo for Very Damaged Hair


  • Rice extract moisturizes as well as protects the skin.
  • Damage caused by heat styling and color processing is repaired.
  • Hair is not weighed down by the light composition.
  • Suitable for all hair types especially good to taking care bone straight hair
  • No tested on animals

Cons: High price $49 for 300ml bottle

Rating: On Sephora, the product receives 234 ratings, and its average rating score is 4.5

By: Besthairlist by hair experts

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