Indian Hair Factory: Top List 5 Hair Factories In India

indian hair factory

You want to find a cheap hair source for your personal hair business. With product price advantage, Indian hair factory is an ideal partner for you

1. An overview about hair products from Indian hair factory

Indian hair factory is famous for exporting a large amount of hair annually. The reasons for this is that Indian hair factory has sufficient source of hair and labor force. Now, let’s move on to know general ideas about them.

1.1. Origin of hair source of Indian hair factory

Indian hair factory sources their raw materials from domestic regions. Indian women’s hair extensions come from certain temples in South India. Long hair was traditionally exchanged for prayers by Indian women. On a monthly basis, the Hindu temple administrators gather this authentic Indian hair and sell it off to Indian hair wholesalers. As a result, the hair’s quality varies due to the fact that it comes from hundreds or thousands of women in a certain place.

indian hair factory 1

Indian hair factory mixes hair from many sources

Besides, Indian hair factory also mixes hair from raw Cambodian hair vendors and other unknown hair sources.

1.2. Major destinations of hair products from Indian hair factory

Indian hair factory export over 2000 tonnes of hair annually to many markets.

The primary customers for hair from Indian hair factory are the Asian+ world like Malaysia, China, Cambodia…

indian hair factory 2

Indian human hair extensions

In addition to sending human hair to the aforementioned nations, Indian hair factory also distributes its top-notch product to Rangoon, where it is purchased as raw material to be turned into weaves and wigs, as well as Africa, which is another large market for this organic commodity.

2. Things you need to know about Indian hair factory

However, above are not all information about Indian hair factory. Instead, there are also secrets to reveal, as well as notes when deciding to work with them

2.1. Introduction to Indian hair factory

Despite being the world’s largest market for hair extensions, most overseas buyers do not identify Indian hair as a high-quality product due to outdated hair extension processes.

However, hair from Indian hair factory may be a fantastic alternative for customers on a tight budget. Indian hair factory may offer their customers inexpensive costs due to the availability of local hair. The cost of a single bundle starts at $3 or $4.

indian hair factory 3

Indian hair is cheap with a normal quality

But one thing you should remember: because the hair is from a variety of sources, the quality cannot be assured, and the price cannot be higher.

2.2. Producing hair in Indian hair factory

Indian hair factory has to process hair with many steps before they export to other countries or sell hair to their customers.

In general, there are 7 steps (or more steps in some certain Indian hair factory) of producing hair:

Step1: Procuring hair directly from hair donors

Step2: Drying raw hair below the sun

Step3: Sorting and removing short hair

Step4: Washing the hair (without chemicals)

Step5: Drying raw hair below the sun again

Step6: Washed hair is hackled and made into hair bundles

indian hair factory 5

7 steps of processing hair in an Indian hair factory

Step7: The hair bundle is used for making hair extensions, hair wigs and hair braiding

According to the Indian hair factory, those steps ensure the highest quality of hair exported to international markets.

2.3. Main products of Indian hair factory

Indian hair factory does not have as many products as hair factory in other countries like Vietnam or China. They sell mainly raw hair products, which come into 3 types: Raw indian virgin hair, Raw indian remy hair and raw indian non-remy hair

  • Raw indian virgin hair:

It is the best raw hair extension in terms of quality. Indian hair factory cuts virgin hair from only 1 DONOR and says no with chemical when treating this hair type.

As a result, virgin hair produced by Indian hair factory is very strong, smooth and healthy. It is always the best choice for every trendy hairstyle.

  • Raw indian remy hair:

It is the most favored type of hair thanks to its price and quality. Remy hair from indian hair factory is cheaper than virgin hair but its quality is nearly as high as virgin hair. Raw indian remy hair comes from 2-3 hair donors who have the same hair quality. Remy hair comes in only 1 direction and is very smooth

  • Raw indian non-remy hair:
indian hair factory 6

Raw Vietnamese virgin hair, remy hair and non-remy hair

It is the cheapest raw hair supplied by Indian hair factory because it is much easier to collect and product. Non-remy hair is mixed from a pool of hair donors. It does not come in 1 direction so its quality is lower compared to remy hair and virgin hair. However, the advantage of non-remy hair from Indian hair factory is its cheap price.


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3. Notes when trading raw hair from Indian hair factory

Indian hair, as previously said, is not suited for those with strict requirements because of its inconsistent quality. When straightened or bleached at high heat, plastic coupled with falling hair will burn. Although some people find it passable, it does not compare to higher-quality illusive hair.

Moreover, for foreign clients who want to deal with Indian hair factory, the shipping policy is very stringent because the country has unstable political condition. You also have to wait for a long time for shipment.

4. How to find an Indian hair factory that provides high quality hair?

With the growth of the hair extension market, more and more scam Indian hair factory appear. They are people wanting to deceive you to take your money. If you are not alert, you will suffer a loss.

Therefore, before making a purchase, you should spend time searching cautiously for a reliable Indian hair factory. Here are some tips for you:

Tip 1: Find Indian hair factory on Google

Google is always a great source of information. You can find a number of Indian hair factory on this search engine but bear in mind that not all of them are authentic sellers or providers.

Tip 2: Find hair factory on e-commerce websites

Big Indian hair factory appears a lot on e-commerce sites like Alibaba, Aliexpress or Amazon. You can search for Golden Suppliers rated by customers. Prior customers’ feedback on those websites are objective proof to help you make an easier decision

Tip 3: Rely on consultants

indian hair factory 7

Finding reliable Indian hair factory

If you are still hesitated to choose an Indian hair factory, you can hire a consulting agency to help you out.

5. Distinguish components of hair scammers and real Indian hair factory

Here are some main differences between a fraud factory and a real one. If you are not sure about one factory you find on the Internet, you can totally check the list below

indian hair factory 8

Signs of fake and authentic Indian hair factories

Scammer Indian hair factory Real Indian hair factory
No website, no fanpage, no consistent information Have social media with website, fanpage smartly designed and have comprehensive information
Not willing to video call Never mind to call video to you
No expertise in hair industry Have profound knowledge about hair
No images for products and factory Lively images and videos for hair and factory
No company paper or manufacturing license Can provide you with legal document of the company as well as license by government
Always want you to pay money as quickly as possible Patiently walk you through every step including offer sample test before help you to make a larger purchase
Bad customer service as they focus on money Good customer services, sales staff will be available to reply to your questions at any time
Never appear on a ranking table Usually appear on top of famous ranking tables

6. Indian hair factory: Top List 5 Hair factories in India

  •  Indian Human Hair

The company has more than 10 years of experience in the hair industry. Indian human hair has been one of the most famous and biggest Indian hair factory. It exports raw hair extensions worldwide and its products are favored by a lot of wholesalers.

Main products: hair weave, hair lace, frontal, hair closure,

  • Indian Hair GIant

Indian Hair Giant is an Indian hair factory that specializes in exporting raw hair products. They make hair extensions from pure virgin hair collected in Indian temples and export their products to a lot of markets like: UAE, South Africa, Spain, Austria, Russia, USA…

Main products: Indian human hair, Indian weft hair, Indian temple hair, Indian hair extensions…

  • Beauty She India

BeautySheIndia is a famous website for hair industry as they not only sell hair but also provide readers with a lot of useful tips for hair in general.

Main products: Indian human hair extensions, raw hair, bulk non-remy hair…

  • Temple Hair Factory

With the aim to bring the finest quality hair to customers, Temple Hair Factory invests a lot of money in R&D process as well as employs skilled workers to make the best hair.

Main products: virgin hair, remy hair extensions, hair clip in, full lace wigs

  • Dhwarak

Established in 1990, this Indian hair factory is famous for its standardized hair extensions procucts. It also received good reviews from customers including wholesalers, retailers and end buyers.

Main products: remy virgin hair, natural human hair, hair closures and hair frontals..

Source: Best Hair List

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