ISEE HAIR: All you should know about this famous hair factory

isee hair reviews

Isee Hair factory is one of the biggest and most famous hair manufacturer not only in China but also across the world. Many hair wholesalers want to cooperate with this hair supplier but are still hesitated. If you are among this hesitation, read the ISEE HAIR reviews from Besthairlist now!

1. ISEE HAIR’s business profile

Let’s go over business profile of ISEE HAIR including overview, company introduction and capacity, producing hair procedure in this hair factory

1.1. ISEE HAIR review: Overview of this brand

With more than 10 years of experience in trading high quality from 100% human hair, ISEE has built for itself a name in the hair industry. Not only is it one of the biggest hair vendors in China but also it will become a name in the ranking list of global best hair vendors 2022. It has another name which is Xuchang Weiken Hair Products CoLtd to appear on e-commerce websites like Alibaba or Aliexpress.


Review about ISEE HAIR

To be more trustable, ISEE Hair has been validated as a golden supplier by a world-renowned inspection firm, TUV Rheinland.

Location: The head office is located in Xuchang City, Henan Province, China. It is a very famous place for big factories with industrial production.

1.2. Company introduction and capacity

A well-equipped producer of human hair, our business has a strong technical team and testing facilities. Our goods are widely utilized in the human hair and other sectors because of their broad variety, excellent quality, affordable pricing, and attractive designs. Consumers know and trust our goods, and they’re flexible enough to satisfy ever-changing economic and social demands. Everyone in the world is invited to get in touch with us for future business partnerships and mutual success! 

  • Established in 2011, the company now employs nearly 700 skilled workers who have extensive experience in the hair trading sector as well as expertise about hair. They are all here to support customers’ orders. It is not biased to say that the majority of the company’s employees are hair experts in the field.
  • Annual, the company (as one of the best wholesale hair vendors) makes a profit of more than $100 million USD, which is a big number for a hair company

    ISEE HAIR 11

    ISEE hair factory

1.3. Producing hair in ISEE HAIR factory

ISEE HAIR is proud of its factory size which is nearly 30000 square meters, allowing industrial scale production of hair. Hair must go through many steps of treating and processing before being shipped to customers. Specifically, there are 12 steps for hair in ISEE factory:


12 steps for hair in ISEE factory

  • Collect human hair material
  • Sort hair
  • Check hair ratio
  • Sew single weft
  • Cut the weft width
  • Make double weft
  • Curly styles first making
  • Check hair weight
  • Wash the extensions
  • Dry the hair
  • Pack the hair
  • Final products

2. ISEE HAIR reviews: Major markets of ISEE

While delivering and shipping hair worldwide, main markets of ISEE Hair products are made up of 3 big regions: North America (41%), South Africa (20%), Western Europe (20%). Other regions make up a little proportion of hair exported by ISEE, however it is also a big number. Let’s see the below chart to gain more information about the hair exportation market of ISEE  factories.


Major markets of ISEE hair

3. ISEE Hair reviews about the quality of hair

Let’s look at outstanding features of hair products from ISEE HAIR company:

3.1. Origin of hair

ISEE HAIR mainly collects hair from young women who are under the age of 16 for collecting initiatives. This hair factory produces a variety of goods, including human raw hair and cuticle aligned extensions.

Hair from ISEE is promised to be from 100% human hair with little chemical treatments. Therefore, when having your fingers through the strands, you will feel a sense of truth, silk and firm. Also because of non-chemical treatment, the hair is very strong, no breakage or split ends


Hair from ISEE is very nice and natural

3.2. Impression about ISEE’s hair products

Despite the fact that each strand of hair has a distinct cuticle, they are all the same in terms of softness and radiance. Because of its toughnessss and glossy sheen, this hair is almost unbreakable and virtually untangleable.


Hair from ISEE

  • All hair is the same thickness and length. Pure, thick, and well-proportioned hair, not a combination of low-quality human or animal hair. They’re neatly wrapped up and ready to go.
  • The color of the whole bundle is similar, but not identical, due to the fact that it comes from a single donor. It’s true that hair coloring utilizes the identical dye due to the fact that it’s been chemically altered. The whole set is soothing to the skin, natural, and visually appealing.
  • If you have ISEE hair, coloring or bleaching it to a consistent #613 color will give you the appearance. It’s still shiny and bouncy, and there are no indications of nappy or frizzy hair, even after several coloring efforts
  • Authentically unprocessed virgin hair maintains its curls and form for a long time. ISEE hair holds curls nicely and may be treated with straighteners or curling tongs in a number of ways. The hair will revert to its pre-wash waves after a second wash.
  • When it comes to ISEE hair, they utilize genuine virgin human hair, which means it will last for at least a year with appropriate care.
  • Due to ISEE virgin hair’s toughness and hardness, it’s impossible to break, shave, or tangle it.


    ISEE HAIR’s products

4. ISEE HAIR reviews: Customer service

There are a lot of compliments for the company’s customer service. ISEE offers discounts and promotions from 10-30% off on a monthly basis. They also provide membership rights and benefits.


ISEE offers discounts and promotions from 10-30% off on a monthly basis

  • After-sales service personnel package and distribute orders, as well as a special sales team working in the company’s retail shops, making up ISEE Hair Factory’s five strong sales teams. Each of these teams receives support from the production team. ISEE Hair’s business practices are characterized by trustworthiness, creativity, and a dedication to win-win outcomes.
  • Some of the things we value about this hair factory are that it works honestly, prioritizes the requirements of its customers, and is dedicated to delivering high-quality products and services at all times. For ISEE Hair, the goal is to become the leading supplier of salon-quality hair care products.
  • Customers from all around the globe praised ISEE hair for keeping their promises and delivering on them. They received 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon and 4.9 out of 5 stars on Alibaba (with more than 200 positive reviews), respectively.

5. ISEE HAIR reviews: FOQs about shipment

There are a lot questions related to shipping polices of ISEE Hair. Here, Besthairlist have answers all FOQS in this part:

5.1. Shipping policy and payment 

ISEE accepts all payment methods to make it easier for their customers to pay: PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Credit Card, American Express, Discover.


ISEE accepts all payment methods

All conditions of payment are agreed upon in full before the transaction takes place. You may pay with any major credit card at our store. After placing a purchase, your credit card will be debited immediately. ISEE says that they will not tolerate credit card fraud or product theft of any kind. False purchases will be investigated and punished severely. In cases where your billing address differs from your delivery address, you’ll have to submit an authorization form for your credit card and supporting documents before your item is sent. You will be contacted as soon as possible after placing your purchase if this action is required. Consequently, your purchase may take longer to dispatch. 

5.2. The time for hair to come to customers

Your purchase will arrive in 2 to 10 business days, on average, depending largely on your location. Upon receipt of full payment for an item that is in stock, orders will be sent out within 24 hours. Custom orders may take anywhere from 5-7 days to complete, depending on the request.


Shipping of ISEE

For approximately $20 more, customers who need their orders delivered the same day, even on the weekend will be willingly assisted by ISEE.

  • If the customer is in American regions: Sending a shipment to the US or Canada will take 2-7 business days with FedEx, DHS or UPS (for big packages)
  • In terms of EU regions: DHL and TNT offer 2-7 delivery to the UK and other European countries, which means customers can  have the hair on hand within just only 7 days. It should be noted that, sometime tariffs will appear, but on a rare basis
  • African countries: Packages sent to African countries by Dpex or FedEx typically take 2-10 days to arrive. While Dpex excludes customs tariffs, FedEX shipping  includes high duties which have to be paid by customers.

ISEE ships hair worldwide

In general, the evaluation of shipping time from ISEE hair is not so fast. The average time falls on 2-10 days, much slower than other hair wholesalers.

5.3. ISEE Hair’s return policy

A great experience customers may have when working with ISEE HAIR is that the company offers a nice return policy.

The return policy is in effect for a period of 15 days. It is to say that, if 15 days have gone by since customers receive their orders, the return policy will not be effective. Therefore, customers can not receive an exchange or refund.

It should be noted that: All hair items must be intactly unused and in the similar situation as when they were sent to you. They must also be in the original packing in order to qualify for a return.

To be more specific:

  • With weft bundles: the weft must be unfurled, worn, or tampered with in some way.
  • When it comes to wigs: Wigs should be left unwashed and lace should be worn as-is. Heat, styling products, and fragrances are all out. It is necessary to provide photos that show the lace to be intact.
  • Customized products ((including wigs and bundles, such as custom-colored or custom-sized wig size caps): There are no returns or exchanges on custom-made hair products

6. ISEE HAIR reviews: Price of hair supplied by ISEE

Hair supplied by ISEE is within an affordable price range. With only $5.6, you can purchase a bundle (100gram) of wholesale Brazilian cuticle aligned hair which is made from virgin hair and sewed with frontal and closure lace. 

ISEE HAIR reviews 1

Average price offered by ISEE HAIR

Hair is available for all lengths ranging from  8 inches to 40 inches depending on specifics from customers. Moreover, you can also buy higher quality hair with a higher price, ranging from $32 to $160 for virgin hair of highest quality. For customized products, it will be a little more expensive but the hair is surely worth the money.

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