Julia Hair: One Of The Biggest Hair Companies In The World

julia hair

You will get information, awareness, and an evaluation of the Julia hair from this article so that you may compare it to other hair companies. With such information in hand, you can make your final decision about working with Julia hair.

1. Business profile of Julia hair

It’s time we got some overall ideas about who Julia hair is, what Julia hair does and what Julia hair produces.

1.1. Introduction about Julia hair

There are a lot of things to say when reviewing Julia hair. However, in the introduction, we just focus on its mission, brand name and design team:

  • Julia hair’s mission: Human hair is the center of Julia hair, a unique business that designs, produces, manages, and sells it. Every hair product from Julia hair is created with the brand notion of youth, vitality, and uniqueness in mind. And Julia’s mission is to transmit beauty to women all around the globe by promoting a youthful, trendy, and independent lifestyle.
Julia hair 1

Introduction about Julia hair

  • Brand name meaning: The brand name “Julia” comes from Latin and is extensively used in France; it is the same name as the daughter of the famous emperor Augustine. Julia’s goal is to have “soft, fresh, lively hair”. The name Julia hair signifies love at first sight when used in conjunction with human hair products. Moreover, one of Julia’s taglines is “love at first sight”: embrace your inner diamond with Julia hair.
  • Warehouses: Julia hair has 2 warehouses to ensure the sufficient stock of the company. One warehouse is located in California, US and the other one is located in Xuchang, China. Both are equipped with the most modern hair treatment technology to ensure highest quality products for customers.
Julia hair 2

Julia hair has 2 warehouses to ensure the sufficient stock of the company

1.2. Main exporting places of Julia hair

Julia hair estimates that its yearly hair production is around $75 million USD, with the total figure of human hair produced ranging from 200000 to 250000 units annually. One of the biggest competitor of Julia hair is Beautyforever hair, a company originating from China.

  • It has been said that Julia hair produces hundreds of tons of hair each year and is the world’s biggest distributor of hair. They establish long-term relationships with significant partners in North America, Oceania and Western Europe. Their customers include individuals and professional hair salons as well as huge hair producers, merchants, and distributors.

    Julia hair 3

    Main exporting places of Julia hair

  • About 55.00% of Julia hair’s hair products are sold in North America, the company’s primary market. With a 30% market share, Oceania comes in second, followed by Western Europe, which has a 15% stake. This pie chart shows the primary markets for Julia hair’s hair products.

2. Julia hair reviews: About this company’s hair products

Many sellers take hair quality into consideration when deciding whether or not to buy hair products from a company. Here, we provide you with the fullest information about hair features of Julia hair’s products:

Julia hair 4

Hair features of Julia hair’s products

2.1. Origin of hair supplied by Julia hair

Hair supplied by Julia hair mainly comes from 2 major sources, just like other Chinese hair suppliers like Ted Hair company:

  • As is described in the introduction, Julia hair is looking for the hair of Chinese youthful girls in the age of 18 to 28 years old who are interested in participating in one of the company’s collecting initiatives. However, this hair source takes up a minor percentage of all the hair in the Julia hair factory.
  • On the other hand, Julia hair also imports hair from other countries in the region which have a fame of good quality hair like Vietnam, India and Cambodia. Hair in this country is also collected from hair donors who have good hair. After importing raw materials from these countries, Julia hair will process it with chemicals to make their hair more shiny and charming.

    Julia hair 5

    Origin of hair supplied by Julia hair

2.2. Quality of hair supplied by Julia hair

Hair from the Julia hair factory has to go through strict procedures of quality control. This helps ensure the quality of hair before being delivered to customers. According to the manager of this company, there are literally 8 stages for hair to become the perfect bundle:

#1 stage: Raw materials collecting

#2 stage: Trimming hair

#3 stage: Sorting hair

#4 stage: Keeping styling of hair

#5 stage: Baking the hair bundles

#6 stage: Skin making

#7 stage: Sewing hair

#8 stage: Styling fixing hair

Julia hair 6

8 stages for hair to become the perfect bundle

All products are re-checked by professional quality inspectors before they leave the warehouse to ensure that each product is in accordance with the requirements.

2.3. Price of hair supplied by Julia hair

Hair from Julia hair is not only famous for its quality but also for its price range, quite comparable to Klaiyi hair company

  • Julia hair has a variety of products to meet the requirements of every customer. You can easily buy hair bundles from different origins, different lengths and various textures. Products from Julia hair are body wave hair, straight hair, blonde hair, closure, frontal and wigs. It is possible for you to buy just 1 or 100 hair bundles in one order as the company does not require minimum order quantities which is, in my opinion, a strong point compared to other hair manufacturers.

    Julia hair 8

    Julia hair has a variety of products to meet the requirements of every customer

  • Julia hair supplies hair products at a very affordable price in order to ensure its hair is suitable for customers with every budget range. The price for full hair wigs ranges from 72.70$ to 179.7$

    Julia hair 9

    Julia hair supplies hair products at a very affordable price

  • In addition, Julia hair provides customers with bundle discounts, allowing them to save money on their purchases. They also have monthly sale off programs, which offers a discount of 40% for every order.

    Julia hair 10

    Julia hair provides customers with bundle discounts

  • Customers who have been with Julia hair for a long period of time will also be eligible for wholesale pricing, which varies from 10-15%  off all purchases, as well as other benefits.

3. Julia hair review: shipping policy and payment

Review about Julia hair also includes its shipping policy and payment methods. Read this part for more information:

3.1. Shipping policy of Julia hair

Julia hair is able to ship hair to your location in a shorter time compared to other hair companies. However, many variables such as delivery method and location of the shipping address influence how quickly your item will arrive, but in general, packages may be delivered in 3-5 days.

As soon as your purchase ships, you’ll get an email with a tracking number so you can keep tabs on its progress. That is what many hair factories can not do.

Julia hair also offers flash delivery which means 24 hours order processing. After paying the order, it just takes 2 hours from picking up products to matching shipping methods. All orders for this method will be shipped within 24 hours.

Julia hair 11

Julia hair also offers flash delivery

Delivery procedure in Julia hair factory has 5 steps:

  • Step 1: Matching the warehouse and shipping method using ERP system to process the order at once after finishing the order
  • Step 2: Picking up the products in 30 minutes
  • Step 3: Examining products: barcode inspection + weight inspection + manual inspection
  • Step 4: Leaving the warehouse: warehouse-out inspection to ensure 100% accuracy
  • Step 5: Shipping the package. There are a variety of shipping methods for customers to choose from: USPS/UPS/DHL/TNT/EMS, however, express shipping is only available in the USA
Julia hair 12

Delivery procedure in Julia hair factory has 5 steps

3.2. Payment

Besides a variety of shipping methods to satisfy clients, Julia hair also offers numerous payment methods: Klarna, Zip, Visa, PayPal, Western Union, Mastercard…

Julia hair 13

Julia hair also offers numerous payment methods

4. Customer service of Julia hair

The company’s staff has worked in the hairdressing industry for over ten years and has a solid reputation for excellent customer service:

  • Julia hair staff will surely assure customers of the softness, smoothness, natural appearance, and long-term durability of tangle-free hair quality. Every product must fulfill the high standards of our clients’ quality needs because of the quality control system we have put in place.
  • Employees: Julia has its own in-house design team, making it one of China’s first and most innovative human hair companies. Julia consistently innovates the design of new goods based on the original hair style, such as straight hair, body wave, curly hair, to meet the personality idea of consumers “new haircut, new style.” A youthful, stylish client base seeks the brand’s vibrancy and individuality. The human hair products of trend and uniqueness are the focus of Julia’s efforts, as she works with each client to help them attain their ideal form and follow the current trend’s beat.

    Julia hair 14

    Customer service of Julia hair

  • Promotion and discounts: you can find a lot of programs related to Julia hair’s promotion like monthly sales, holidays sales… There are also customer incentives like one free hair bundle of 10 inch body wave for order over $199, one bouncy curl wig 10 inch for order over $299, which are totally a good deal.

    Julia hair 15

    Promotion and discounts

  • Moreover, Julia hair also offers customers to make cash easily from Youtube. With a Youtube video full view of 300, video makers will get 20$, views full 600 will get $50, views full 900 will get $80, as long as video title contains Julia hair and video description contains Julia hair

    Julia hair 17

    Julia hair also offers customers to make cash easily from Youtube

5. Reviews about Julia hair on e-commerce sites

There are a lot of reviews about Julia hair on the Internet including reviews about it on e-commerce sites. Julia hair receives good reviews on many famous e-commerce sites including Alibaba (Chinese biggest wholesaling site) and Aliexpress

  • On Alibaba: This supplier has 4 diamonds of supplier index (which is a high score for Alibaba supplier), more than 1600 transactions with the value of over 2 millions. Notably, 4.9/5 points of satisfied reviews are given to this provider, which represents a high quality

    Julia hair 18

    Reviews about Julia hair on Alibaba

  • On Aliexpress: It is getting better and better over time. With more than 1000 ratings on Aliexpress, the company’s percentage of positive reviews over the past 6 months is 96.7%. According to the majority of customers, the item of Julia hair is the same as it was written in the description, communication of the salesman is effective and shipping speed is satisfying.

    Julia hair 19

    Reviews about Julia hair on Aliexpress

6. Concluding reviews about Julia hair by Besthairlist

In conclusion, after reading all of the Julia hair reviews as well as having our own experience buying hair from Julia, we at Besthairlist believe that, although the hair is fairly lovely and of great quality, the price charged by BH is rather excessive in comparison to other hair producers. We believe the higher pricing is attributable to the company’s exceptional customer service and marketing.

This hair firm is best for individuals who have a considerable budget, desire high-quality hair, and like to be looked after by salespeople.

Rating scores:

  • For quality of hair: 8/10
  • For price of hair: 8/10
  • For customer service: 9/10
  • Overall scores: 8.3


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