Klaiyi hair reviews: About the most famous hair company in China

klaiyi hair

For those looking for the greatest Chinese hair suppliers, Klaiyi hair is a must-have. You may get the newest hairstyles for your perspective at this hair company, which is renowned as a hip provider in the hair market.

1. Overview about business profile of Klaiyi hair

Before knowing more about Klaiyi hair’s products which are hair extensions and raw hair, we should dig into the basic overview of this company.

1.1. Brand story of Klaiyi hair

Klaiyi hair is a hair company that has been in the hair business for over two decades and is a reputable human hair provider. Machine wefts, pre-bonded hairs, clip-in hair extensions, bulk hairs, ladies’ wigs, and toupees are just a few of the many items they provide. Your trustworthy worldwide partner for high-quality human hairs, they are.

klaiyi hair 1

Brand story of Klaiyi hair

FbIts competitive advantages stem from its twelve-year history of innovation, adaptability, and dependability. In an increasingly globalized industry, Klaiyi hair’s ability to provide high-quality items while also providing exceptional pre-sale and after-sale support gives it a competitive edge. With corporate partners from home and abroad, they want to build a bright future together.

The development of Klaiyi hair company can be illustrated as follows:

  • Sep 2009: Factory opening
  • June 2014: Created Klaiyi hair teams
  • Dec 2016: Orders value over 30M USD
  • Dec 2017: Opening
  • Until now: Operating and exporting hair orders to many customers

    klaiyi hair 2

    The development of Klaiyi hair company

1.2. Business objectives of Klaiyi hair

Klaiyi hair aims are stated in 3 aspects which includes vision, mission and professionalism:

  • Klaiyi hair’s vision: Obtenir global leadership in premium remy hair and create one-stop beauty solutions by providing quality hair and YouTube hair lessons. Worldwide on Voice of Hair. Each bundle of hair from Klaiyi represents style, fashion, and noble quality, so you also receive hair suggestions and fashion trends. Look Good, Feel Great. Strive to be better and liked. We bring hair, we bring vitality
  • Klaiyi hair’s mission: To be the industry leader in the provision of excellent service and groundbreaking high-quality beauty solutions that are ethically sourced and expertly packaged.

    klaiyi hair 3

    Business objectives of Klaiyi hair

  • Klaiyi hair’s professionalism: Klaiyi hair wants to impress its customers by being professional and always eager to go the extra mile for them. It takes great satisfaction in obtaining and packaging 100 percent luscious, full, and silky virgin hair that is affordable for everyone. By going right to the source, they are able to provide you with the highest quality virgin hair, advice, and fashion trends at the most competitive prices. They are pleased that our models have been featured on Voice of Hair in countries all around the globe.

1.3. Exporting locations of Klaiyi hair

Klaiyi hair shipped hair to many countries in the world, as the biggest international hair wholesaler. However, the biggest partners of it are mainly from North America (70.00%), Eastern Europe (5.00%), South America (4.00%), Oceania (4.00%), Western Europe (4.00%), Southern Europe (4.00%)…

You can see this chart from Statista for more information:

klaiyi hair 4

Exporting locations of Klaiyi hair

2. Reviews about hair from Klaiyi hair

Each company has outstanding features in their hair products and Klaiyi hair is not an exception. Hair from Klaiyi hair has its own story of origin, quality and price

2.1. Hair origin of Klaiyi hair

Klaiyi hair uses only the finest unprocessed human virgin hair in all of its creations. You may bleach, color, curl, straighten, and style hair exactly like your own hair without worrying about tangling or shedding. It also has a silky smooth feel to it. Virgin hair from Klaiyi hair is a great way to save money without sacrificing quality.

klaiyi hair 5

Virgin hair from Klaiyi hair

As one of the biggest hair vendors in China, Klaiyi hair takes their hair from 2 main sources:

  • Collect hair from domestic markets: this Chinese hair vendor holds programs to collect hair from young Chinese girls who are the age of youth (18-25) so that hair is of the best health and firm. However, this amount of hair is limited due to insufficiency in the number of hair donors in China
  • Import raw hair from overseas: Beside collecting hair from Chinese women, Klaiyi hair also imports raw materials from some markets like India, Vietnam, Cambodia… for a cheaper input to make a higher profit.
klaiyi hair 5

Hair origin of Klaiyi hair

Wherever hair goes from, it will obtain the best quality under the treatment of Klaiyi hair factory because Klaiyi hair filters hair carefully before importing it as well as inspecting hair quality strictly before exporting it.

2.2. Outstanding quality of hair from Klaiyi hair

There are a number of reasons why people may be so sure of their hair’s quality. Hair from the Klaiyi hair facility undergoes stringent quality control procedures. Because of this, customers may expect better-quality hair when it comes at their home. In the opinion of corporate executives, 6 stages must be completed before hair is ready to be packaged:

  • Sewing
  • Dyeing
  • Cleaning
  • Drying
  • Combing
  • Packaging

    klaiyi hair 6

    6 stages must be completed before hair is ready to be packaged

Before they leave the Klaiyi hair warehouse, all hair items are re-checked by expert quality inspectors to make sure they meet the criteria. You can also find out more about hair procedure in hair factories of Beautyforever hair company.

2.3. Price range of hair provided by Klaiyi hair

Aside from its quality, Klaiyi hair is well-known for its affordable price range:

  • Klaiyi hair offers a wide range of services and products to suit the needs of every client. Hair bundles of varied sources, lengths, and textures are readily available for purchase. Body wave hair, straight hair, blonde hair, closures, frontals, and wigs are all available as Klaiyi hair extensions and wigs from the company. If you want to purchase 1 or 100 hair bundles, you may do so since there is no minimum order quantity required by the firm, which is an advantage over other hair producers in my view.

    klaiyi hair 8

    Price range of hair provided by Klaiyi hair

  • The Klaiyi hair brand sells its hair products at a low cost to make sure that they are accessible to a wide variety of clients. Bundle deals are available from $89.54/ 3 bundles to 173.70$/ 3 hair bundles of 3 tone ombre body wave
  • Bundle discounts are also offered by Klaiyi hair, enabling clients to save money on their orders. Moreover, they run monthly give away programs which give hair free to customers.klaiyi hair 9
  • Klaiyi hair customers who have been with the company for a long time will also be eligible for wholesale price, which ranges from 15-20% off all purchases, and for additional advantages as well.

3. Klaiyi hair reviews: Policy of shipping and payment

If you’re in a hurry, Klaiyi hair can get the hair to you faster than other providers. Delivery time is affected by several factors, such as delivery mode and shipping address location, although items are typically delivered in 2-4 days. You can also find out more about the biggest competitor of Klaiyi hair which is Sunber hair company

You’ll immediately receive an email with your tracking number as soon as your order ships, allowing you to monitor its progress. Many hair producers aren’t capable of doing that.

In addition to fast delivery, Klaiyi hair provides order processing within 24 hours. The whole process, from picking up the merchandise to matching delivery options, takes about two hours once payment has been received. Using this payment option ensures that all items will be delivered out within 24 hours and arrive as quickly as possible.

klaiyi hair 16

Klaiyi hair reviews: Policy of shipping

PayPal and credit cards (Master Card, Visa) are the most often accepted payment methods, but we’re also planning on accepting Apple Pay in the future.

4. Customer service of Klaiyi hair

Besthairlist has to admit that Klaiyi hair has really excellent customer service, quite comparable to Julia hair company:

  • The sales staff are really nice, they are willing to make a video call to customers so that customers can see the products easily
  • They also make sure that they provide the best advice and service to customers by choosing the most suitable products for each need.
  • All salesmen of Klaiyi hair are hair experts with a lot of knowledge and experience in trading hair products, giving advice to customers….
  • Moreover, they also guarantee quality, offer refund policy in case you are not satisfied with the order

    klaiyi hair 17

    Customer service of Klaiyi hair

  • You are also guided step by step to buy products from them, which is not done by many other companies (scammers)
  • You are offered with hair samples to test the quality of hair before placing big orders, there is also no MOQ so you can buy any hair you want
  • Working with Klaiyi hair, you can have the chance of making money by making review videos to post on Youtube or being a Klaiyi hair promoter. You can get more information about those programs on Klaiyi hair’s website.

5. Klaiyi hair reviews on the Internet

Besides some blogs that write reviews about Klaiyi hair, there are also a big number of reviews and feedback about this brand on the Internet.

5.1. Reviews about Klaiyi hair on e-commerce exchanges

In fact, Klaiyi hair appears in a lot of e-commerce exchanges to boost their chance of selling to every customer reaching them:

  • On Aliexpress: Klaiyi hair receives nice reviews on Aliexpress, which is a very big and famous e-commerce site for bulk ordering. In the past 6 months, 95.6% of all reviews about Klaiyi hair on Aliexpress are positive reviews with 4.6 points of item as described, 4.7 points for communication and 4.7 points for shipping speed.

    klaiyi hair 19

    Reviews about Klaiyi hair on Aliexpress

  • On Amazon: Despite being not highly rated as in Aliexpress, Klaiyi hair on Amazon received good feedback, with the rating for each product varying from 3 to 4.5 points. Moreover, you can purchase hair from Klaiyi hair from Amazon with a better deal because the price for hair on Amazon is literally lower than on Klaiyi hair’s website. You can also see the number of pieces sold for each product, which indicates the aggregate demand of customers.

    klaiyi hair 20

    Reviews about Klaiyi hair on Amazon

5.2. Reviews about Klaiyi hair on social webpages

Klaiyi hair does not only appear on e-commerce websites but the reviews about it also appear in social media, beauty forums like Trustpilot, Youtube…

  • With the number of reviews Klaiyi hair receives (81), it achieves for itself a score of 3.7/5, you can easily read good comment about them on Trustpilot

    klaiyi hair 21

    Reviews about Klaiyi hair on Trustpilot

  • You can also find reviews about Klaiyi hair on Youtube, just simply type “Klaiyi hair review” in the search bar, Youtube will give you thousands of results related to Klaiyi hair reviews. Among all videos, there are videos that are paid by Klaiyi hair but there are also good videos that have objective opinions. What you should do is research both of those kinds of videos before placing a big order from Klaiyi hair.

6. KH reviews from experts of Besthairlist

Reviews about this hair company are different, some people praise and others criticize. Of course that is inevitable.

Here, besthairlist will help you have the most objective view of Klaiyi hair after having experience buying from this hair dealer.

  • We have bought hair here more than 3 times and each time the hair is of different quality. The first time the hair was really great, the seller advised me very well, when I received the goods I felt very satisfied. However, the second time I bought it, I felt quite disappointed because the quality was not the same as the first time. I bought curly hair but it has a z pattern, even though I got 10% off the second time, I am really not satisfied. But overall, both times the customer service was fine.
  • KH is suitable for hair vendors with average budget and can stand inconsistent quality and want fast delivery
  • Rating scores:
    • As for hair quality: 8/10
    • As for hair price: 8.5/10
    • As for delivery speed: 10/10
    • As for customer service: 9.5/10 


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