Raw Cambodian Hair Wholesale: Information You Need To Know

raw cambodian hair wholesale

Working with raw Cambodian hair wholesale is a question from many hair wholesalers because it still remains a quiz whether trading Cambodian hair is economically potential or not. This article from Besthairlist will answer most parts of this question.

1. Overview about raw Cambodian hair wholesale

Raw Cambodian hair wholesale is emerging as a phenomenon in today’s hair extensions market. Let’s find out some common characteristics of this hair type through our overview about raw Cambodian hair wholesale

1.1. What is raw Cambodian hair wholesale?

Raw Cambodian hair wholesale is hair that originates from Cambodian hair donors and is sold in large quantities. It can be from raw Cambodian hair wholesale factories or from raw Cambodian hair wholesale intermediaries. Either trading with factories or wholesalers can get you a good price because doing business in bulk is always cheaper than retailing.

raw cambodian hair wholesale 1

Raw Cambodian hair wholesale

There are 2 main places where you can get raw Cambodian hair wholesale as stated above: factories and wholesalers

  • With raw Cambodian hair wholesale intermediaries: This type of Cambodian hair vendor doesn’t possess a real factory on-site which processes and treats hair. Instead, they have warehouses to stock hair. Despite inability to self-produce hair, this vendor still supplies hair at a good price
  • Raw Cambodian hair wholesale factories: They own a real factory with updated facilities to treat hair with chemicals. It is to say that they can transform hair from raw materials to final products (wigs, hair bundles…)

    raw cambodian hair wholesale 2

    Raw Cambodian hair wholesale factories

You are recommended to start business with the 2nd type of raw Cambodian hair wholesale vendor because it will be easier for you to test their levels of quality by visiting their factory. The story is different with raw Cambodian hair wholesalers without a factory.

1.2. Major markets of raw Cambodian hair wholesale

Recently, raw Cambodian hair wholesale has appeared in many parts of the world and is exported in large quantities every year. In particular, the most typical are markets in Asia such as China, Vietnam, India… You can see the pie chart from Statista for more information about its largest markets:

raw cambodian hair wholesale 3

Pie chart from Statista about its largest markets

It shows the biggest market for raw Cambodian hair wholesale is China. It is rational as Chinese hair vendors always import large volumes of hair from overseas to make up for lackage of domestic hair to produce hair extensions. And, raw Cambodian hair wholesale is one of the parts.

1.3. Price range of raw Cambodian hair wholesale

Raw Cambodian hair wholesale vendors operate on a small scale like family production. The labor expenses are very cheap. As a result, raw hair from Cambodia isn’t prohibitively costly, but they’re also not of high quality. The price range for raw Cambodian hair usually falls between $357 and $707 depending on the lengths and textures of the hair.

raw cambodian hair wholesale 4

Price range of raw Cambodian hair wholesale

  • Hair from Cambodian wholesale hair sellers manufacturers is not prohibitively costly, but it’s still not dirt cheap, and its quality is still debatable. 
  • In addition, raw Cambodian hair wholesale is typically the most affordable option when compared to hair from other nations. Numerous reasons exist for why people choose to get their hair from Cambodian hair sellers, including the low cost.

    raw cambodian hair wholesale 5

    Raw Cambodian hair wholesale vendors operate on a small scale like family production

2. Raw Cambodian hair wholesale – Outstanding features

Raw Cambodian hair wholesale is a fierce competitor in the market of hair industry market. Despite its young age, this hair source also performs its best to become one of the most favored hair in the world. Let’s find out more about the outstanding features of it.

2.1. Origin of raw Cambodian hair wholesale

Raw Cambodian hair wholesale manufacturers normally acquire hair from women in rural regions, which they sell to make a living. It is because people in rural areas still have a life under standard so that selling hair is also a big component in their income. Cambodian hair donors are mostly from Western Cambodia where the quality of their hair is said to be very excellent. It has been described as silky and tangle-free.

raw cambodian hair wholesale 8

Rural women sell hair for a living

According to BBC news, “Hair was a source of income for many of the women who had been forced out of the Borei Keila slum in Phnom Penh after losing their homes and employment in one of Cambodia’s most violent land conflicts in 2012. For them, purchasing food for their family was most important.”

2.2. Characteristics of raw Cambodian hair wholesale

You can easily tell raw Cambodian hair wholesale apart through 5 outstanding features:

  • Texture of hair

Depending on the quality of the donor, raw Cambodian hair wholesale may range from fine and silky to coarse and curly. If you have naturally smooth textured hair, silky hair is the way to go. If you have highly textured hair, coarse hair is the way to go. A plus point for the texture of raw Cambodian hair wholesale is that it can withstand higher temperatures than other hair. raw Cambodian hair wholesale can be divided into 3 main categories: Straight hair, wavy hair and curly hair

raw cambodian hair wholesale 9

Texture of raw Cambodian hair

  • Natural color

The raw Cambodian hair wholesale tends to be mildly black. Cambodian hair’s true natural color is not black as jet black. Instead, black comes in a variety of shades rather than just one. Raw Cambodian hair wholesale is a lighter shade of black, with a natural hue of #1b. Occasionally, it’ll seem to be a lighter variation of black #2.

raw cambodian hair wholesale 10

Natural color of raw Cambodian hair

  • Typical smell

There is no chemical scent to raw Cambodian hair wholesale since it is from 100% human hair. In contrast to other hair kinds available on the market that smell like machine-made synthetics, this hair comes from an actual Cambodian hair donor. This typical scent will help you differentiate between raw and virgin hair or mixed and synthetic hair. 

  • Less grey hair

For some Cambodian girls, taking care of their hair is very important. When it comes to grey hair, the Library of Congress lists chemical exposure as an external cause. Fortunately, most Asian women including Cambodian females have a history of using only natural ingredients to care for their hair. This promotes strong, healthy hair and slows the onset of graying.

raw cambodian hair wholesale 12

Cambodian women use only natural ingredients to care for their hair

3. Pros and cons when trading raw Cambodian hair wholesale

Before trading with hair suppliers, you should weigh up the pros and cons of them carefully. In case of raw Cambodian hair vendors, you are also highly recommended to do this.

3.1. Pros when trading raw Cambodian hair wholesale

Hair from Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, and other nations that provide raw hair is still a popular option for hair dealers. However, there are many unique benefits to buying your hair from a raw Cambodian hair wholesaler.

  • Vendors of raw Cambodian hair wholesale offer it for a cheap price

As stated above, when compared to other nations, raw Cambodian hair wholesale is the most affordable option. You can purchase straight hair weave that costs considerably less than other sellers’ from 10-50 bucks

  • Suppliers of raw Cambodian hair wholesale are a readily accessible supply of hair.

In 2021, there will be approximately 8.9 million Cambodian women, or half of the country’s total population. So the hair business in this nation benefits from the fact that it can provide a large volume of women’s hair.

  • Hair trading is on the rise in Cambodia, and you can now discover Cambodian hair as a term in just about every channel thanks to its widespread usage. The more Cambodian hair companies have on hand, the more demand there is for it. In other words, if you need to purchase hair products quickly, raw Cambodian hair wholesalers can help.

    raw cambodian hair wholesale 13

    Pros when trading raw Cambodian hair wholesale

3.2. Cons when trading raw Cambodian hair wholesale

However, there are still drawbacks when it comes to raw Cambodian hair wholesale. To be more specific, they are:

  • Shipping difficulties: there are a lot of logistics issues in Cambodia. Sometimes, you can not get your order in a short time or even can not import hair from Cambodia as there is a serious shortage of ships and cargo to load goods.
  • Unstable hair quality: Donors are impoverished Cambodian women who want to earn a living. In the eyes of these ladies, hair is a renewable raw resource that can be sold in order to pay for school fees as well as food and house payments. Therefore, hair quality of raw Cambodian hair wholesale hair source is not really reaching the highest quality as donors cannot give the hair the hair care it needs due to poverty. Moreover, the exposure to high heat and sun also damages hair follicles and reduces the quality of raw hair.

    raw cambodian hair wholesale 20

    Cons when trading raw Cambodian hair wholesale

4. Scammers and legit raw Cambodian hair wholesale suppliers – How to tell them apart?

Not every trader of raw Cambodian hair wholesale are reliable ones that you can trust to invest your money. Instead, spending time investigating your partner-to-be is a simple but important step in the process of discovering the most suitable trading partner. Here are some main differences between scammers and legit raw Cambodian hair wholesale suppliers that Besthairlist has found. All is summarized in the table below:

raw cambodian hair wholesale 21

Distinguishing scammers and reliable wholesalers

Raw Cambodian hair wholesale scammers Reliable raw Cambodian hair wholesale suppliers
No legal documents and licensed manufacturing paper from government Have legal company papers and relevant documents related to laws and legal terms
Stealing photos of hair and factories on the Internet Can provide you with photos and videos about their hair products and hair factories
No/Little knowledge about hair Sufficient knowledge about hair
Bad customer service, just rush customers to pay money Good customer service, have hair experts to give advice and suggestions
Unable to make a video call Always willing to give you a video call
Have no or negative comments from customers A lot of compliments on selling pages, e-commerce sites…

From the table, you can see that reliable and scam raw Cambodian hair wholesale traders have contradictory characteristics, some of them are not easy to find out. Therefore, we always recommend our readers to spend as much time to verify their validity as possible.

5. 5 easy steps to import raw Cambodian hair wholesale

If you are a hair wholesaler, and you want to buy and sell raw Cambodian hair wholesale but you don’t know how to start. Here are the easiest tutorial for you:

raw cambodian hair wholesale 22

5 easy steps to import raw Cambodian hair wholesale

  • Step 1: Finding a reliable raw Cambodian hair wholesale provider

They can be either a hair factory or just simply hair vendors who have a stable source of raw Cambodian hair wholesale. With all useful tips in part 5, you are surely to find the best partner for you

  • Step 2: Contact your supplier of raw Cambodian hair wholesale and find more information

You can easily keep in touch and contact with raw Cambodian hair wholesale suppliers by sending messages through Whatsapp or leave an email of quotation. In the message, it is advisory that you indicate your wish to purchase hair from them. You can also ask for discounts, ask about shipping costs as well as taxes and duties in the home country. For example, if you want to buy raw Cambodian hair wholesale, you should ask whether Cambodian regulations on hair wholesaling are convenient for overseas buyers.

  • Step 3: Test the hair sample

This is a must have step in importing procedure wherever you buy hair. It helps you to verify the quality of the supplier and avoid wasting time and money on large order

  • Step 4: Finalize your order

As soon as you are content with the hair sample, you can immediately talk to your supplier of raw Cambodian hair wholesale to finalize the contract by signing and having the final deal. However, remember to make it as clear as possible because legal contracts are related to laws and rules.

  • Step 5: Double check your order

When you receive the package, don’t forget to unload it and check it carefully again. In case of breakage or lack of items, you can contact your raw Cambodian hair wholesale suppliers to compensate for you.

6. Top 3 reliable raw Cambodian hair wholesale suppliers

Top 3 of the best raw Cambodian hair suppliers are listed below. You’ll be able to quickly choose the best business partner for your company thanks to the detailed information provided by each supplier.

  • Dellahs Raw Hair Factory

Located in Phnom Penh, Dellahs Raw Hair Factory Cambodia sells unprocessed raw Cambodian hair wholesale directly to customers (both wholesalers and retailers). When it comes to Cambodian hair, no one beats Dellahs’ 9 years of expertise and low pricing. If you want to learn more about their products, you may go to their website or visit their facility in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

raw cambodian hair wholesale 23

Dellahs Raw Hair Factory

  • Angkor Cambodian Hair 

Angkor Cambodian Hair is one of the finest raw Cambodian hair wholesalers. They sell raw Cambodian hair to salons and wholesalers at a reasonable price. You may choose from a variety of hair colors, including gray and white hair, blonde, clip-ins, and closures. You can also customize your orders as your expectations easily through their websites.

raw cambodian hair wholesale 24

Angkor Cambodian Hair

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