Shampoo For Oily Hair: Say Goodbye To Your Oily Greasy Hair

shampoo for oily hair

How to choose a shampoo for oily hair? Is oily hair required to use a special shampoo? Or what shampoo should I use for greasy hair? These are the questions many of you wonder about. One thing is for sure, not every shampoo is suitable for your scalp, especially for oily and thin hair. If you do not know how to choose the right shampoo for oily hair, please refer to the article below! In the article, I will suggest to everyone the best shampoo for oily greasy hair!


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1. Reasons for Oily Greasy Hair

Before reviewing the best shampoo for oily hair, let’s take a look at general things about reasons for oily hair

Oily hair is caused by sebum secreted in the scalp, making the hair roots and the whole hair sticky and greasy. Due to overactive sebaceous glands in the scalp, it causes excess oil. Here are a few reasons why this happens

shampoo for oily hair 1

Main reasons for oily hair

1.1. Touching your hair too often:

Just like constantly touching your face (this is a beauty taboo, messing around is never recommended) playing with your hair – when bored or when you want to make love with someone – make oil and dirt from your hands spread into your hair. At night, try not to ruffle your hair or stop your bedmate from stroking your hair every night (although you must admit it feels great), the next morning you will wake up feeling light and happy and feel much more comfortable.

shampoo for oily hair 2

One of the main reasons for oily hair

1.2. Washing your hair too much:

Do you think washing your hair (even with shampoo for oily hair) a lot will make your scalp cleaner? Totally wrong. On the contrary, this will wash away the natural oil layer on the scalp, making the scalp drier, thereby producing more than the original to compensate for the lost oil, protecting the scalp from damage. Try to cut back on washing your hair every day at least, or 2/3 times a week. Your hair will thank you in the long run. Instead, dry shampoo is the true love.

1.3. Over-treating your hair with conditioner:

Beside choosing the right shampoo for oily hair, it is advised that you be careful with the conditioner. You may be applying a conditioner that is too moisturizing for your hair type, which in turn makes it heavier. Or you might not be cleaning it properly – another culprit for excess oil. And finally, avoid putting your conditioner all over your hair, focusing on the ends of your hair and blaming the roots and shafts, you don’t want to add moisture to areas that are already too wet, right?

1.4. Hormonal imbalance:

Hormones in the body change due to many different reasons: pregnancy, menopause, puberty or experiencing stress, stress … will stimulate the sebaceous glands to work strongly, so the hair is more oily

1.5. Unreasonable diets:

Daily menu not enough vitamin B group easily makes hair oily. Vitamin B plays an important role in sebum secretion. When the body lacks vitamin B, the oil production process is not properly regulated, the sebaceous glands thrive uncontrollably. Even if you have a good shampoo for oily hair without a proper diet, your hair will easily get oily in a short time.

1.5. Dirty comb

Your hairbrush can harbor all sorts of bacterial dirt and build-up from old hair products. So make sure your brush is cleaned properly on a regular basis.

1.6. Your comb is full of hair

A sticky hair comb might not seem like a big deal, since any used comb won’t stick to a few strands of hair, but think again, if your hair is greasy (which you wouldn’t otherwise won’t read this article either) by using a comb full of hair, you will transfer excess oil from old hairs back to clean hair. And so…Hello extra oil!

1.7. Misapplication of products (especially shampoo for oily hair)

You may choose care and styling products that are not compatible with your hair. Look for mild formulas in the best shampoo for oily hair and avoid those that promise to ‘shine’ your hair with ‘extra moisture’ which are better suited for dry or dull hair types.

1.8. No detox for scalp and hair

Styling products other than shampoo for oily hair can clog the scalp and hair strands. If you’re a dry shampoo junkie (like most people with greasy hair), you’ll probably want to detox your hair by using a purifying shampoo 2-4 times a month or once a month. This product is specifically designed to exfoliate the scalp. It’s the door that opens to healthy hair.

shampoo for oily hair 3

No detox for scalp and hair causes oily hair

1.9. Environment factors:

The constant change of weather: too dry or too wet all cause oily hair to be affected significantly. In particular, when the weather is hot, sweat comes out a lot combined with oil on the scalp, making you feel even more frustrated and uncomfortable.

2. Why you should opt for Shampoo for Oily Hair

Many people still think that scalp care is really nothing difficult. Any scalp can be used with regular shampoos other than shampoo good for oily hair. But this is really a misconception that leads to serious consequences, especially hair.

With an oily scalp, having more oil often makes hair greasy and prone to breakage. This makes the hair look lifeless and affects the appearance significantly. For those of you with oily and thin hair, the use of specialized shampoos (shampoo for oily hair) helps to improve the problem of sticky hair, restoring damage caused by dyeing and pressing.

shampoo for oily hair 4

Choosing the best shampoos for oily hair is really important

The best shampoo for oily hair will integrate UV inhibitors from the essential oil to shield your hair and your scalp from the sun and keep them healthy and strong.

3. Some notes when choosing Shampoo for Oily hair

To choose the best shampoo specifically for oily hair, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • For shampoo for oily hair, you should choose natural herbal shampoo products, low in chemicals. 
  • Shampoo for oily hair should have a pH greater than 6 and limit products that are too moisturizing.
  • Do not wash your hair often and absolutely do not use your nails to clean the scalp. This habit will cause the scalp to be damaged and produce more oil.
  • Do not use hot water to wash your hair, do not dry your hair at high temperatures. Instead, you just wash your hair with cold water, blow-dry your hair on a wind or cool setting. 
  • If possible, let the hair dry naturally, do not rub the towel on the hair so that the hair does not become tangled or broken

4. Detailed reviews top 8 best shampoo for oily hair

Besthairlist will give you the full detailed reviews about top 8 shampoos for oily hair ranging in a variety of brands from Korean to Canadian or Vietnamese in this part. Stay tuned!

4.1. Innisfree My Hair Recipe Refreshing Shampoo For Oily Scalp

As a super famous Korean brand, Innisfree shampoo for oily hair will bring healthy, radiant beauty to women. Innisfree My Hair Recipe Refreshing Shampoo with ingredients from green tea, orchid, seaweed, green barley, Bija seeds, … This is the ideal product for greasy, oily hair.

shampoo for oily hair 5

Innisfree My Hair Recipe Refreshing Shampoo For Oily Scalp

Packaging design: Strong horse shell, round cylinder in glossy brown cockroach wings.

Scent: Very light, very pleasant herbal scent.

Texture: The gel is transparent, slightly thick, with a lot of foam, so it feels clean, refreshing and cool after washing.


The shampoo for oily hair has a relatively foaming effect, so you will feel your hair is completely clean, no longer greasy. However, you should use more conditioner to make your hair soft and better control oil.

4.2. Nguyen Xuan Herbal Shampoo

The floating Nguyen Xuan herbal shampoo for oily hair is a Vietnamese brand product that is increasingly popular. This product is specially formulated for oily, greasy hair. With extracts of 13 traditional herbs, enhanced with modern hair care ingredients to help nourish hair from the root, giving hair a healthy shine, smoothness, and bouncy.

shampoo for oily hair 6

Nguyen Xuan Herbal Shampoo

Ingredient: Ginkgo biloba, Ha thu o, Bo lot, betel nut grass, Mulberry, nectarine, five-color grass, nettle, valerian hair, watercress, olive oil, vitamin E

Evaluation when using this shampoo for oily hair:

  • There are 2 types of capacity: 200ml open bottle and 250ml bottle with spout.
  • The shampoo is supplemented with herbs that balance the amount of oil on the hair and scalp, making the hair soft, smooth, and not greasy. stick, reduce hair loss, contribute to support new hair growth, for thick, smooth, bouncy hair.
  • Ginkgo Ginkgo and Red Ha Thu O extracts help improve blood circulation under the scalp, thereby nourishing and solving hair problems at the root such as: Dandruff, itching, hair loss, dry hair split ends, gray hair soon….
  • The ability to keep the scent for a long time with a pleasant herbal scent

4.3. TREsemme Expert Selection Salon Detox

Tresemme is a very famous shampoo brand of the Godefroy company from the US, established in 1947 and then acquired by Unilever – a leading multinational corporation in the world in 2010. Products suitable Suitable for 18-40 year olds.

shampoo for oily hair 7

TREsemme Expert Selection Salon Detox


  • The main ingredients of this shampoo for oily hair from nature are ginger and green tea. Surely all of us know the effective cleaning effects of these two ingredients already.
  • The product does not contain preservatives, does not contain colorants and has a Sulfate content within the allowable range, so it is considered benign and safe.

Evaluation when using this shampoo for oily hair:

  • This shampoo for oily hair has a luxurious, eye-catching packaging design, bottle with spray nozzle for convenient use
  • Large capacity, long-lasting
  • Use: clean scalp, remove excess oil, help hair recovers quickly, does not cause stickiness for oily hair
  • After shampooing, there will be a cool, faint fragrance all day long
  • However, when purifying the hair, the shampoo accidentally filters out the natural nutrients on the hair, making the hair a bit dry. So, use it with conditioner and conditioner to add nutrients to your hair!

4.4. Yves Rocher Anti-Pelliculaire Anti Recurrence Shampoo for Oily Hair

The HOT level of cosmetic brand Yves Rocher has never decreased in the beauty world, this shampoo for oily hair always has a certain place in the hearts of consumers. In particular, the Yves Rocher Purifying Shampoo product line – shampoo for oily and sticky hair – is receiving many positive feedbacks from women.

shampoo for oily hair 8

Yves Rocher Anti-Pelliculaire Anti Recurrence Shampoo

Ingredients of this shampoo for oily hair:

  • Pure organic oat extract: soothes and reduces scalp irritation caused by inflammation. Besides, this ingredient also works to clean the skin, control oil and increase moisture in the hair.
  • Vitamin E: protects hair from the effects of the external environment.
  • Nettle: removes oil, balances pH, treats dandruff and cleans hair
  • Besides, the product also has other nutrients such as: jojoba oil, mulberry leaf, white pine top, chamomile …
  • In the composition, there are no silicones and parabens to protect the health of users.

Evaluation when using this shampoo for oily hair:

  • The design of the bottle is fresh blue, the cap looks quite luxurious. The
  • The bottle has a capacity of 300ml, the expiry date is only 6 months, so you need to check before buying.
  • Gel shampoo, creates little foam, so it will take a lot of
  • use. I like her smell the most, the natural smell of plants, not the chemical type.
  • After 1 week of use, you will see that your hair is less greasy. Sometimes, if you have a little, use dry shampoo to spray a little, it’s not dandruff, it doesn’t cause itching.
  • However, the hair seems to be less smooth than before, maybe because the oil secretion is less, the hair is also drier, so it needs more care.

Tips when using this shampoo for oily hair:

May feel greasy hair in the first week of use. So just let your hair dry naturally, don’t blow-dry or style it, but give your hair time to get used to the new nutrients.

4.5. Klorane Oil-control Shampoo with Nettle

Klorane is a famous French brand, widely sold in pharmacies.

shampoo for oily hair 9

Klorane Oil-control Shampoo with Nettle


  • This shampoo for oily hair is extracted from stinging nettle root, inhibits the production of scalp sebum, prevents the movement of sebum, nourishes shiny, bouncy hair. 
  • In addition, the product also has other nourishing ingredients such as: Vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B8, Glycerin and mild cleansing agent. This one is suitable for those with oily scalp.


  • The outer box is a simple, beautiful paper packaging with complete product information.
  • The shampoo comes in the form of a green, sturdy plastic bottle that looks very eye-catching.
  • This baby shampoo for oily hair has a strong herbal scent, the scent of plants, flowers but not as strong as the smell of Thai Duong shampoo
  • If you are using regular shampoo, you will find it unfamiliar because they create very little foam. However, your scalp is still clean! According to the instructions, you should wash your hair for 5-7 minutes to allow the nutrients to penetrate deeply into the hair. Because the shampoo has less foam, when rinsing, you will save much more time than regular shampoo.
  • Because it is a shampoo for oily hair, if you want smooth, bouncy hair, you need to use more conditioner and hair mask!

4.6. The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Cleansing Hair Scrub


  • Japanese green tea essential oil: present in the product does not help antibacterial, increases the resistance of the scalp, prevents dandruff, regenerates new skin cells, but also helps hair grow longer and smoother.
  • Mint: helps reduce excess oil production and balance the pH of the scalp. Peppermint also supports dandruff, reduces hair loss and stimulates hair follicles to help hair grow faster.
  • Salt crystals: have a cleansing effect on the scalp, fight bacteria, control oil and provide moisture to the scalp.
  • Honey: is one of the ingredients that helps to prevent hair loss, improve dry hair and make the scalp healthier.

    shampoo for oily hair 10

    The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Cleansing Hair Scrub

Evaluation when using:

  • The first impression when opening The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Cleansing Hair Scrub is that the product is very fragrant with green tea and mint. I really like the feeling that after using the product, the scalp is both removed dead cells and dirt and relaxed thanks to the cool feeling. 
  • I feel that my hair is stronger, my scalp is less oily and the amount of hair loss every day is significantly reduced after about 1 month of use.
  • Cons: The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Cleansing Hair Scrub only helps to clean the hair, does not have the effect of softening the hair, so after using the product, you must use a conditioner. Besides, the price of the product is also quite high.

4.7. Head And Shoulders Citrus Breeze Shampoo For Oily Hair 850ml

Head and Shoulders is a shampoo brand from North America that is very familiar in the hair care market. The company has many product lines suitable for many types of users. Head And Shoulders Citrus Breeze Shampoo For Oily Hair is a specialized shampoo for oily hair

shampoo for oily hair 11

Head And Shoulders Citrus Breeze Shampoo For Oily Hair

Ingredients of this shampoo for oily hair:

  • Zinc pyrithione (ZPT) has an effective effect in helping to prevent dandruff-causing bacteria, remove excess oil;
  • Zinc Carbonate: moisturizes the scalp, prevents dandruff from returning;
  • Cleaning agent sodium lauryl sulfate and foaming agent (combination of Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocamide MEA and Cetyl Alcohol) is within the allowable range for a quick cleansing sensation of the scalp, long lasting fragrance;
  • Dimethicone and Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride micro-moisturizing particles are extracted from Guar beans to help hair become shiny and stronger;
  • The content of plant essential oil in this shampoo for oily hair is small, insignificant and some other minor components.

Evaluation when using this shampoo for oily hair:

  • Large capacity bottle design, use for a long time
  • Safe shampoo ingredients, many hair nutrients
  • have many uses such as: cleaning the scalp, treating dandruff, controlling excess oil and sebum effectively
  • Comfortable, pleasant mint scent

4.8. L’oreal Serie Expert Citramine Pure Resource Oil Controlling Purifying shampoo 300ml

  • When talking about hair care, we cannot ignore the “L’Oréal” tycoon. With the Expert Pure Resource product line, shampoo for oily hair with a combination of Citramine ingredients helps to effectively clean and balance the oil layer on oily skin.

    shampoo for oily hair 12

    L’oreal Serie Expert Citramine Pure Resource Oil Controlling Purifying

  • The main ingredient of this shampoo for oily hair is Citramine Vitamin E & Anti-Calcareous Complex, which effectively cleans and balances the oily layer of the skin, removing impurities on the hair and scalp as well as dirt and grease at the same time. An ultra-thin film coats the hair shaft, protecting against environmental damage.

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