Slavic hair is the pinnacle of hair beauty and luxuriousness

Slavic hair

Slavic hair is a word that is often used by those who advocate for hair extensions as well as all other hair professionals. Slavic hair has earned the enticing moniker “Russian Gold,” and it has risen to become the diamond standard of hair beauty. Despite the fact that many manufacturers claim to offer 100 percent Slavic hair with enormous capacity, the truth is that virtually the majority of the hair sent throughout the world comes from Vietnam, China, and India. What is the source of this seeming contradiction? This study will also include additional astonishing secrets of Slavic-the best grade hair, which will be revealed in the course of the investigation.

1. Conception of Slavic hair

Definition of Slavic hair and its origin will be discussed in this part.

1.1. What is Slavic hair ? 

Slavic hair is a phrase commonly used by hair extension specialists and hair experts to describe a kind of hair. Slavic hair, often known as “Russian/Ukrainian gold,” is the ultimate of hair beauty and the peak of luxury. It is the apex of hair beauty and the synonym of glamour.

The phrase “Slavic hair” is typically used to refer to “virgin Slavic hair.” The name “Slavic” comes from the term “Slavs,” which refers to an ethnic group of people who speak the Slavic language in Central and Eastern Europe and who are known as Slavs. “Russian hair” and “Caucasian hair” are two more terms that may be used to describe Slavic hair that we have come across.

Conception of Slavic hair

Conception of Slavic hair

1.2. Origin of Slavic hair

Currently, the majority of slavic hair is gathered in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. The hair dealers travel around the nation in search of hair suppliers, and they acquire hair from Russian communities as well. 

Alternative locations for obtaining slavic hair include local hair salons, where young girls and women come to get their tails trimmed in order to modify their appearance or earn money. Slavic hair is extremely popular among those who are searching for high-quality hair extensions, and it is shipped to countries such as the United States, England, Europe, and Australia once it has been processed for a certain type of hair extension.

2. An overview of the present availability of Slavic hair around the world

Slavic hair is frequently utilized in beauty salons across the world, particularly in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia, where it is regarded to be the best quality hair type. As a result, there is a limited selection of Slavic hair products available on the market, and it is difficult to locate providers of unique goods, which may be a contributing factor to the fact that this type of hair is immediately classified as expensive/high-quality.

Sadly, many smaller beauty clinics do not even explore the potential of Slavic hair extensions because of the relatively high cost of raw materials. This is a pity because the final result of utilizing Slavic hair extensions consistently exceeds all of the client’s expectations.

An overview of the present availability of Slavic hair around the world

An overview of the present availability of Slavic hair around the world

The present supply of virgin Slavic hair on the market is insufficient to meet the demands of all purchasers in the market. As a result, it is not unusual for certain businesses to offer Vietnamese, Chinese, or Indian hair under the guise of Russian or European hair. Of course, the characteristics of each of these hair kinds are distinct from the others. Many Russian and European wholesalers and distributors, however, continue to favor Asian (especially Vietnamese) hair for their commercial needs and operations. This is due to the fact that Vietnamese hair resembles Slavic hair in certain ways.

3. Characteristics of Slavic hair

Slavic hair is characterized by these following features:

  • Softness and Smoothness

Because each bundle of Slavic hair is sourced from a single donor, you will receive a completely unique cut each and every time – each with its own color, length, structure, weight, and texture. The cuticles of slavic hair are aligned and joined together in the same direction as they developed throughout the growing process. This gentle method results in strands that are softer, silkier, and less prone to tangling as a result of the technique.

  • Brightness

The fact that Slavic hair is glossy is also one of its distinguishing characteristics. When there are bright lights coming through, especially in the sunlight, Slavic hair shines brilliantly.

Slavic hair is softer, smoother and brighter than others hair

Slavic hair is softer, smoother and brighter than others hair

  • Colors

You can see by looking at the pictures that Russian females frequently have brighter tones of hair color than girls from other nations. Slavic hair is typically brighter in color than any other form of virgin hair extensions, including Brazilian hair. The color of Russian black hair is still lighter than the color of other varieties of virgin hair, even when the hair is dyed to a natural black.

4. Strengths and weaknesses of Slavic hair

Slavic hair has several advantages and disadvantages, which are listed below:

4.1. The strengths of Slavic hair

Slavic hair is known as one of the highest quality hair source in the world due to the following strong points:

  • Versatility

Unlike other types of hair, Slavic hair is of the greatest quality since it has never been chemically treated and/or colored, curled, or otherwise processed in a way that might be possibly detrimental to its health. It is powerful since it is made of genuine hair that has not been treated. Slavic hair is ideal for a variety of styles, including the most challenging designs that necessitate the use of high temperatures and chemical effects.

Slavic hair can create a wide range of textures

Slavic hair can create a wide range of textures

  • Duration

Another advantage of Slavic hair is its long-lasting quality. Slavic hair is carefully washed and sanitized (which has no effect on the quality of the hair), so you can be confident that the material for your hair extensions will be the same color and texture as the original. A long amount of time, such as one year or more than one year is allowed for users to take advantage of the program’s benefits.

  • Impressive appearance

The most significant advantage of Slavic hair is its length. It is the fact that Slavic hair is not only a mixture of all of the qualities listed above that contributes to the overall attractiveness of the hair, but it is also distinguished by the fact that it is smooth, silky, and glittering when exposed to sunshine.

Slavic hair is famous for its length

Slavic hair is famous for its length

4.2. The weaknesses of Slavic hair

Slavic hair has thinner threads when compared to other types of virgin hair extensions, and this is the primary disadvantage of using it as a virgin hair extension. Because Russian hair is delicate and thin, it is more prone to breakage and damage than other types of hair.

5. How can Slavic hair be distinguished from other types of hair?

When you examine the strands of the hair closely, if you notice a few silver or grey threads, but not many, this indicates that the hair is genuine Slavic hair, which is rare. The fact that genuine human hair is not flawless means that it may contain some unsightly elements, such as those grey strands.

It is also advised that you be able to physically see and touch the items in order to test all of the characteristics of Slavic hair, such as its strength, durability, smoothness, and stability, and that you be able to witness others stroking the hair. If you do this, you can be certain that the hair quality is up to par, regardless of whether it meets the requirement.

6. What is the best way to preserve Slavic hair?

For longer use, you should give tender loving care to slavic hair. Here is the instructions you should follow. 

  • How to wash Slavic hair properly?

Similarly to other varieties of human hair, Slavic hair is extremely delicate, thus it is important to take special care when washing it. First and foremost, the shampoo you use must be one that contains a high concentration of nutrients. Furthermore, avoid over-washing Russian virgin hair extensions, as this will result in a reduction in the hair’s quality. When washing slavic hair, be sure to gently rinse it out and massage it in so that the hair can absorb all of the hair nutrients you use.

How to wash Slavic hair properly?

How to wash Slavic hair properly?

  • How to properly comb Slavic hair in the proper manner?

Additionally, when combing Slavic hair, there are a few things you should keep in mind. It is preferable not to use a comb to comb through your hair extensions; instead, use your fingertips to smooth them out instead. If you do use a comb, make sure it has a high number of teeth and that you comb softly through your hair.

  • How to properly dry Slavic hair in the proper manner?

After washing your hair, you may either allow it to dry naturally or use a hair dryer to finish drying it. If you use a hairdryer, make sure not to over-dry it; instead, leave it slightly damp and then allow it to dry naturally.

How to properly dry Slavic hair in the proper manner?

How to properly dry Slavic hair in the proper manner?

  • How to hydrate Slavic hair in the most effective manner?

When selecting hair conditioners for Slavic hair, it is important to thoroughly study the brands available as well as the components included inside those hair conditioners. Whether it includes a significant amount of nutrition or not. Traditional and natural components such as fruits, honey, and coconut oil are also advised for use as hair conditioners for Slavic hair, according to the experts.

How to hydrate Slavic hair in the most effective manner?

How to hydrate Slavic hair in the most effective manner?

7. Where can I purchase Slavic hair?

You can consult the list of best Slavic hair vendors as the following:

7.1. I Love Slavic Hair

I Love Slavic Hair is a Canadian firm that specializes in all things related to hair extensions and wigs. They are in charge of the whole supply chain, from the collection of slavic hair from donors in Ukraine to the distribution of the hair, which is largely in North America. The natural hair this company sell is of the highest quality and can be purchased straight from our website: Russian colored hair and virgin Slavic hair.

Retail and wholesale purchasers from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia are among their customers, who are searching for a quick, easy, and inexpensive method to get real Russian hair from a direct provider.

I Love Slavic Hair

I Love Slavic Hair

7.2. Slavic Hair Company

Slavic Hair Company was founded in Russia in 1999 with the initial goal of supplying virgin Russian hair to customers throughout the world. Their primary objective is to make millions of women across the world happy by providing them with long, attractive, healthy, and silky slavic hair, as well as to demonstrate that high-quality hair extensions are within reach of everyone.

After achieving excellent achievements in this industry, they decided to establish their own manufacture of high-quality hair extensions made from real Slavic hair and Caucasian hair at the own facility. They now effectively operate a large hair factory with a monthly production capacity of more than 400kg of hair and sell our products in the Russian, European, and American markets.

Slavic Hair Company

Slavic Hair Company

7.3. Hair by Russian 

As a hair industry veteran with more than a decade of expertise, Hair by Russian controlled the whole production process, from raw slavic hair collection to processing and distribution. 

In addition to offering one of the most extensive raw hair online options in the United States, they exclusively source the best quality Slavic hair available. Slavic Hair Extensions are brought to the market by this firm, which assures the quality of the hair procured as well as the infrastructure, reputation, and clientele necessary to do so.

Hair by Russian 

Hair by Russian

Source: Besthairlist by hair experts

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