Straight Hair Oil: Detailed Reviews on top 10 Oils For Straight Hair

straight hair oil

Straight hair oil is always searched for because straight hair is a trend that is never outdated. If you are searching for a detailed review about top recommended straight hair oil, here is the article for you.


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1. What does straight hair oil do with your hair?

Straight hair oil protects hair from harmful effects of UV rays, chemicals and heat.

Stylish girls always love to turn their hair into many different styles and colors. The use of a lot of chemicals and heat on the hair will make the hair lose its protective layer, easily dry and damaged. Straight hair oil will work to coat the outside of the hair with a protective film, helping to minimize the damage to the hair.

Straight hair oil provides nutrients restore damaged hair

Not only prevent and reduce the harmful effects of UV rays, chemicals and heat to hair that straight hair oil nursing also provide essential nutrients such as vitamin E, moisture to hair restoration damage and keep hair smoother

straight hair oil 1

Functions of straight hair oils

Straight hair oil protects scalp

The nutrients in the straight hair oil will help balance the moisture on the scalp, creating a protective film on the scalp from the harmful effects of dirt chemicals. It also improves scalp health to control dandruff and itching.

Straight hair oil: Ease of styling

Hair oils are also helpful in keeping hair in place for longer while styling. Straight hair will look softer and more natural.

2. Criteria for choosing the right straight hair oil

Regardless of the product, it must be suitable to bring about the desired effect. The choice of straight hair oil or shampoos for straightened hair needs to depend on many factors, but cannot be chosen. Besthairlist has summarized the factors that girls need to pay attention to as follows:

2.1. Choosing depends on hair condition

This is extremely important, before buying any hair care products or straight hair oils, every girl needs to determine her hair. What kind of situation am I in, what do I need to add? Specifically:

  • For dry, split ends , damaged hair: Nothing is better than straight hair oil with Argan oil for this case. The hair is damaged mainly at the ends, it is more necessary to focus on restoring the hair. Argan oil contains many nutrients such as vitamin E, Omega-9 and water that will help hair less dry, stronger and healthier.

    straight hair oil 2

    Dry and split ends hair should opt for Argan oil

  • For thick hair: In addition to natural oils, thick hair needs more silicone ingredients to create smoothness and healthy shine for hair. Silicon in straight hair oil seems to be present in most essential oils but will increase and decrease according to the concentration suitable for the hair. Thick hair should choose a silicon content just enough to support the hair but not cause accompanying irritation (especially for sensitive scalps)
  • For thin, brittle hair: With this hair type it is best to say no to silicone but instead use natural essential oils, with thin and light texture, easy to penetrate into the hair and stimulate long hair, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, camellia oil…
  • For bleached, dyed hair: 
    • Hair that has been chemically bleached and dyed will often be dull, dry and damaged. Almond oil in straight hair oil will be the savior for this hair because they contain many vitamins A, B, E and essential minerals that help restore damage, create a protective shield for hair from sun damage and promote healthy hair follicles. 
    • In addition to almond oil, sunflower oil or Gac oil also works great for bleached, dyed hair.

      straight hair oil 3

      Bleached and dyed hair should opt for straight hair oil containing Almond oil


2.2. Choosing ingredients to protect your hair

Have you noticed that every time we go out in the sun, we often apply sunscreen, cover everything to protect our skin, but are indifferent to our hair? Hair also needs to be protected because they are directly affected by UV rays, dust, pollution just like skin. If skin uses moisture cream, straight hair oil is needed for hair.

Therefore, when choosing to buy a conditioner, you should pay attention to whether the product has ingredients that protect your hair. Some essential ingredients such as: Meadowfoam delta-lactone, Gamma-Dodecalactone, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Parsol SLX…

2.3. Choosing ingredients that are gentle on the scalp

Straight hair oils are not only for hair care, they also help scalp as well. A healthy scalp leads to healthy hair from there.

Usually, it is advisable to give preference to natural oils because they are suitable for everyone’s scalp. For those of you with sensitive scalps, you should avoid products containing a lot of silicone. For those who often suffer from itchy scalp, choose thyme extract or natural ingredients.

straight hair oil 4

Girls are recommended to choose Straight hair oil that protects scalp

3. Reviews 10 Straight hair oils

The best part is here, let go through these 10 best straight hair oils recommended by experts from Besthairlist.

3.1. Mise en scene Straight Hair Oil

  • Origin: Korea
  • Price: $9.9/ 80ml bottle
  • Rate: 3.5/5
  • Ingredients:
  • The main ingredient of this straight hair oil is one of the world famous essential oils for its miraculous effect – Argan oil. Argan oil contains a lot of vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants such as Phenol, Carotenes, Squalene. As a result, they have a great effect in restoring hair damaged by chemicals, heat or environmental damage while nourishing healthy, smooth hair.
  • Royal jelly is also the name that contributes to making this product more effective. Royal jelly is rich in biotin, protein, amino acids, vitamins of group B and vitamin C, which stimulates hair growth, prevents hair loss, strengthens cuticle cells and restores damaged hair.
  • Rose essence not only works for the skin but is also a great conditioner for the hair. They provide moisture, nourish the scalp and smooth hair while helping to treat scalp inflammation and eliminate dandruff.
straight hair oil 5

Mise en scene Straight Hair Oil

The new model Mise En Scene curling oil is divided into 5 different types for each individual hair condition:

  • Serum Miseen Perfect Golden Morocco Argan Oil – Original: For all hair types, suitable for those with Diverse hair care needs, dealing with almost any hair problem. The product has a light yellow color, a gentle scent of honey and rose essence.
  • Serum Miseen Perfect Golden Morocco Argan Oil – Super Rich: For extremely dry, damaged hair with a more concentrated essence than the Original. The product is red.
  • Serum Miseen Perfect Styling Oil: For hair that is often styled, curled, dried, dyed because this product provides nutrients, treats hair in order, restores damage caused by the use of heat and chemicals. This girl has a pretty pink color, a light cherry blossom scent.
  • Serum Miseen Perfect Rose Oil: For dry hair with many rose extracts creating a very pleasant fragrance.
  • Miseen Perfect Coconut Water Serum: For dry, frizzy hair with pure coconut oil extract, cleanses the scalp but retains the necessary moisture for smooth hair.


Pros Cons
The product gives an almost immediate effect, the hair will become shiny, bouncy and full of life The product only gives a temporary effect, if you want to improve your hair more, you must use it persistently
Has the ability to repair damaged hair with long-term use The product is only effective for moderately damaged hair, will not see an improvement if the hair is severely damaged.
The essence is quickly absorbed into the hair, without a sticky feeling Has a light scent, but will be annoying for those who don’t like the scent
Small bottle design is convenient to carry with you
The product has up to 5 different options suitable for many customers
The new model is sized up from 70ml to 80ml, more economical, longer use

3.2. CFC LAB Argan Glow Straight Hair Oil

  • Origin: Korea
  • Price: $10.6/bottle 110ml
  • Rate: 4.5/5
  • Ingredients: 


Argan Oil: A name that any straight hair oil wants to be included in the ingredient list because they bring benefits surprising. This Moroccan “liquid gold” provides a natural source of vitamin E and many other nutrients that help repair damaged hair, moisturize and strengthen the scalp.

Carrot essential oil: contains a lot of vitamin A, vitamin E and beta carotene to help stimulate hair growth, restore hair texture, prevent oxidation and improve hair loss.

Sunflower oil: contains active gamma alpha linolenic acid and many proteins to help strengthen hair, reduce breakage and clean the scalp.

Sclerocarya essential oil: also known as Marula oil, they contain many fatty acids, amino acids, vitamin C and vitamin E that have the ability to restore split ends, dry hair, moisturize and reduce dandruff for the scalp.


straight hair oil 6

CFC LAB Argan Glow Straight Hair Oil

Pros Cons
Has an instant smoothing effect, gives hair a natural healthy shine For severely damaged hair the product is not effective
The texture absorbs quickly into the hair, without leaving the scalp sticky
Support for the treatment of mild hair loss
Pleasant scent
Reasonable price


3.3. Cynos Silver Tree Moroccan Argan Oil

  • Origin: Germany
  • Price: $3/50ml.
  • Rate: 3.5/5
  • Main ingredients: This straight hair oil contains 2 main ingredients that must be mentioned are Argan oil and Vitamin E. The ingredient list is not too fussy, but just relying on the two names above is enough to create confidence to convince customers to use it.

Argan oil is well-known for its repairing effects on damaged hair, providing a large amount of vitamin E, linoleic acid and many other essential acids to create a protective film on the hair to help prevent damage from rays. UV, chemical and heat.

Vitamin E further supports the effect of nourishing hair from root to tip, stimulating hair growth and is an antioxidant that prevents damage to hair. In addition, Vitamin E also has the ability to restore dull hair, giving hair more vitality.

straight hair oil 7

Cynos Silver Tree Moroccan Argan Oil

Pros Cons
Leaves hair feeling shiny right after use  This product is not as effective as advertised
Small bottle easy to carry Only suitable for light damaged hair
Low cost
Suitable for both man and woman


3.4. Goldwell Argan Oil Elixir

  • Origin: Germany
  • Price: $20/100ml.
  • Rate: 4/5
  • Main ingredients:
straight hair oil 8

Goldwell Argan Oil Elixir

Argan oil: it can be said that most of the medium to high-grade nourishing straight hair oil use the main ingredient is Argan oil. Vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants in Argan oil are great nutrients to solve the problem of damaged, broken hair. Besides, it also provides the hair with a healthy amount of moisturizing nutrients.

Tamanu essential oil: also an oil commonly used in hair conditioners, Tamanu contains a lot of fatty acids, palmitic, oleic, stearic or linoleic acids that work to prevent damage, reduce breakage and stimulate hair growth faster.


Pros Cons
Light texture, easy to absorb quickly into the hair, does not feel sticky or heavy on the hair The price is quite high compared to many other products on the market
Pump hose is convenient to take the product Plastic cap is not tight, if carrying when going out,the product will easily pour out
Protects hair from external damage
Can feel silky smooth hair right after using
Mild vanilla scent, faintly on hair


3.5. L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Original – Straight hair oil

  • Origin: France
  • Price: $22,9/100ml.
  • Rate: 4.5/5
  • Main ingredients:

Avocado oil: as one of the fastest-absorbing oils, avocado oil is often preferred for damaged, brittle hair. Avocado oil in straight hair oil contains high levels of vitamins E, A, D, Omega 3, 6, 9 and many other essential fats that help soften hair and protect hair against many harmful agents. At the same time, they also help eliminate dandruff, clean the scalp and nourish a healthy scalp.

Grape seed oil: Also a light oil, easily absorbed into the hair and scalp, grape seed oil helps to increase moisture, improve hair loss very effectively thanks to its large content of linolenic acid. This is also a common ingredient in baldness products.

straight hair oil 9

L’Oréal Professionnel Mythic Oil Original

Pros Cons
The bottle of this straight hair oildesign exudes luxury class  The price of this straight hair oil is quite high
The oil penetrates quickly into the hair, providing immediate moisture but not feeling sticky  The product helps the hair to be in place quickly but for maximum effect it is necessary to persist in long-term use
Keeps hair in place, smooth and with natural volume
Can be mixed into dyes to increase hair protection against chemicals and heat
Does not discolor hair, keeps dyed hair durable


3.6. Argan Oil Nashi

  • Origin: Italy
  • Price: $25,9/100ml.
  • Rate: 4/5
  • Main ingredients:

The main ingredient of this straight hair oil shown in the name, Argan oil does not make any hair lover disappointed by its use. Argan oil can solve most of the problems that a hair encounters from damaged, split ends, dry, difficult to style to sensitive scalp. With a high content of vitamin E, Argan oil is also an antioxidant, protecting hair from harmful agents.

Flaxseed oil is an uncommon name from the beginning, but it is in fact an ingredient favored by oil manufacturers. Flaxseed contains a lot of alpha-linolenic acid, vitamin B6, iron, potassium, copper and zinc. These ingredients have the ability to stimulate hair growth, moisturize to reduce dryness and stimulate hair follicles to grow healthy development.

straight hair oil 10

Argan Oil Nashi

Pros Cons
Packaging uses 100% recycled paper, 10 points for environmental awareness If you accidentally apply too much, you will immediately feel your hair is sticky.
The mild scent of herbs, even if you don’t like the scent, you won’t feel uncomfortable  The price is quite high
Can feel the smoothness and bounce of the hair immediately after using  The product is not suitable for dandruff and oily hair
The product has many healthy ingredients, good for hair to help nourish healthy hair
Able to restore damaged hair


3.7. Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Oil

  • Origin: Japan.
  • Price: $18.9/60ml.
  • Rate: 4/5.
  • Main Ingredients:

What makes this straight hair oil special enough for experts of besthairlist to include in this list is that its ingredients contain 100% Japanese red camellia oil. It sounds so cool.

Most oils contain oleic acid, which moisturizes the skin. But red camellia alone contains oleic acid up to 83%, so the moisturizing ability belongs to the form of melancholy.

Not to mention in this flower, there are also dozens of other nutrients such as vitamins A, B, D, E and omega 3, 6, 9 to nourish healthy hair, stimulate hair growth and balance hair oil. effective.

To further reveal that red camellia oil is not only good for the hair but also super good for the scalp, you will feel the health of the hair follicles clearly after 1 time of use.

straight hair oil 11

Oshima Tsubaki Camellia Oil

Pros Cons
100% natural product, suitable for all hair types and scalp conditions  The glass bottle is compact but not too eye-catching and a bit difficult to take out the essential oil
Oily texture, not sticky The product is hard to find in the market
Contains no ingredients Not moisturizing enough for dry and damaged hair
Long-term use can significantly reduce dryness and damage to hair
Balance moisture, limit stickiness for oily hair

3.8. Moroccanoil Treatment Original 

  • Price: $20/25ml.
  • Rate: 4/5.
  • Origin: USA.
  • Main ingredients:

Argan Oil: It would be too much to repeat the use of this ingredient, but this is the face of the superstar of the product, so Besthairlist cannot easily skim it. The hair problems you are facing can be solved with this oil, this is their “power”. Fatty acids, Vitamin E and antioxidants contained in Argan oil in this straight hair oil will repair damaged hair, provide moisture and create a protective film against harmful agents.

Milk Extract: The milk used in the products is derived from flaxseeds, so they are also high in alpha-linolenic acid, vitamin B6 and minerals to help keep hair healthy, shiny and bouncy.

Fish oil: The abundant vitamin E content in fish oil is the savior for dry, damaged hair. They provide moisture, nourish hair follicles and restore hair from deep within.

straight hair oil 12

Moroccanoil Treatment Original


Pros Cons
The product has a noble and classy fragrance, gentle but not confused The design of the glass bottle of this straight hair oil is luxurious but it is a drawback if you want to carry it with you
Liquid texture, easily absorbed into the hair, non-sticky  The product contains silicones and fragrances, those who are allergic to these two ingredients should be careful. However, you do not need to worry because the silicon content in the product only works to soften and protect the hair, not harmful.
Creates bouncy and shine for hair right from the first use  The product price is a bit high
Helps hair dry quickly after shampooing
Reduce damage, quickly folds


3.9. OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil

  • Origin: USA
  • Price:$10/100ml.
  • Rate: 4/5.
  • Main ingredients:

The most remarkable thing about this straight hair oil is that it contains 100% Argan oil. The essence of this Moroccan “liquid gold” contains many other important nutrients for hair nourishment such as Vitamin E, phenols, carotenes, squalene and essential fatty acids.

They have the effect of reconstructing the structure of the hair, restoring damaged hair, increasing elasticity, increasing the amount of biotin and collagen to help shiny hair. Argan oil also prevents hair loss and protects hair from UV rays, heat or chemicals.

straight hair oil 13

OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Penetrating Oil

Pros  Cons
100% natural ingredients, benign, suitable for all hair types.  If you have oily and greasy hair, you need to massage a little to absorb all the essential oils.
Light, faint scent
The essence penetrates quickly into the hair, does not create a sticky feeling
Reasonable price


3.10. Lucido – L Argan Rich Oil

  • Origin: Japan.
  • Price: $16,7/60ml.
  • Rate: 4/5
  • Main ingredients:

Another product in straight hair oil list whose “representative face” is no stranger to Argan oil. To “treat” a damaged, thin, fragile hair, nothing is better than this liquid gold.

The Argan Oil in Lucido – L Argan Rich Oil is processed in a very high pressure environment to retain the nutrient content including vitamin E, vitamin A, fatty acids, antioxidants… to help smooth and bouncy hair. resilient and healthy.

Damaged hair will be quickly restored, dandruff, scalp itching will also be improved.

straight hair oil 14

Lucido – L Argan Rich Oil

Pros Cons
The scent in this straight hair oil lasts a long time with a gentle, relaxing floral scent  The product contains silicones, fragrances and UV-blocking ingredients (Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate), they are not harmful to hair but for those with sensitive scalps or allergies to this component should take into consideration
The essence penetrates quickly into the hair, does not weigh the hair. For those with thick hair, it will not be as effective as in thin hair
Suitable for thin and normal hair, makes hair shiny immediately after use
Creates bounce for hair
Nourishes hair from deep inside, prevents breakage and makes hair easier to comb.


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