Super Double Drawn Hair: Must Known Facts About This Hair Type

super double drawn hair

One of the best well-known grades of hair extensions on the market today is super double drawn hair. In this post, Besthairlist will just cover the super double drawn grade to let you know the features, how to detect and utilize it, and how to pick the most potentail super double drawn hair grade supplier.

1. Get to know super double drawn hair

An important thing before discovering anything is to get some general ideas about it and super double drawn hair is not an exception. We should get to know the most basic things about this hair type. Let’s get started with a definition.

1.1. What is called super double drawn hair type?

Super double drawn hair is normally the thickest type of hair extensions, compared to double drawn hair or single drawn hair. It is also called 11A and 12A grade in Chinasuper double drawn hair

  • It has approximately 80-90% of equal strands, the others are shorter. For example, 18 inch super double drawn hair type: there will be 80-90% strands of 18 inch, the rest 10-20% are shorter strands, mixed of 14 inch, 16 inch hair. Therefore, best super double drawn hair is really suitable for girls who wish for thick hair.
  • To make super double drawn hair of high quality, start by selecting the every highest-quality individual hair, then carefully arranging and tying them into hair bundles.super double drawn hair

1.2. What is the average price of super double drawn hair?

Because the process of manufacturing best super double drawn hair is complicated, the hair has a higher price than other hair. The price also depends on hair texture, hair length and the number of hair strands. The longer the hair, the higher the price

For example:

  • The 12 inch super double drawn hair with straight natural texture and black color has the price starting at $12/bundle.super double drawn hair
  • On the other hand, the most expensive super double drawn hair is valued at more than $30/bundle. It has the funmi texture, red color and length of 32 inch.

However, in general, the price of super double drawn hair lies between $12 and $30 but the cost is really worth the quality

1.3. Main places producing super double drawn hair

Hair may come from a variety of places. Indian hair is the most well-known variety in Asia. The commercial ethics around hair collecting, on the other hand, are dubious. Indian women are not compensated for their hair.

Cambodia is the second most well-known hair supplier. Many clients are enchanted by the coarse and strong hair texture. Cambodian hair, on the other hand, is disliked by people who want silky, smooth hair.

Vietnamese hair is a rising star in this industry. Vietnamese hair comes in a variety of textures, ranging from silky in the north to coarse in the south, thanks to its unusual S-shaped form.super double drawn hair

1.4. Main markets of super double drawn hair type

Because the quality of this hair is very high and the price is not really affordable, the main market for this hair is the EU. However, if you know the channels to find customers, you can also export your hair to African and Asian countries like Nigeria, Malaysia and India.

In general, starting business in the hair industry with super double drawn hair will bring you a lot of revenue and profits. While it is a really profitable business, not many people realize that fact.

2. Why should I start a business with super double drawn hair?

“Should I start a business with super double drawn hair type?” is the questions of many hair wholesalers. You can find the answer for that in the below part.

2.1. Should start-up-ers choose best super double drawn hair?

For start-up companies, focusing on quality is the greatest initial goal for every new business to maintain consumers and develop their brand. Because your company’s initial client generation is willing to pay for a high-quality product. Furthermore, your consumers will return numerous times as a result of your positive customer feedback.

In particular, the hair extension industry, particularly the market for  best super double drawn hair, has a high economic potential because few firms are aware of this prospective vision.super double drawn hair

2.2. Should wholesalers choose super double drawn hair?

For wholesalers, you’re in luck since the profit from super double drawn hair is a hundred times higher for them. Because you have a large number of customer sources, from retailers to end-buyers, beauty salons and so on, and their client range is rapidly expanding. 

You, in particular, control the majority of clients with large budgets and strong demand. They are always looking for high-quality goods and are prepared to spend money on beautiful hair. This type of client may be called loyal, and they are important in spreading the word about your business.super double drawn hair

3. Diversity in the use of super double drawn hair

Super double drawn hair can be use with a variety of purposes:

  • Super double drawn hair bundles can be utilized as straight hair of natural style. Moreover, this is the most preferred natural hairstyle among African clients, according to reports. Because their hair is normally kinky and fragile, they wish for as natural and healthy as super double drawn hair typesuper double drawn hair
  • In addition, super double drawn hair can also be utilized to make the bone straight hair extensions. Because different from natural straight hair, skilled hair-making workers utilize chemicals to straighten bone straight hair, making it exceedingly smooth, silk, straight, and voluminous.super double drawn hair
  • Furthermore, Super double drawn hair type is an excellent choice for curly, pixie, wavy, kinky and other hairstyles. It will be fantastic if you knew how to pick hair that complimented your face features.super double drawn hair

4. How to know whether I buy the right super double drawn hair?

Here are some main features that you can rely on to determine the right super double drawn hair and avoid being taken in by scammers.

4.1. Recognize super double drawn hair through visual perception:

Because super double drawn hair type is far thicker than other hair classes, it can be clearly distinguished visually. Moreover, super double drawn hair bundles usually appear smooth, silk and full.

In addition, when you grasp the upward-sloping ends of the hair bundles, you will notice that there are little hair dropping outside, and the bundle is virtually straight from the tip to top.super double drawn hair

4.2. Recognize super double drawn hair through touching perception:

Not to exaggerate, it is very easy for you to spot a super double drawn hair bundle by touching it.

  • Hold a hair bundle of super double drawn hair in your hands and softly run it over your skin, the hair passes through your skin in a delicate, soft, and cold manner. If your hand falls down softly and does not freeze in one spot as you run your finger through your hair, it is healthy hair. 
  • Sliding the hair pack sometimes, from above to the tip, the hands are straightforwardly go through the hair with a sense of full and thickness.
  • After that, a bundle of hair of super double drawn hair is ready in the shopping cart for you to purchase.

If vendors or sellers can acquire hair straight from the factory, they can easily verify how thick the bundles are using these two methods of recognizing super double drawn hair. However, when it comes to customers, it is important that you require the hair vendor to provide a video for you to check in the two ways above before shipment, so that you can greatly avoid scammers in today’s complicated import-export condition in the hair market.

5. How to distinguish between super double drawn hair vs double drawn hair

The main difference between super double drawn hair and double drawn hair is the thickness and the price. Of course, the thicker the hair, the more expensive it is.

  • Super double drawn hair has nearly 90% of the hair with the same length, the rest is shorter. On the other hand, in double drawn hair 70-80% of the hair is equally long, the other strands are shorter. For example, when you purchase a 18 inch double drawn hair bundle, you will see that 80% of the hair is 18 inch while the other strands are a mixture of 14 inch and 16 inch hair.super double drawn hair
  • Another difference lies in the price of the two hair types. It is obvious that super double drawn hair is more expensive than double drawn hair due to the complicated making process, the thickness of hair and the number of hair strands. The average price of double drawn hair is 2-4$/bundle lower than that of super double drawn hair
  • For a clearer distinction, super double drawn hair is different from double drawn hair in terms of the main markets. While super double drawn hair is mainly favored in the EU and US market, double drawn hair is favored in Asian and African countries because despite the quality, the price is really affordable.

6. Tips to take care of super double drawn hair

To keep you super double drawn hair as silky and smooth as natural hair, we recommend you some tips to take care of it:super double drawn hair

  • Shampoos for hair extensions with a natural recipe are a good option. Because a haircut from the human scalp can not literally acquire sebum, you must apply oil to your hair bundles. As a result, when it comes to optimal hair care products, an oil-based solution is a requirement.
  • Make sure you wash your hair properly! Your tenderness is needed for Vietnamese hair. You should not over-pull or over-wash your hair. hair tangling and shedding will result as a result of this.
  • Dry your hair with a towel and let it air dry. If you don’t want to have to say goodbye to your pricey hairpieces too soon, don’t blow dry it too much.
  • Use hair serum on a regular basis. After your super double drawn hair bundles are 80% dry, we recommend using hair serum. This is literally the perfect time to apply hair serum because this is when your hair can fully absorb oil and nutrients.

7. Channels to find the best super double drawn hair

It is not difficult to find the best source of super double drawn hair thanks to the advancement of technology in today’s world. There are many effective channels for you to rely on as you seek for this hair type

7.1. Use Google to find super double drawn hair

It is the most common means of finding a reliable source of super double drawn hair. Just by typing “super double drawn hair” on the search bar of this search engine, Google will show millions of results ranging from super double drawn hair price to super double drawn hair vendors and wholesalers. However, not all of them are reliable ones. You should really spend sufficient time to investigate them before involving in a deal with any hair suppliers.

7.2. Use E-commerce site to find super double drawn hair

  • DHGate: It is a well-known e-commerce website for B2B companies. If you’re looking for super double drawn hair, DHgate is a good place to start. Remember to only buy hair products that are highly rated and receive excellent feedback from consumers on Dhgate.
  • Alibaba: Alibaba, like Dhgate, is well-known for B2B. Alibaba has a large number of hair wholesalers who sell hair products including super double drawn hair so you can easily find a reliable hair source and put it into your shopping cart. Alibaba also provides indices such as products ratings by stars and customers feedback, which may assist you in making a more informed selection.

7.3. Use consulting service to find super double drawn hair of highest quality

If you’re overwhelmed by the information you find on the internet or you just simply don’t believe in this information, you may hire a consulting agency like Besthairlist by hair experts to assist you choose the finest super double drawn hair source.super double drawn hair

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