The Reasons Why We Love Vietnamese Virgin Hair

Vietnamese virgin hair

Vietnamese virgin hair is considered as one of the most luxurious hair in the current market. With the flexible versatility and well-styled texture, it increasingly becomes the most important hair line which trademarks Vietnamese hair industry.

1. The conception of Vietnamese virgin hair

Vietnamese Virgin hair is taken from a single donor and is chemically unprocessed. It is composed entirely of genuine human hair from young Vietnamese women in northern Vietnam. These young girls, ranging in age from 18 to 25, live a traditional lifestyle, which may contribute to their hair having excellent characteristics when compared to other hair sources. Virgin hair, on the other hand, tends to survive longer than synthetic hair. Vietnamese virgin hair can be styled by adding colors, dying it, flattening it, or curling it.

Vietnamese virgin hair 1

The conception of Vietnamese virgin hair

2. The features of Vietnamese virgin hair

Vietnamese virgin hair is featured by some main points below:

  • Color of Vietnamese virgin hair

Vietnamese virgin hair has a striking natural black color that may leave a lasting impact. Vietnamese ladies choose natural hair care products like locusts and other herbal hair care products over chemical or artificial treatments. As a result, the hair’s natural black melanin color and richness may be preserved without causing any harm.

  • Texture of Vietnamese virgin hair

Vietnamese virgin hair is known for its straightness and thickness. Vietnamese women are often found working in the fields, where they may stay active and healthy. As a result, their hair has a healthy shine to it. In addition, their hair tends to be particularly strong and thick due to their healthy eating habits. Straight virgin Vietnamese hair is regarded as one of the most manageable types of hair extensions.

  • Versatility of Vietnamese virgin hair

This single-donor cut gives Vietnamese virgin hair a holistic quality, texture, and style in addition to its strength and silkiness. So that it may be colored, bleached, or otherwise treated to suit any requirement. This hair may be styled in a multitude of ways, such as bone straight, pixie curl, kinky curl, and wavy curls.

Vietnamese virgin hair 2

Versatility of Vietnamese virgin hair

3. Potentials of Vietnamese virgin hair

Vietnamese virgin hair has many potentials in the global market. Its advantages can be listed as the following:

  • High demand for high quality virgin hair of the world’s market

The demand for a guaranteed source of quality hair has never decreased, especially with the high segment and very affordable hair beauty markets. Therefore, virgin hair lines are always sought after by them, in which it is impossible not to mention Vietnamese virgin hair.

Vietnamese virgin hair from a single donor is the most luscious hair in the country. This type of virgin hair, with the same quality and aligned cuticle, is becoming increasingly scarce. Smoothness, straightness, high color consistency, and durability are all characteristics used to determine the top quality hair products made from virgin Vietnamese hair.

  • Attractive price of Vietnamese virgin hair

Vietnamese virgin hair may be purchased for as little as $8 per bundle and be of excellent quality. Because it’s not as expensive as Brazilian hair or Chinese hair, the hair has a harder time selling. If you buy from Vietnamese hair factories, you’ll receive the best pricing since you’ll be dealing directly with the producers. This will help you make a lot more money.

Vietnamese virgin hair 3

Attractive price of Vietnamese virgin hair

  • Impressive duration of Vietnamese virgin hair

When it comes to the life expectancy of Vietnamese virgin hair, it ranges from 3-5 years depending on the consumer. Because it contains 100 percent high-quality human hair in certain locations, the hair may survive this long. As is widely known, the climate in the highlands of Vietnam is bitterly cold and wet. They prevent cuticle damage since UVA and UVB radiation from the sun don’t instantly harm their hair.

4. Application of Vietnamese virgin hair in the field of hair extensions

Virgin hair from Vietnam is used for making Vietnamese hair extensions which can be classified by several ways. Here is two of them:

4.1. Application of Vietnamese virgin hair based on texture

There are four types of Vietnamese virgin hair extensions based on texture:

  • Straight Vietnamese virgin hair extensions
  • Bone straight Vietnamese virgin hair
  • Curly/Kinky Vietnamese virgin hair extensions
  • Wavy Vietnamese virgin hair extensions
Vietnamese virgin hair 4

Application of Vietnamese virgin hair in the field of hair extensions 1

4.2. Application of Vietnamese virgin hair based on type

There are four types of Vietnamese virgin hair extensions based on type:

  • Welf Vietnamese virgin hair extensions 
  • Frontal Vietnamese virgin hair extensions 
  • Closure Vietnamese virgin hair extensions 
  • Wig from Vietnamese virgin hair
Vietnamese virgin hair 5

Application of Vietnamese virgin hair in the field of hair extensions 2

5. Tips for using Vietnamese virgin hair

Here are some tips expected to help you successfully buy Vietnamese virgin hair:

  • Clean the Vietnamese virgin hair every one to two weeks. notably in the case of pure natural oil. When shampooing your hair, use dry shampoo if your scalp is greasy.
  • Massages near the scalp and a mild self-massage to prevent the hair from microbial development and to stimulate blood circulation are also recommended. Using your scalp’s natural elasticity when exercising with Vietnamese virgin hair is a great benefit. After that, don’t forget to use a gentle yet effective exfoliant.
  • After every shampoo, use a hydrating conditioner, and do so every two or four weeks. Because Vietnamese virgin hair is created from 100 percent human hair, it reacts by profoundly feeding the follicular layer and also by restoring softness and luster. Blow-dry your hair to remove product buildup.
  • If you must utilize the Vietnamese knotting method, you can do it near the scalp due to the unique nature of your virgin hair. However, to eliminate the droop from your hairline, work slowly and gently in a small section.
Vietnamese virgin hair 6

Tips for using Vietnamese virgin hair

6. How to identify high quality Vietnamese virgin hair

There are some useful methods for you in order to distinguish the real Vietnamese virgin hair from the fake one as listed below:

  • Checking the outlook

Vietnamese virgin hair is actually straight, round, and thick, with a lot of dark colour. This is critical information to have when looking for a new hair color since it indicates that bleach is nearly usually utilized in the dyeing process. Because it includes more melanin, Vietnamese hair is more resistant to fade. To get the desired and occasionally reproducible lift, you’ll need a professional-grade detergent/bleach.

As a result, you can readily identify the Vietnamese virgin hair from other types. Because Vietnamese hair is the world’s strongest and thickest. People can usually tell what type of hair is Vietnamese by looking at how shiny it looks. As a result, you can tell the difference between Virgin and Remy hair without touching it.

Vietnamese virgin hair 7

How to identify high quality Vietnamese virgin hair: Tip 1

  •  Using sense of touch

To do this, take a bundle of Vietnamese virgin hair and run your hands through it lightly, softly, and coolly; if the hair passes through your hand skin in this manner, it is real virgin hair. You may also run your finger down your hair and see whether it slides down smoothly and doesn’t get stuck in one spot. If it does, your hair is healthy and strong. However, you can determine if the hair is Remy this way.

Vietnamese virgin hair 8

How to identify high quality Vietnamese virgin hair: Tip 2

  • Trying Bleaching process

Another way to distinguish real Vietnamese virgin hair from fake is through dyeing method, especially with color #603. This is a relatively difficult color to dye for raw or remy hair because it will not color well due to weak and uneven hair in the same bundle. Conversely, virgin hair gives the best results as it is of high quality and uniform.

Vietnamese virgin hair 9

How to identify high quality Vietnamese virgin hair: Tip 3

7. Where I can find Vietnamese virgin hair

By only one click, you can find out a lot of addresses to buy Vietnamese virgin hair. Here, we list out three most common ways people often do when they are considering buying this hairline. 

  • Google – the most popular way
  • E-Commerce sites – the most reliable way
  • Consulting service: The fastest way

8. How to import Vietnamese virgin hair

Purchasing Vietnamese virgin hair might be a bit difficult for beginners. If you decide not to make a payment right away, you should follow these detailed steps:

  • Step 1: Identify dependable hair providers as the first step

As a result of the abundance of reliable Vietnamese virgin hair suppliers, finding one should not be difficult. Watch out for signs that someone is trying to defraud you.

  • Step 2: Contact the Vietnamese virgin hair suppliers you’ve selected.

You may get in touch with your vendor via a number of different channels. Therefore, you can quickly contact them via email, make quotations on e-commerce sites, or just call their phone number as trustworthy Vietnamese virgin hair factories, vendors are widely available on social media and the Internet.

  • Step 3: Require further details

Ask as many questions as you can to your Vietnamese virgin hair supplier in order to receive the most accurate information. It’s possible to inquire about the minimum order amount, shipping time, import procedure, or discount for large orders, among other things.

  • Step 4: Examine a hair sample.

Do not make a large purchase immediately away. Instead, get a sample of Vietnamese virgin hair from your supplier. There’s no need to risk a large sum of money on a poor sample.

  • Step 5: Complete the contract.

After testing out the Vietnamese virgin hair sample, you’re satisfied enough to want to make a larger purchase. Keep a copy of the contract between the two parties. And you’ll be required to make a down payment on top of that.

  • Step 6: Double-check everything you’ve done.

Before finalizing your purchase and paying in full, inspect the quality of the hair products you receive from wholesale hair suppliers.

Vietnamese virgin hair 10

How to import Vietnamese virgin hair

9. Reliable addresses supplying Vietnamese virgin hair for your cooperation

Although you can buy Vietnamese virgin hair in many countries around the world, buying directly from Vietnamese virgin hair suppliers in Vietnam will give you more peace of mind about the origin, as well as more attractive prices compared to those offered by the intermediary. Here is the list of 5 trustworthy suppliers you can consult:

  • Layla Hair factory
  • JenHair factory
  • MIC Hair factory

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