Tips for hair care: 10 tips for best taking care of your hair

Tips for hair care

Taking care of your hair is something you need to invest in both time and effort, just like taking care of your skin and removing makeup on your face. Here are some tips for hair care that can help you to easily keep your hair healthy, bouncy and smooth at home.

1. What is the purpose of tips for hair care?

Healthy, bouncy, shiny hair is always the dream of women. However, today, the abuse of many types of hair cosmetics as well as the bad change from the environment easily make the hair often dry, tangled, split ends, greasy or oily, greatly affecting the health of the hair, attractiveness of your face and also your overall appearance.

Tips for hair care 1

Healthy, bouncy, shiny hair

  • Therefore, taking care of your hair with tips for hair care is something you need to invest in both time and effort, just like taking care of your skin and removing makeup on your face.
  • To overcome this situation, let’s change some daily habits into simple tips for hair care to quickly regain shine and smoothness for hair.

2. Experts recommend 10 tips for hair care at home

In fact, taking care of your hair at home is cheaper and more convenient than going to hair salon or profession hair dresser. Here, experts from Besthairlist recommend to you 10 most effective DIY tips for hair care at home.

2.1. Tips for hair care 1: Regular cut your hair

According to hairstylists, trimming hair 1.5cm each time for 6-8 weeks is an ideal tips for hair care to help hair grow long fast. 

By sticking to this schedule, you can prevent split ends from going all the way up to the hair shaft, causing breakage. In the meantime, after about 12 weeks, the trimmed hair will become a graceful, beautiful hairstyle.

Tips for hair care 2

Trimming hair 1.5cm each time for 6-8 weeks

2.2. Tips for hair care 2: Don’t wash your hair often and brush your hair gently

Many people think that when hair is dry and frizzy, they should wash their hair several times a week. However, that is a completely wrong tips for hair care because this makes the hair dehydrated and more prone to dryness.

  • Wash your hair regularly and keep a reasonable distance between times. It is best to wash every 2 days, unless you have to work or spend a lot of time outdoors.
  • Another worth mentioning tips for hair care is using cool water to wash your hair will help close the pores, but it will not affect the cuticle of the hair. When washing your hair, do not put shampoo directly on your head, but you must wet your hair, put shampoo in the palm of your hand and mix with water to create foam. Then rub the oil evenly on the hair, gently scratch, massage for a while and then rinse with water until all the foam is removed.
  • Dry your hair and comb it with your fingers first or with a wide comb, because when you first wash your hair, your hair is easily tangled, so if you comb it with a regular thick-tooth comb, it will cause hair loss. Simultaneously combined with soft massage manipulations to avoid damaging the scalp as well as reducing the shine of the hair.

    Tips for hair care 3

    Using wide tooth comb is recommended

2.3. Tips for hair care 3: Limit the heat

Heat from dryers, curling irons or hair straighteners is one of the main causes of dry, brittle hair and split ends.

Tips for hair care 4

Girls should limit the use of heat styling tools on hair

  • Therefore, girls should limit the use of these machines by letting their hair dry naturally after shampooing or using curlers that do not require heat. It is very useful tips for hair care, reducing hair breakage and frizz.
  • Note: when drying your hair, divide your hair into small sections and comb it smoothly with a comb first. Then dry each section that has been divided and remember to keep the dryer more than 5 cm away from the hair, not too close to the hair. It is more effective to blow-dry and straighten your hair at the same time than drying it completely and then combing it. This also helps to keep the hair smooth and soft.
  • In addition, in hot summer weather, you should not expose your hair to the sun, when going out, you should wear a hat to protect your hair.

2.4. Tips for hair care 4: Choose the right shampoo and conditioners

Another useful tip for hair care for girls is that instead of shampoos containing many chemical ingredients, you should choose natural extracts and do not irritate the scalp as well as damage the hair. It is also important that you choose the right shampoos and conditioners suitable for your hair type. For example, if you have oily hair, you should opt for the best conditioners for oily hair instead of normal ones.

Tips for hair care 5

Choose the right shampoo and conditioners

If you have time, you should remember tips for hair care by using natural nutrients such as locust, grapefruit peel, lemongrass … cooked into shampoo. Your hair will quickly improve the condition of split ends, instead of shiny and strong hair.

2.5. Tips for hair care 5: Massage your scalp regularly

Regular massage of your hair is tips for hair care that gives you many benefits, and preventing hair loss is just one of them. Spend 10-15 minutes each day gently massaging the scalp. This will help increase blood circulation in the scalp, stimulating hair growth. The effect of scalp massage will be greatly increased if you apply a little lavender or nut oil on your scalp.

Tips for hair care 6

Massage your scalp regularly

2.6. Tips for hair care 6: Moisturizing treatment for hair

A moisturizing treatment for hair at least once a month is essential tips for hair care. You can “make” your own avocado, hair tips with aloe vera and coconut cream recipe, followed by shampoo, mask, and apple cider vinegar. The results after a few treatments will bring a good result: strong, shiny hair and no more split ends. Providing moisture to the hair is the key to successfully growing long hair.

  • For those with curly hair, experts recommendation for tips for hair care is regularly steaming the hair so that the hair is enhanced with moisture, nutrients and becomes more beautiful, while limiting the phenomenon of dry hair and hair split.
  • Once a week, you can steam your hair cold at home once to limit the effects of high temperatures that are as damaging to your hair as when steaming hot. It is not only the most useful tips for hair care but also one of the best hair loss tips that can effective prevent hair loss.
  • Choose a suitable hair conditioner and gently apply it to your hair after washing it, then wrap it in a towel and wait for about 15-30 minutes depending on the specific steaming oil, you will see your hair become back to normal. So much softer and more shiny.

    Tips for hair care 7

    Choose a suitable hair conditioner

2.7. Tips for hair care 7: Pay attention to the material of the pillow

Don’t be afraid to shell out for a silk or satin pillowcase. The friction of the hair in front of the cotton pillow can lead to breakage of the hair structure. So how you choose the right material of the pillow to do tips for hair care?

Unlike regular cotton pillowcases, silk pillowcases are woven from natural silk. Therefore, the pillowcase does not contain chemicals, nylon or artificial fibers. If you have an easily irritated skin, change the silk pillowcase right away. Furthermore, the silk fibers in silk pillowcases are resistant to stains, mold, and allergens. They don’t even contain dust that can affect your respiratory tract. If possible, you should invest in both silk pillowcases and pillowcases to minimize allergic bacteria.

tips for hair care 50

Using silk pillow to sleep

For ordinary pillows, stiff fibers can be harmful to hair. When you pillow your head, the friction created on the surface of the pillow causes hair damage. That explains why every time I wake up, the hair is less shiny, easily curled and wrinkled.

Silk pillowcases will be an effective tips for hair care. Silk fibers also have a similar structure to hair, which helps to keep your hair shiny and smooth even if you have been pillowed on it all night.

2.8. Do not use a hard dry towel to wipe your hair

Wet hair is more prone to breakage than dry hair, so when you wash your hair, choose a soft towel to dry your hair. You should also not use a towel to rub too hard or squeeze or twist your hair, just soak a little water in a gentel way. This is always noted as one the most effective tips for hair care.

tips for hair care 60

Using soft towel to dry hair

Use a soft and tough paper towel for a long time or use a towel to dry the roots of your hair and remember to wipe gently, if you rub too hard, it will make your hair very dry.

2.9. Tips for hair care 9: Pay attention to your diet

One of the reasons why your hair becomes ugly is due to an imbalance in nutrition, making it difficult for the scalp to absorb nutrients to grow hair. Therefore, one of the tips for hair care is that you should supplement with B vitamins of all kinds to moisten and thicken your hair by drinking vitamins or foods rich in B vitamins such as bananas, green beans, yogurt, eggs, cereals… and especially drink a lot water.

Tips for hair care 8

Pay attention to your diet

In the fall, hair usually grows much more slowly, but with a good diet, you can still get a vibrant look throughout the fall. One of the best tips for hair care for girls is to minimize caffeine intake by reducing tea, coffee, chocolate or colas.

2.10. Tips for hair care 10: Use a natural hair mask

After cutting split ends, you should use natural hair masks as simple tips for hair care. Some masks help hair recover quickly like avocado masks, you just need to puree an avocado and then mix the above mixture with eggs (both yolks and whites can be used) and olive oil. You can also use recommended hair tips with aloe vera as natural remedy at home.

How to use hair mask as tips for hair care?

Apply the mixture evenly from the ends of the hair to the roots, wrap a towel or use a cap to cover your hair for 20-30 minutes. Note that you should wash your hair with warm water first to completely remove the mask from your hair. Then use shampoo and rinse with cold water.

Tips for hair care 9

Using hair mask is one of the best tips for hair care

You can also make use of easy tips for hair care like a mask of papaya + yogurt, honey or banana puree to incubate your hair. These natural masks are easy to make and effective, you will surely be surprised at their effectiveness after using 2-3 times.

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