Vietnamese Hair Extensions – Best Choice For Hair Wholesale And Retail

vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnamese hair extensions are well-known in the whole wide world as being the highest quality hair. Because this special has unique characteristics that  hair from other origins have to wish for, trading vietnamese hair extensions will bring you a big sum of money whether you are B2B or retailers

1. A detailed overview of Vietnamese hair extensions

As you may know, Vietnamese hair extensions are famous in the whole wide world. But you may not know the reasons for that. Let’s take a look at its overall information before getting to know its outstanding features.

1.1. What is Vietnamese hair extensions?

Vietnamese hair extensions are hair products originated in Vietnam that are often used to make the user’s hair thicker and longer. Weft hair extensions as well as bulk hair extensions, and a variety of additional items are available.

vietnamese hair extensions 1

Vietnamese hair extensions

Hair extensions in general, and Vietnamese hair extensions in particular, have grown increasingly popular in recent years due to their efficacy and ease.

1.2. Main features of Vietnamese hair extensions

Vietnam hair extensions are famous for a number of distinct qualities that hair sellers cannot see in any other nation. The specifics of these features will be explained further down.

  • Length: First of all , Hair Extensions from Vietnam is popular with its amazing length. Due to national tradition and customs, a Vietnamese woman’s hair is usually grown to a length of 20 inches or more. The reason for this is that women in Vietnam see long hair as a representative of charm and beauty

    vietnamese hair extensions 2

    Vietnamese hair extensions come in different lengths

  • Thickness: Another unique characteristic of Vietnamese hair extensions is in the hard-to-obtain thickness of them. Vietnamese women usually chase a balanced diet that contains nutrients that are good for health and avoid using strong chemicals for your hair but using natural components instead to take care of their hair. These come from herbs such as pomelo extracts, locust and coconut oil. That is the reason why vietnam hair extensions are always of the highest thickness.

    vietnamese hair extensions 3

    Great thickness of hair extensions from Vietnam

  • Black melanin abundance: Vietnamese hair extensions retain a lovely natural black hue that makes a strong impression on ladies. As previously mentioned, natural items such as pomelo peels, locusts and other hair care from herbal treatments, rather than man-made substances, are used to cure Vietnamese hair. As a result, Vietnamese hair may maintain its natural black color without the need for external treatments.
  • Silk and softness: vietnam hair extensions stand out for their softness and silkiness. Women in mountainous areas of Vietnam frequently labor in fields, which benefits their health. As a result, their hair is silky and delicate to the touch.

    vietnamese hair extensions 4

    It has a great richness in melanin

  • Duration: As you may know, Vietnamese hair extensions are famous for its lengthy lifespan, ranging from 3 to 5 years relying on the maintenance and preservation. Because the hair is 100% human hair of top-notch quality in specific areas, it may last for such a long time. As is well known, the weather in Vietnam’s highland regions is extremely chilly and damp. As a result, Vietnamese hair is not immediately impacted by the damage UVA and UVB rays from the sun, and cuticle damage is successfully avoided.

1.3. Maintenance of Vietnamese hair extensions

To be honest, it is not difficult to maintain and preserve Vietnamese hair extensions. If you know how to protect them in the right way, they will last for a very long time, even up to 2-5 years depending on the maintenance. Here are some tips that experts from show you:

vietnamese hair extensions 5

Tips to maintain hair extensions – By Experts

  • To best maintain Hair Extensions, it is very important to keep them at room temperature and keep them away from direct sunlight.
  • Moreover, DON’T forget to condition the hair to keep it moisturized
  • After each usage, wash your hair.
  • To avoid losing the curls or causing the hair to tangle and shed, it is vital to use suitable combers for different hairstyles.
  • When going out in the sun, avoid using too much heat on your hair and always wear sunscreen. UVA and UVB rays can drastically shorten the life of your hair extensions.

2. Vietnamese hair extensions are divided into 3 categories.

Many factors may be used to classify vietnam hair extensions . The high-quality hair will be divided into three categories in this section: raw Vietnamese hair extensions, Vietnamese weft hair extensions as well as lace wigs Vietnamese hair extensions.

2.1. Raw Vietnamese hair extensions

Raw hair Vietnam extensions are the most popular among consumers since they are unprocessed and remain intact.

The hair’s naturalness and intactness are the most noticeable qualities of raw Vietnamese hair extensions. It does not go through any kind of treatment, such as boiling or steaming. As a result, buyers may buy this type of goods to create whatever hairstyle they wish for.

vietnamese hair extensions 6

Raw Vietnamese hair

2.2. Weft Vietnamese hair extensions

Because of its simplicity, Vietnamese wefts are one of the most popular items in Africa and in the United States. This is your best option if you’re searching for a product that is able to readily be marketed in these areas or used to manufacture wigs.

vietnamese hair extensions 7

Vietnamese weft hair extensions

Vietnamese wefts are made entirely of human hair and stitched together at only one end to form a seamless weft. Furthermore, you could also process Vietnamese hair extensions in a variety of styles or even unprocess hair, such as raw weft hair, which you can style yourself.

2.3. Lace wigs Vietnamese hair extensions

Lace wigs Vietnam hair extensions are handcrafted wigs created in a Vietnamese hair manufacturer. 3 bundles plus 1 lace closure, or just 1 frontal is usually the best recipe for a complete head. The lace will take up just a little area  with closure lace, but with frontal lace, the size is a bit bigger.

The sale of wigs is so amazingly high, according to the Economist, that it even stimulates international trading trend. People are ready to invest a significant amount of money on this necessary item.

vietnamese hair extensions 8

Vietnamese lace wigs

3. Compare Vietnamese hair extensions and hair extensions from other countries

Many hair vendors are curious about the difference between hair extensions from Vietnam and from other countries. They wonder what makes Vietnamese hair extensions stand out in the hair industry? Besthairlist has named 3 major advantages of Vietnam hair extensions over other hair.

3.1. Difference in ORIGIN between Vietnamese hair extensions and other countries

It’s quite hard to discuss hair’s origins. Many people may mistake the origin of a product with its name. What are the origins of these hair extensions? Let’s see!

  • Vietnamese hair extensions: are made entirely by Vietnamese women in the northern side of Vietnam. They are mountainous areas like Cao Bang, Son La, Bac Kan, Ha Giang, and other places where the weather conditions are really favorable for a perfect hair health. Moreover, mountainous people live a traditional lifestyle which contains good nutrients and no chemicals that do harm to hair. That’s why Hair Extensions from Vietnam are highly ranked on the hair market.

    vietnamese hair extensions 9

    Vietnamese hair mainly comes from mountainous people

  • Indian hair extensions: Hair extensions in India are derived from two primary sources: higher-quality hair donated by temples, and mixed hair source from various locations around the country itself. Because the source of hair accessible from temples is restricted and not always in availability, best Indian hair factory usually rely on a secondary source.

    vietnamese hair extensions 10

    Indian hair comes from temple and mixed source

  • Chinese hair extensions: Chinese hair extensions, unlike their name, are primarily made in India. Due to the huge size of manufacturing, China must import hair from other nations with a strong stock, such as India, in order to run the factories. They usually import low-quality hair from India at a bargain price and employ specific procedures to give it a glossy appearance for media advertising.
  • Brazilian hair extensions: have nothing to do with the term. Actually, according to Alix More in her “The Truth about the Human Hair Industry: Wake Up Black America!”,  while four fifths of Brazilian hair extensions are imported from other nations, such as Vietnam or Burma, only 20% comes from Brazil.

3.2. Difference in QUALITY between Vietnamese hair extensions and other countries

There are also certain differences in hair quality of Vietnamese hair extensions and hair extensions from other origins:

  • Vietnamese hair extensions: In the previous part, hair extensions coming from Vietnam are famous for their reputation and quality. That Vietnam provides a huge volume of raw hair to South American countries like Brazil, which is sold by that brand, demonstrates this plainly.

    vietnamese hair extensions 11

    Vietnamese hair extensions are high quality hair

  • Indian hair extensions: Indian manufacturers, as a major hair provider for the worldwide market, produce hair extensions with the quality of a normal rate. The majority of hair extensions from India are thick and natural black in color, blending in well with people’s innate hair. The hair, however, does not have as long a span as other hair extensions in Southeast Asian countries due to the mixed origins.
  • Chinese hair extensions: Hair extensions from China are of lower quality than expected due to their origin. To preserve the extensions in the stock, the majority of the hair is totally treated with chemicals. Furthermore, a number of wholesale hair vendors in China combine hair with synthetic fibers in order to increase earnings. As a consequence, while Chinese hair extensions may appear dazzling at first look, they will become matted, frizzy and tangled just after 1-2 months.

    vietnamese hair extensions 12

    Chinese hair extensions seem silky at first but soon sheds and tangles

  • Brazilian hair extensions: Because of the human race of the donors, the ideal environment, and a good hair care routine, Brazilian hair extensions are of excellent quality. Brazilian hair is thick and coarse, giving consumers a natural look with a great sense of sexy similar to that of Latin-American women.

    vietnamese hair extensions 13

    Sexy look of Latin-American women


3.3. Difference in PRICE between Vietnamese hair extensions and other countries

Vietnamese hair extensions and hair extensions from other origins are also different in terms of price

  • Vietnamese hair extensions:  The cost of Vietnamese raw hair varies depending on hair thickness (super double drawn, double drawn or single drawn), colors and lengths (8 inch to 34 inch). It costs about $8.9/hair bundle, which is quite a pretty fair price in the international hair market
  • Indian hair extensions: The cost of Indian hair extensions varies depending on its origin and quality. It costs $12 for a bundle of donored hair from temples, but only $8 for mixed hair source.
  • Chinese hair extensions: Chinese hair costs as little as $6 a bundle, which is a bargain when compared to other hair extensions
  • Brazilian hair extensions: are regarded to be more expensive than the hair from other countries like Vietnam, China or Indian. A package of hair extensions usually costs more than $20.

    hair companies in Atlanta 14

    Average price for hair extensions of 4 countries

4. Must known factors to realize Vietnamese hair extensions

Do you know the right way to realize hair extensions from Vietnam? If you don’t, Besthairlist will provide you with 3 most effective ways to verify it.

4.1. Recognizing Vietnamese hair extensions through visual perception

Vietnamese hair extensions are medium in thickness, not as thick as Indian hair, that might give consumers an uneasy sensation. 

vietnamese hair extensions 15

Tips to recognize Vietnamese hair extensions

Furthermore, Vietnamese hair extensions are naturally smooth and lustrous . It’s not like hair extensions from Chiina, which appear to be very smooth and glossy in movies. To entice clients, Chinese hair producers use chemicals to add certain qualities to the hair.

4.2. Recognizing Vietnamese hair extensions through touching perception

Vietnamese hair extensions are distinguished by its lengthy lifetime (as previously mentioned in the first part) Curly hair, for example, is highly bouncy, and the first touching has the same sensation as the subsequent ones. The curly form of Hair Extensions from Vietnam, in fact, retains its curls for more than 3 years.

vietnamese hair extensions 16

Tips to recognize Vietnamese hair extensions

4.3. Recognizing Vietnamese hair extensions by using water and heat

Customers can test their hair with water or heat. You can simply tell if this hair is high-quality Vietnamese hair extensions or not by following a few easy procedures:

Water: By dipping this hair in water, you can literally examine if it retains its original shape. With authentic Vietnamese hair extensions, you can simply brush the extensions after applying water on it without making the hair tangled and frizzy.

Heat: can also be used to identify Hair Extensions from Vietnam. When burned, Vietnamese hair turns to ash fast and emits a fetid odor. However, hair that has lower quality, will release a chemical scent.


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