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vietnam hair factory

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Vietnamese hair has always been famous as the most luxurious and greatest hair in the world. Starting a hair business with a vietnam hair factory can earn you a great deal of profit because vietnamese hair factory can provide you with hair of the highest quality at the most affordable price.

1. Strong points of a vietnamese hair factory

It is very obvious that Vietnamese hair factory has certain strong points that make it stand out in the hair competitive market.

1.1. A vietnam hair factory can provide products of high quality

  • Vietnamese hair factory – well-designed factory
vietnamese hair factory 10

Vietnamese hair factory is well-designed

Vietnamese factories manufacturing hair are usually equipped with state of the art technology to process the hair. In order to meet the requirements of wholesale customers, the factory consists of specialized rooms with a specific purpose such as dying, bleaching, sorting hair…. This division ensures the quality of every customer order regardless of its volume.

  • Vietnamese hair factory – skilled workers:
vietnamese hair factory 11

Vietnamese hair factory employs skilled workers

Vietnamese workers are known for their diligence and skillfulness. Vietnamese hair factory does not manufacture on an industrial scale like Chinese hair factories, but rather on a smaller scale. As a result, each bundle of hair is painstakingly crafted by skilled hands of experienced employees and inspected several times to assure the highest possible quality.

  • Production meets international standards
vietnamese hair factory 12

Vietnam hair factory exports hair in large number

Vietnamese hair is popular all over the world, meeting the standards of even the most demanding markets such as Nigeria, the US and the Netherlands. It can be proved by the fact that the level of Vietnamese hair factory exportation to these markets always reaches huge numbers.

1.2. Some famous outstanding hair products from vietnamese hair factories

vietnamese hair factory 15

3 main types of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair factory mainly produces 3 types of hair: Vietnamese virgin hair, Vietnamese remy hair and Vietnamese non-remy hair

1.2.1. Vietnamese virgin hair:

  • Vietnamese Virgin Hair is the highest grade raw hair extension that can be provided by vietnamese hair factory. Virgin hair is collected from only 1 donor and as the name suggests, the hair has to be absolutely natural and no chemical added. As a result of being cut from a single donor, Vietnamese Virgin Hair is exceptionally strong, silky, and smooth, as well as sharing the same quality, texture, and style. So that it can be dyed, bleached, or processed to satisfy any requirements.
  • However, because the number of Vietnamese virgin hair donors is not so big, the quantity of this hair type that can be supplied by a vietnam hair factory accordingly is limited, not to mention the hair is not so long.

    vietnamese hair factory 20

    Vietnamese virgin hair

1.2.2. Vietnamese remy hair:

  • Like Vietnamese virgin hair, remy hair from a vietnam hair factory has a natural characteristic which means no chemicals added. The only difference lies in the number of hair donors. Instead of being cut from only 1 hair donor, Vietnamese remy hair comes from 2 to 3 donors who share nearly the same hair quality
  • Raw remy hair is in ONE DIRECTION and smooth, despite small differences in quality and texture. Raw remy hair is still suitable for a variety of hairstyles and is favored by customers.
  • Because the price of Vietnamese remy hair is not so expensive and the quality of hair matches the price, the quantity of remy hair exported by vietnam hair factory suppliers to other countries is a huge number. It is the type of hair that is exported most.

    vietnamese hair factory 21

    Vietnamese remy hair

1.2.3. Vietnamese non-remy hair:

  • Beside virgin hair and remy hair, vietnam hair factory vendors also supply non-remy hair. Vietnamese Non-Remy Hair is a type of hair whose origin is alo from vietnam hair factory vendors. Non-remy hair has never gone through chemical treatment. Vietnamese Non-Remy Hair, on the other hand, is a blend of hair from a variety of sources, including combs, hospitals, orphanages, and so on. It does not have the same quality or direction as the hair above, thus the quality of it is quite lower compared to virgin hair or remy hair.
  • However, the advantage of non-remy hair is that the hair price is low, and the stock is always available because it is easy to collect and sort out.

    vietnamese hair factory 22

    Vietnamese remy hair vs Vietnamese non-remy hair

1.3. Reasonable price offered by vietnamese hair factories

The Vietnamese hair factory is popular for its wide range of labors and technological breakthroughs.

As a results, the cost of hair from Vietnamese hair vendors is much lower, therefore boosting your profits and revenues if choosing to start business with Vietnamese hair products

vietnamese hair factory 23

Hair is exported at a reasonable price

1.4. Importing hair from a vietnam hair factory is REALLY convenient

As is widely known, Vietnamese socio-economic as well as political situation has always been stable. Therefore, the importing procedure for hair products from Vietnam takes fewer efforts compared to other exporters like India or China.

In addition, hair products are supported by the government by reducing tax/duties, subsidizing hair vendors… So whenever you need an order from vietnamese hair factory, shipping is readily available as long as the quantity you want is in stock.

2.Things make hair from vietnamese hair factories stand out

Not only does Vietnamese hair factory stand out but also their products are very attractive and reputated.

2.1. Origins of Vietnamese hair

vietnamese hair factory 1

Vietnamese hair from mountainous villagers

Since a long time ago, Vietnam hair has always been famous for its beauty and firmness. Mostly, Vietnamese hair factory take their products from mountainous villagers who are mainly at the ages of 18 to 25, which means their hair is at the peak of growth and development.

2.2. Unique features of vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair factory always ranks in the top of hair exporting countries because hair from Vietnam is famous all over the world thanks to all the natural qualities that hair from other countries hardly have.

  • Donors:
vietnam hair factory 2

Hair originates from young women

Hair of vietnamese hair vendors is outstanding in the market firstly in terms of its donors. Women between the ages of 18 and 25 account for 80% of total hair volume. As you may be aware, the inhabitants of the high mountains are in excellent health and labor continuously throughout the day. As a result, hair quality is linked to the health of the donor. It is extremely powerful and long-lasting.

  • Climate:

The majority of Vietnamese hair donors live in the high areas of the mountains which means their hair can grow in the most favorable conditions. It is due to the fact that the weather in the mountains is usually in low temperature and the sunlight is not as harsh as in other parts of the countries, so human hair will not be damaged and accordingly remain healthy and long.

  • Nutrition for hair:
vietnamese hair factory 3

Natural herbals for hair care

Nowadays, when people are busy with personal affairs, synthesized shampoos and conditioners are dominant as they are absolutely convenient and time-saving. However, those chemicals mixed in the artificial synthesis are harmful for hair. On the contrary, primary sources of hair of vietnamese hair factory are mainly from mountainous women who take care of their hair with natural herbs like pomelo peel, soapberry, locust… The ingredients of nature positively nurture human hair, providing the hair with the natural silky and black.

1.3. Compare vietnam hair factory and factories from other countries

If you are wondering the difference between Vietnamese hair factory and hair factories from other countries. Here are the full comparison from Besthairlist

1.3.1. Vietnamese hair factory

  • Vietnamese hair factory suppliers are well-known for providing high-quality hair at an affordable price.
  • Furthermore, the healthy sources of hair donors allow the hair to last for a long period (up to from 2 to 10 years if consumers know how to properly care for it with right maintenance).
  • Besides, the cost is likely to be affordable, starting at 8.9 USD each bundle.

    vietnamese hair factory 4

    The cost for Vietnam hair is reasonable

Therefore, the chance of gaining a big sum of money when working with a vietnam hair factory for B2B business is really high.

vietnamese hair factory 5

Hair of Vietnamese hair factory is of luxurious quality

The potential of vietnamese hair is undeniable, with reference to its natural luxurious qualities and a reasonable price. Besides, with the advantages of the country’s stable socio-economic conditions, political stability, advanced factories, starting business with hair which originates from a vietnamese hair factory is a wise choice.

1.3.2. Chinese hair factory

  • Because in China, cheap labor is always available, with that comes technology development, hair from hair vendors in China is well-known for industrial-scale manufacturing and low-cost goods. As a result, the cost of hair on the Chinese market might be deemed low.
  • However, many wholesale hair vendors claim that China hair looks beautiful at first, but eventually tangles and sheds quickly in such a short period of time.

    vietnamese hair factory 6

    China hair before and after a short time of using

1.3.3. Indian hair factory

  • Due to India’s economy, labor and product prices are extremely low in India, including hair products. However, quality and price match with each other.
  • In comparison to the biggest hair factory in Vietnam or Vietnamese hair factory, vendors and Chinese hair factory vendors, the cost of hair in Indian hair factory is significantly lower. You can easily purchase a bundle of human hair for only 6.7 USD
  • However we couldn’t believe such excellent quality hair is available at such a low price.

    vietnamese hair factory 8

    Indian hair

1.3.4. Compare vietnamese hair factory, chinese hair factory and Indian hair factory

Table: Comparison of 3 biggest global hair exporters

Vietnamese hair factory China India
Pros – Hair of good quality, at a reasonable price, and with a long lifespan Hair is constantly accessible in stock and ready to ship at any time, thanks to industrial-scale manufacturing and large quantities. Availability of hair at cheaper price
Cons Sometimes, no hair quantity available (due to collecting and manufacturing time) Hair quality decreases sharply in a short time (tangled hair and easily sheds) Hair quality is at normal rate
vietnamese hair factory 7

Vietnam hair, China hair and Indian hair

vietnamese hair factory 9

Vietnamese hair brings the most profit

Regarding the pros and cons of 3 biggest hair exporters in the world, cooperating with a Vietnamese hair factory supplier will be more beneficial. With the advantage of a high-quality source of Vietnamese hair, you will surely reap huge profits, customer satisfaction and daily growth for your own business.



3. Factors of a reliable vietnamese hair factory

As Vietnamese hair is globally famous, many international suppliers import hair products which do not originate from Vietnam but fraudulently persuade the retailers that their low quality products are made in Vietnam.

vietnamese hair factory 24

Finding a realiable Vietnam hair factory

Here are some factors and some tips for you to realize who is a reliable vietnamese hair factory vendor:

  • Ranking table of this vietnamese hair factory: if the hair supplier you are about to trade appears in the top of a ranking table which is world widely accepted, the high chance is that this factory is trustworthy.
  • Able to call video: A reliable Vietnamese hair factory will be happily willing to contact you on video to show you around their office and factory
  • Provide real images and lively videos of products: Not only does they video call to you, if they can also show you real images of the products as well as detailed videos to demonstrate the hair quality, you are about to trade with a trustable vietnamese hair vendor
  • Possession of relevant certificates and manufacturing license: Possession of widely recognized certificates like business registration certificate of the Ministry of Industry and Trade also gives more credibility and professionalism to a reliable hair vendor. Moreover, to be legally recognized as a standard factory, every Vietnamese hair manufacturer must register for a manufacturing license.

    vietnamese hair factory 25

    Notable signs of reliable Vietnam hair factories

  • Trustable Vietnamese hair factory also have comprehensive information on the Internet and social media. If they can provide you with a website which is smartly designed and covers the information you need, along with some media pages such as Facebook or Instagram, you are likely to be trading with a reliable hair supply company. So the advice here is DON’T forget to spend time investigating your hair vendors before making any purchase.
  • Customers’ feedback also counts: Your about-to-trade Vietnamese hair supplier’s permission for you to do research on their previous contracts, whether other customers are satisfied with the hair products they are manufacturing, can raise their reliability.
  • The most decision-oriented tip: A visit to the vietnamese hair factory if necessary

4. Vietnam hair factory: Be careful with scammers

Below are signs that hair scammers who try to fraud you have in common:

vietnamese hair factory 27

Be careful with scams

  • No website, no social media fanpage, account

If a ghost company or fraudster does not have an official website or is not active on social media, you should avoid interacting with them.

Because a reputable business would have a significant presence on social media, with numerous testimonials and reviews. They’ll be on websites, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

  • No legitimate certificate or legal company document

Before doing business with a hair factory in Vietnamese hair factory or Vietnamese hair manufacturers that does not have a brand name or a recognized company document, THINK AGAIN.

Ask them to show you their Registered Company paperwork. If they can’t show you their company certificate or legal documents, and they offer you a lot of excuses, you will know this isn’t a trustable hair factory.

  • No product videos, images available

If the vietnam hair factory you are about to trade provides you with photos that you find their source on the internet or they are not willing to show the real products to you, the likelihood that you are dealing with a fraud vietnam hair factory. Be careful with the quality of the image, if you can, ask them to show you the hair products as detailed as possible

  • Not willing to video call

Vietnamese hair factory scammers are afraid of making a video call since they are fraudsters. They don’t show you actual hair factories, real employees, or real corporate headquarters.

  • Lack of knowledge about hair products

    vietnamese hair factory 30

    Scammers don’t have enough knowledge about hair

Scammers are not professional hair specialists therefore their understanding of the hair industry is insufficient.

When you’re chatting with them, inquire about some specific information about the hair industry to see how knowledgeable they are.

You can determine the level they are at and whether or not they are trustworthy based on their responses.

  • Scammers Vietnamese hair factory always rushes to payment and finalizing the contracts
vietnamese hair factory 31

Scammers rush you to pay money

Scammers are only concerned with money, thus they always pressure customers to pay as quickly as possible. If you see this warning from your vietnam hair factory vendor, be careful.

5. Import hair products from vietnam hair factory – 5 easy steps

Following these 5 easy steps to import hair from vietnam hair factory:

vietnamese hair factory 32

Importing hair from Vietnam hair factory

1. Finding a reliable vietnamese hair factory

After spending time searching on the internet, you may find a list of potential suppliers. Based on the tips and information on the previous part, determine 1 to 2 Vietnamese hair factory which are the one for you.

2. Contacting this Vietnam hair factory

Your second step is contacting the hair vendor. At this moment, make sure to inquire about necessary information that matters to you. For example, you can ask if there is a required least amount that must be purchased or discount for buying enormous quantities, or you can inquire about the delivery time length or whether the final price covers shipping fees and duties or taxes. The vietnam hair factory vendors will show you as detailed as possible all the papers and documents needed to import hair.

3. Request hair product samples from the hair factory vendors:

Before you make a large purchase of any products, remember to request the factory a product sample. In the case of Vetnamese hair, you can require a bundle of the variety that you want, it can be a bundle of wavy wig, a curly weft hair extension, remy or virgin.

vietnamese hair factory 33

Hair samples

It is important that you describe your requirement as specifically as possible. By doing this, you can not only ensure that the quality of the product is high enough but also avoid hair factories which are attempting to skimp on quality.

4. Finalize agreement with the hair factory:

You are now willingly ready to make an agreement with this vietnamese hair factory. Remember to have everything recorded as a hard copy, especially the contract between the two parties. This contract should be concerned with details of the hair products description, pricing, installment terms, shipping terms and delivery.

5. Check the final products

The last step is to check whether the products meet your specifications. In case they do not, immediately contact the supplier for fastest solutions. Although the percentage of being misordered is really low when working with a vietnamese hair factory as they always focus on details and prioritize product quality, being careful is never excessive.

6. Vietnam hair factory – League of top 3 biggest factories from Vietnam

Let’s check out the best 3 biggest Vietnamese hair factories with Besthairlist.

6.3. Beequeenhair

Beequeenhair is a Vietnamese hair factory company that specializes in delivering natural hair to both domestic and foreign markets.

vietnamese hair factory 50

Beequeen Hair Factory

Beequeenhair offers a wide range of hair colors, lengths, thicknesses, and textures. The factory focuses its business on providing wholesale weft and bulk hair extensions. In addition to ponytails, Beequeenhair offers a wide range of additional hair items like hair closures, and wigs. The hair this best Vietnamese hair factory used is all 100% remy hair of the finest grade. They utilize the hair of Vietnamese ladies, which is exceptionally soft and silky.

7. Conclusion about Vietnamese hair factory

In a nutshell, with comprehensive analysis above, choosing a best hair factory in Vietnam vendor is a wise decision especially for wholesalers.

Regarding all the benefits and the strong points of Vietnamese hair vendors including high quality products, high level of reliability, reasonable prices, convenient importing procedure… It is not exaggerating to say that hair products from Vietnam in general and Vietnamese hair factory in particular will bring you the most satisfying trading experience.



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