Vietnamese hair: the most luxuriant hair available on the market

Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is more and more highly evaluated by many tough markets such as the EU or America. This is because hair from Vietnam has many competitive features and potentials when it comes to the global market. This essay will discuss this topic in detail.

1.Features of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is characteristics by these following points:

1.1. Vietnamese hair source is well-nourished

Vietnamese hair is a natural product of Vietnamese young ladies in northern Vietnam. These young ladies, aged 18 to 25, follow a traditional lifestyle, which might give their hair very good features when compared to other hair origins.

They don’t use chemicals or other unnatural products to care for their hair. Instead, they utilize herbal treatment on a daily basis to keep their hair in good shape. In addition, Vietnamese women work in the field on a daily basis, giving them excellent health. As a result, their hair is also quite thick.

Furthermore, because of the natural conditions and tropical temperature, Vietnamese hair is less impacted by sunshine, resulting in always healthy and shiny Vietnamese hair.

Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair source is well-nourished

1.2.Vietnamese hair is famous for its length and natural color

Vietnamese ladies believe having long, beautiful hair to be a part of their beauty culture. Traditionally, a Vietnamese woman’s hair grows to a length of 20 inches or more because of the custom. Because many women in the country grow their hair quite long, the hair can reach varying lengths. It is available in a variety of lengths, giving clients a wide range of options.

Vietnamese hair has a stunning natural black hue that may make a big impression on ladies. Rather than using chemicals or artificial substances on their hair, Vietnamese women prefer to use natural treatments such as locusts and other herbal hair care products. It is therefore possible to preserve the hair’s color and richness in black melanin intact without external effects.

Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is famous for its length and natural color

1.3. Vietnamese hair gives a top-notch quality

Vietnamese human hair is commonly referred to as one of the most luxuriant hair available on the market right now. The great quality of Vietnamese hair is one of the numerous reasons why so many people adore it, specifically:

  • It’s easy to see that Vietnamese hair is smooth and silky. Vietnamese women take great care of their hair. The hair is incredibly soft, silky, and naturally gleaming. It is not shed, tangled, or dried. As a result, it is now considered to be one of the highest quality hair available.
  • Vietnamese hair is also well known for its elasticity. Whether or not the hair is curly, the texture remains bouncy and elastic without getting straightened or losing the curls, regardless of the processing.
  • Straight and thick hair is a trademark of Vietnamese hairstyles. Vietnamese women typically work in fields, which helps them maintain good health. So, their hair is also nourished healthily. In addition, with the habit of eating healthily, their hair tends to be exceptionally strong and thick. Straight Vietnamese hair is thought to be one of the easiest hair extensions to style. People can create a wide variety of hairstyles with this hair, including bone straight, kinky curl, pixie curl, and wavy curls.
Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair gives a top-notch quality

2.Grade of Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair is divided into 4 grades according to its quality and thickness. To be more specific, we will compare the Vietnamese hair grade with the Chinese hair grade as shown below:

2.1. Single-drawn Vietnamese hair

Here are some features of Single-Drawn Vietnamese hair:

  • Single-drawn hair is similar to China grades 6A,7A. This grade is the lowest hair thickness category in the range of Vietnamese hair quality categories. The term “single-drawn” refers to hair that is 40-45 percent the same length as the rest, with the remainder being short, plump hair. For example, in an 18′′ single drawn hair 1 bundle, 40-45 percent of the hair is the same 18′ length, while the remaining 60% is mixed length (mixed with 16′′, 14′′, and 12′′).
  • Because of its less attractive appearance, single-drawn hair is arguably the lowest on the price list. Their prices range from 8.9$ to 65$ for long hair ranging from 8 inches to 30inches.
  • When you stroke this grade of Vietnamese hair, you will notice that it is full at the top but less full at the tip. Because of the thinness of the hair, curly styles such as egg curl, kinky, pixie, and so on are recommended for this grade.
Vietnamese hair

Single-drawn hair

2.2. Double-drawn Vietnamese hair

Here are some features of Double Drawn Vietnamese hair:

  • Double-drawn is similar to China grades 8A and 9A. This grade is a classification of the thickness of the middle hair in the category of Vietnamese hair quality ratings. “Double-drawn” means that 60-65 percent of the hair is the same length, with the remainder being a combination of lengths. For example, in an 18′′ double drawn hair 1 bundle, 60-65 percent of the hair is the same 18′ length, while the remaining 40% is mixed length (mixed with 16′′, 14′′, and 12′′).
  • Double-drawn hair is only slightly more expensive than single-drawn hair in terms of cost. It costs between $12 and $71 and has a length of 8 to 30 inches, which is not too much more than a single-drawn one.
  • Double-drawn hair may be used to make any hairstyle in the catalog, and even if your hair is naturally straight, it appears gorgeous and full.
Vietnamese hair

Double-drawn hair

2.3. Super double drawn Vietnamese hair

Here are some features of Super Double Drawn Vietnamese hair:

  • Super double-drawn hair is equivalent to China grades 10A, 11A. The consumer considers it to be the most expensive item among the four hair thickness categories of quality grades of Vietnamese hair. “Super double-drawn” means that 80-85 percent of the hair is the same length, with the remainder being a combination of lengths. For example, in an 18′′ super double drawn hair 1 bundle, 80-85 percent of the hair is the same 18′ length, while the remaining 20% is mixed length (mixed with 16′′, 14′′, and 12′′).
  • Super double-drawn is expensive because picking strands of the same length into a bundle of hair requires time and effort. A super double drawn bundle costs between $15 and $80 and comes in lengths ranging from 8 to 30 inches.
  • The Vietnamese hair type appears fuller from top to bottom when touched and felt. With this thickness, the manufacturer may design any hairdo that looks excellent, especially straight or bone straight hair.
Vietnamese hair

Super double drawn hair

2.4. VIP quality Vietnamese hair

Here are some features of VIP Quality Vietnamese hair:

  • VIP Quality Vietnamese hair is equivalent to 12A China grade hair. This grade indicates that 95-100 percent of the hair is the same length, with the remainder being a mix of lengths. For example, 95-100 percent of the hair in an 18′′ super double pulled hair 1 bundle is the same 18′ length. The bundles will be completely full when you touch and feel them. We rarely see exposed hairs in quality grades of Vietnamese hair since 99 percent of the hairs are the same length.
  • From 20 $ to $100 $ for an 8-10 inch length, their pricing is the most expensive. Hair that is 40 inches in length and of VIP quality is extremely hard to come by. Workers can filter out 1kg of extremely double drawn 40 inch hair for every 100kg of hair.
  • Compared to the African market, this hair thickness will be preferred by European clients. Straight hairstyles are always more popular in Europe than anywhere else because of its high cost and VIP quality.
 Vietnamese hair

VIP quality Vietnamese hair

3.Hair lines of Vietnamese hair

With the above-mentioned outstanding advantages, Vietnamese hair is widely used in the hair industry with the following main product lines:

  • Virgin Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese Virgin Hair is the best grade hair available anywhere in the world today. Only one donor is used, and the hair must be 100% natural, with no artificial additives. In addition to being strong and silky, Vietnamese virgin hair has the same quality, texture, and style because it is cut from a single donor. In order for it to be dyed, bleached, or otherwise processed in order to meet any need. However, there is a limited supply of Vietnamese virgin hair due to a small quantity of virgin hair provided by a donor, and the length of the hair is also a problem.

Vietnamese hair

Virgin hair

  • Remy Vietnamese hair

Remy Vietnam hair, like Vietnamese virgin hair, has a natural attribute, meaning no chemicals have been added to it. The only difference between the two is the number of hair donors that are involved.. Vietnam’s remy hair isn’t sourced from just one hair donor, but rather from two to three, all of whom have roughly the same hair quality. Remy Vietnamese hair is silky and cuticles are oriented in the same direction. Customers choose remy hair because it can be styled in many different ways. Vietnam exports a large amount of remy hair due to its low price and high quality. It is also the most commonly exported type of hair.

 Vietnamese hair

Remy hair

  • Non -Remy Vietnamese hair

Non-remy Vietnamese hair is a lesser grade compared to virgin or remy hair due to the difference in quality and direction because it comes from combs, orphanages, and hospitals, among other places. Because it is so easy to collect and sort out, this hair has a low price and is always readily available because the supply is always plentiful.

Vietnamese hair

Non-Remy hair

4.Strengths of Vietnamese hair

There are some strong points of Vietnamese hair:

  • Vietnamese hair is one of the best on the market: The hair has a silky, velvety touch to it. It’s easy to match and combine your natural hair with Vietnamese hair because it’s naturally black in color. It also has a very strong reputation for being colored, styled, bleached, or whatever else you can think up. In comparison to other hairs, this is a plus. Normally, foreign hair is difficult to bleach. Vietnamese hair, on the other hand, is an exception to this rule. You may even bleach Remy hair from Vietnam to create beautiful colors.
  • Vietnamese hair is supplied at a very reasonable price: Vietnamese hair reviews can give you a very affordable price, about $8 per bundle, with great quality like this. It’s not as pricey as Brazilian hair, which makes it difficult to sell the hair. Particularly if you buy hair products from Vietnamese hair vendors, you will get the pricing straight from the manufacturers, which will help you raise your profit margin greatly.
  • Vietnamese hair is long-lasting: Vietnamese hair has a long lifespan, typically ranging from 3-5 years depending on customer usage. The hair can last this long because it is made up of 100 percent high-quality human hair in specific places. As is well known, the weather in Vietnam’s highland locations is extremely cold and damp. As a result, their hair is not immediately damaged by UVA and UVB rays from the sun, and they avoid cuticle damage.

5.Characteristics of Vietnamese hair supplied from Vietnamese hair factories

Vietnamese hair from Vietnamese hair factories is graded as high quality products. Find out the reasons below:

5.1. Vietnamese hair factories are the most trustworthy hair manufacturers

It is evident that Vietnamese hair factories are considered as the most reliable address for supplying hair products. There are three reasons as mentioned below:

Vietnamese hair

Vietnamese hair factories are the most trustworthy hair manufacturers

  • First and foremost, Vietnamese hair manufacturers are becoming increasingly well-designed: To satisfy the needs of wholesale customers, the factory is divided into specialized rooms, each of which is built for a distinct purpose, such as dying, bleaching, or sorting hair…. This section ensures the quality of every customer order, no matter how large or small.
  • Secondly, Vietnamese hair factories are operated by skilled workers: In contrast to their Chinese counterparts, Vietnamese hair companies do not produce on a large scale. But, to ensure the best possible quality, each bundle of hair is lovingly produced by skillful hands of experienced personnel.
  • Finally, Vietnamese hair factories provide productions meeting international standards: Vietnamese workers are known for their diligence and skillfulness. Vietnamese hair factories do not manufacture on an industrial scale like Chinese hair factories, but rather on a smaller scale. As a result, each bundle of hair is painstakingly crafted by skilled hands of experienced employees and inspected several times to assure the highest possible quality.

5.2. Vietnamese hair factories offer reasonable price

Because of the vast range of labors and technical developments, the cost of hair from Vietnamese hair sellers is substantially lower. Although Cambodian hair vendors can offer the cheaper price than Vietnamese vendors, quality and price go hand in hand. As a result, if you decide to start a business with Vietnamese hair products, you will increase your profits and revenues.

5.3. Vietnamese hair factories bring the best trading experience to buyers

The socio-economic and political environment in Vietnam has always been stable, as is widely known around the world. Importing hair products from Vietnamese hair factories therefore requires less work than importing products from other suppliers like India or China.

In addition, the government supports the hair sector by decreasing taxes and tariffs, supporting hair dealers, and so on. Anytime you need something from Vietnamese hair manufacturers, shipment is possible as long as the quantity that you need has been ordered.

Vietnamese hair

Wholesome socio-economic and political environment in Vietnam

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