Vietnamese hair vendors: Top 3 best Vietnamese hair vendors

Vietnamese hair vendors Top 3 best Vietnamese hair vendors

Hair supply from Vietnamese hair vendors is highly appreciated in the world hair consumer community. B2B hair companies are increasingly interested in Vietnamese hair vendors instead of other vendors in Asia like China’s, Cambodia’s, and India’s because of huge economic benefits, specifically profit, which Vietnamese hair vendors can bring to partner companies.

1.A general concept of Vietnamese hair vendors

Before finding out what a Vietnamese hair vendor really does, let’s take a look at the nature of a hair vendor.

1.1. Definition of Vietnamese hair vendors

A Vietnamese hair vendor, also known as hair supplier, is a party in the supply chain that makes products from human hair of Vietnamese’s women, including unprocessed hair and hair extensions, available to companies or consumers. Vietnamese hair vendors operate in three types, including B2B (wholesale), B2C (retail), and D2C (direct to customer). For economic purposes, B2B businesses are more dominant in both domestic and foreign markets.

1.2. Product types of Vietnamese hair vendors

Vietnamese hair vendors act as two main ways. One is to sell unprocessed hair directly to buyers for later use, and the other is to sell hair extensions. Between two types of hair supply, selling hair extensions is more popular between B2B companies because of higher profits compared to selling unprocessed hair.

Vietnamese hair vendors

Product types of Vietnamese hair vendors

The next part will show you the way to identify a high quality one.

2.Standards of high quality Vietnamese hair vendors

A reputable Vietnamese hair vendor must ensure to meet the following criteria:

  • Has a business license, and is protected by the State
  • Having facilities and equipment (factories, machinery, warehouses, means of transport) to ensure quality
  • Have bulk orders and get positive feedback from many buyers
  • Received good reviews in domestic and foreign markets

After understanding the standards of reputable Vietnamese hair vendors, product quality is the next concern of every purchaser.

3.Main products of Vietnamese hair vendors

As mentioned above, Vietnamese hair vendors provide two main hairlines from Vietnamese hair:

3.1. Vietnamese hair vendors can provide unprocessed hair

To begin with, unprocessed hair is the unquestionable product that Vietnamese hair vendors sell.

Vietnamese hair vendors

Unprocessed hair from Vietnamese hair vendors

Based on quality, unprocessed hair is divided into three types which are described in the table below.

Raw hair Virgin hair Remy hair
Origin It comes from 100% of natural human hair from only one donor. It is from 100% of human hair from more than one donor.
Hair quality It has never undergone any chemical, steam or heat processing. It has never been color-treated or chemically processed through dying, bleaching, perming, or harshly washing. It is chemically touched hair and has been heat, steam or color processing.
Cuticles Its cuticles are intact and aligned in the same direction
Remark It is the most available hair product. It is the best quality for hair extensions with also the highest price. It is the finest hair product.

Generally, the final purpose of any hair type is to enhance the beauty of real human hair through perming, bleaching, dying, and so on. However, each type of hair produces different results after hair processing. Take the color-treating process as an example, virgin hair will give the best and most uniform color for the hair compared to chemically touched hair, remy hair. But everything has two sides. Virgin hair is less available than remy hair although its good performance. Therefore, remy hair will bring better business results for Vietnamese hair vendors and it is a popular item in hair exporting.

3.2. Vietnamese hair vendors can provide hair extensions

Along with raw, virgin or remy unprocessed hair, hair extensions are also an important product of Vietnamese hair vendors. Hair extensions are sold in popular forms as weft hair, tip/tape hair and wig.

Vietnamese hair vendors

Hair extensions from Vietnamese hair vendors

The following table will show you the essence of each type.

Hair extensions Characteristics
Weft hair Collected hair strands are sewn onto a super-thin cloth strip.
Closure/Frontal – Closure: a mesh cloth in which each hair is meticulously hooked into each hole to form a patch of hair that seems to grow on the head.

– Frontal: a bigger size of closure

Tip/Tape hair – Tip hair: small clumps of hair weighing 1.5-2 grams glued at one end into a flat, I, U, or V shape. Among them, the I-tip is the most favorable shape.

– Tape hair: thin pre-taped wefts (about 1 inch of width) that get “taped-in” in between your natural hair.

Wig Wig is made in the same way to closure but more meticulous and much longer because it is a 3D round shape like a hat.

Many Vietnamese hair vendors focus more on selling weft hair, closure and tip/tape due to its portable, changeable, and affordable than on wig because of its high price.

4. Potentials of Vietnamese hair vendors

Among several hair vendors in Cambodia, India, or China, Indian hair vendors, or China hair vendors, Vietnamese hair vendors are now on the top of world’s best hair vendors and this is not a coincidence. Hair from Vietnam is considered to have many opportunities when facing the world’s hair market. So, what makes hair products from Vietnamese hair vendors become so comparative?

  • Young and abundant Vietnamese population provide Vietnamese hair vendors with a huge source of hair

In the first place, Vietnamese demographics is now evaluated as in a period of “golden population structure” which means in a labor group of 2 or more employees, only one person is dependent. In addition, the population of Vietnam is increasing rapidly in recent years. It is evident that the young and abundant population is an advantage in terms of hair supply for Vietnamese hair vendors.

Vietnamese hair vendors

Young and abundant Vietnamese women provides huge hair source for Vietnamese hair vendors

  • Women’s hair in mountainous regions is healthier and shinier than cities’ hair

Furthermore, hair supply of Vietnamese hair vendors originated from young Vietnamese women who are at the age from 18 to 34, especially women in mountainous areas. A hair product provided by an upland woman is more favorable than an urban woman. The reason is that the weather and climate in mountainous regions is cold and less extreme than in cities, which helps the hair get out of damage caused by sunlight and high heat.

Also, the hair nourished by healthy women who work every day is stronger and shinier than those who do little or no work. That’s why women’s hair in the upland region is the priority source of Vietnamese hair vendors.

Vietnamese hair vendors

Quality hair source from Vietnamese mountainous women

  • Traditional habits create the natural beauty of Vietnamese women’s hair source for Vietnamese hair vendors

Moreover, referring to Vietnamese women, people often think of the image of long shiny black hair. It can be seen that Vietnamese women really love their hair so they always take care of it very carefully and thoroughly. To have healthy and natural black hair, natural ingredients such as grapefruit peel, locust and other herbs are used to wash the hair, which is said as a traditional way. That they use these natural materials for hair care helps prevent the hair from being damaged by chemical agents, and becomes easier to style and color. That is the reason why Vietnamese hair vendors can collect such a high quality hair source. 

Vietnamese hair vendors

Herb treatment for Vietnamese women’s hair care

  • The Government’s protection prevents companies from being scammed

Last but not least, hair businesses in Vietnam are protected by the state. Therefore, customers when buying products will be completely assured of the quality as well as avoid being scammed.

Combining the factors analyzed above will give out the most complete answer as to why hair extensions provided by Vietnamese hair vendors should be the first choice for hair consumption markets. And to explore what those markets are, the next part will take place.

5. Main markets of Vietnamese hair vendors

Vietnamese hair vendors have great potential in many markets around the world. The characteristics of these markets are described in the table below.

Market Features

Nigeria accounts for 50% of the market share

  • is an easy market
  • gives preference to machine hair because their original hair is very bad and damaged due to the hot climate
  • orders large quantities

  • Western: UK, France, Germany
  • Eastern: Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Czech, Kazakhstan
  • is a tough market
  • likes hair with glue due to the hobby of constantly changing hairstyles and bleaching a lot
  • Test samples carefully first and order later.

  • Northern: USA, Canada, Mexico
  • Southern: Brazil
  • Northern: has the same features to EU’s market
  • Brazil is a market that specializes in purchasing raw hair from Asia, including Vietnam, for processing and reselling to other markets


Vietnamese hair vendors

Potential markets of Vietnamese hair vendors

The huge potential of hair trading is broaden for Vietnamese hair vendors because of our friendly relationship with other countries, which brings lots of opportunities for cooperation with appropriate tariffs. Africa, specifically Nigeria is one of the main exporting markets of Vietnamese hair vendors.

Grasping the potential hair supply market of Vietnam, now is the time for us to start looking for it, so where can we find it? Let’s check the suggestions below.

6.Ways to find guaranteed Vietnamese hair vendors

Before finding out how to search trustworthy Vietnamese hair vendors, partner companies need to be aware of the signal of business scam. A hair supplier scam consists of dishonest activities such as hiding or providing fake address, phone number, email of company, and illegal activities like hijacking the email address and making a new account to make fraud payments that legitimate suppliers can never receive.

When choosing a reliable Vietnamese hair vendor, you can search by the following ways:

  • Find out through an extensive B2B site like ALIBABA, where we focus on transfer speeds, reaction times, the ability to deliver a large number of items later, and online delivery alternatives next.
Vietnamese hair vendors

Finding reliable Vietnamese hair vendors from Alibaba

  • Go through a Google search to determine the top picks based on the nature of the data on the hair seller’s website and the accessible reviews.
Vietnamese hair vendors

Finding reliable Vietnamese hair vendors from Google

  • Through an intermediary business specializing in consulting and introducing reputable greatest Vietnamese hair vendors. It will take some money for these businesses to find a reliable Vietnamese hair vendor, but partner companies can save time and be assured of a Vietnamese supplier’s reputation because they have been carefully checked by this business before recommending it to you.

To be more convenient for buyers, we give you a top list of Vietnamese hair vendors for consulting.

7.Top 3 best Vietnamese hair vendors

Here is the list of five reputable Vietnamese hair vendors:

7.3. Rawhairvietnam-Top 3 Vietnamese hair vendors

In the trade for almost 20 years, this is one of the most reliable Vietnamese hair vendors , from which you may obtain high-quality raw Vietnamese hair.

This hair vendor supplies 100% natural raw Vietnamese hair cut off from Vietnamese women donors, thus it is clean, free of nits and lice, and unprocessed.

Buyers can visit their factory in Xuan Huong, Lang Giang, Bac Giang, Viet Nam for more consultation.

Vietnamese hair vendors

RawhairVietnam Company

Having a best Vietnamese hair vendors list, it’s high time for partners to make a deal. The last part will lead you to the steps to complete an order.

8. How to import hair from Vietnamese hair vendors?

To make an order from a Vietnamese hair vendor, you should follow the steps:

  • Step1: Find a high quality Vietnamese hair vendor
  • Step 2: Make a contact with the vendor for product specifications and RFQ
  • Step 3: Request sample from the supplier
  • Step 4: Finalize the agreement before making a decision
  • Step 5: Check the hair carefully before payment

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