Vietnamese Hair vs Indian hair: A comprehensive comparison

Vietnamese Hair vs Indian hair

Each country supplies a different hair source which contains both strengths and limitations. In this essay, we bring you a comprehensive comparison which is the Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair. 

1. Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The similar characteristics

In the same Asian region, Vietnamese hair and Indian hair share some similar features, including color, versatility and price as summarized in the table below:

Color Versatility Price
Vietnamese hair dark black can create all hairstyles and can be dyed in all colors with equivalent results from root to tip. $8.9/bundle (for high quality hair)
Indian hair black and dark brown can be dyed, curled, straightened, or any other process without any trouble $8 per bundle

The comprehensive “Vietnamese Hair vs Indian hair” discussions is presented as the following:

1.1.  Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The same natural black color

The color resemblance in these hairs is one of the most noticeable aspects that people may quickly recognize. The dark color is the most noticeable in the Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair.

Indian hair comes in a variety of natural hues ranging from black to dark brown and everything in between. Similarly, Vietnamese hair is well-known for its dark black color as a result of traditional locust hair treatment.

The hues of this hair might range from dark brown to black, jet black in general. Furthermore, these colors might make it easier for hairstylists to combine with natural hair. Furthermore, they can combine the natural dark color with others to provide the consumers the most natural feeling.

Vietnamese Hair vs Indian hair 1

Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The same natural black color

1.2. Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The comparable versatility

There’s no denying that both Vietnamese hair and Indian hair have a high degree of adaptability and flexibility.

Indian hair’s natural colours range from black to dark brown, and everything in between. Hair dyed with traditional locust treatment gives Vietnamese hair its rich black hue. Tones may vary in the range of dark brown and jet black, with jet black being the most common. The hues may also make it simpler for hairstylists to work with natural hair if they’re used together. Aside from that, they may mix and match the dark natural hue to provide customers a more natural appearance and experience. Therefore, there no difference in terms of versatility of Vietnamese Hair vs Indian hair.

Vietnamese Hair vs Indian hair 2

Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The comparable versatility

1.3. Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The equivalent price

Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair is about the same in price.

Because it is of better quality, Vietnamese hair is a little more costly than hair from other nations. Buying hair from hair manufacturers in Vietnam, on the other hand, will save you a lot of money. The factory-direct pricing of a bundle of premium Vietnamese hair is just $8,9. It’s also about the same as the $8 bundle pricing for Indian hair.

2. Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The distinguish features

Along with some alike points, Vietnamese hair differentiate from Indian hair due to these main factors as recapped hereinafter:

Origin  Quality Care Hair Lifespan
Vietnamese hair 18-34 year-old Vietnamese mountainous women in the North healthy and shiny hair Careful hair care habit with natural herbs 3-5 years
Indian hair Indian women from different places, different ages throughout the country coarse and non straight-textured hair often reluctantly ignore or carelessly look after the hair 1-3 years

Look at the analysis underneath for a comprehensive explanation: 

2.1. Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The dissimilar hair origin

The Vietnamese Hair vs Indian hair comparison in terms of origin show that two types of hair mentioned above have different origins as their names suggested.

Indian hair vendors export women’s hair collected by Indian women to other countries for usage by hair vendors abroad. Pious women like these commonly travel to pagodas and temples, where they pray for a prosperous family, well-educated children, and good fortune. Those who pray often have their hair left uncut, and in Hindu mythology it is believed that shaving one’s hair but not cutting it is the way to obtain inner peace and calmness.  Others, though, in less fortunate areas, make a living by selling their hair. Hair is mostly gathered and then sold in bulk to companies who make other products off of it. Pagodas and temples abound in India, with many examples scattered around the country. This means that Indian hair is collected from all around India, without any care taken to pick only the best.

Vietnamese hair, unlikely, is mostly sourced from hilly parts of Vietnam from women aged of 18 and 34. Thus, only a small number of locations provide the hair, ensuring a consistent level of quality.


Vietnamese Hair vs Indian hair 3

Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The dissimilar hair origin

2.2. Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The mismatched quality

The Vietnamese Hair vs Indian hair comparison in terms of quality show that differences in climate and living circumstances are reasons to blame for the incompatibility between the two hair kinds. It’s easy to see that Vietnamese hair is better than Indian hair just by looking at it. This can all be explained by looking at where your hair comes from.

Indian hair is particularly resistant to the sun’s heat because of the country’s hot and humid climate. As a consequence, Indian hair is known for being coarse and wavy. The chilly climate and tropical temperatures in Vietnam throughout the year, on the other hand, protect Vietnamese hair from the sun, resulting in shiny, healthy hair all year round.

Hair transplants using Vietnamese hair come from a select few donors, as well as the hair is treated with only natural materials. Vietnamese people also place great importance on their hair, seeing it as a way to enhance their beauty and youth. As a consequence, it’s evident to see that this hair is so lovely and reasonably priced.

Vietnamese Hair vs Indian hair 4

Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The mismatched quality

2.3. Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The different hair care

The Vietnamese Hair vs Indian hair comparison show that there is a significant difference in terms of hair care. As mentioned above, Vietnamese women take care of their hair very carefully. This is because of the fact that the hair is a traditional beauty which makes them feel more confident and elegant. As a result, ethnic minority women always use homemade shampoos prepared from natural herbs that contain no hazardous chemicals. They wash the hair with locust and grapefruit peel and let it dry naturally, ensuring that each cuticle in the hair is constantly healthy, resulting in Vietnamese hair with a long lifetime.

Vietnamese Hair vs Indian hair 5

Hair care of Vietnamese people

On the other hand, spending time on taking care of the hair is such a luxurious work only for rich women. It is because Indian donors are impoverished women who are so thirsty for money that they have to sell their hair. This is not synonymous with the fact that Indian women do not keep an eye on their hair just because they are poor. That they are miserable women makes them too busy to think of the hair, but their children’s meals.  Therefore, although the hair is something reflecting women’s beauty, for these women in India, it becomes less important than the daily meal. 

2.4. Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair: The incompatible lifespan

The next distinction in the Vietnamese Hair vs Indian hair comparison is about hair lifespan. As previously said, the quality of Vietnamese hair is superior, and with proper hair care, Vietnamese hair may last for 3-5 years. Meanwhile, impoverished women of all ages and locations contribute Indian hair, which they frequently regretfully neglect or poorly tend for. As a result, hair from India retains its form for a shorter period of time, lasting about 1-3 years.

3. The bottom line

Based on the comparison factors listed and analyzed above, it can be seen that Vietnamese hair has more competitive advantages than Indian hair. With the same price range but better quality and longer shelf life, it will be difficult for people to ignore Vietnamese hair for Indian hair.

However, these are only comparisons for reference that Besthairlist brings to you. Each hair type has its own advantages and limitations, so deciding which hair type is better will depend on each person’s experience and evaluation after use. Consumers will be the fairest judge for the competition Vietnamese hair vs Indian hair.

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